Composition of TF:
1st bn 32d AR (minus G and A companies, medium and light
tanks) plus D company, 83rd Rcn Bn and C company (one plat)
1 squad 23rd Engineers
C Company, 517th Para Bn attached during operation

19 Dec
     At 0800 the 1st Bn 32 Ar received orders at Stolberg, Germany, to move south to Hotton, Belgium, in order to stop the German breakthrough in that sector. The unit actually pulled out at 1830, and rode throughout the night.
20 Dec
     Approximately 0730 the battalion arrived and closed in the vicinity of Bomal (428999). It never reached the town of Hotton itself. Lt Col Kane received instruction that the 1st bn 32d AR, under command of the 83rd RCN battalion, plus A and C companies of the 36th Armd Inf Regt was to take and hold the town of Malempre (562889). D Company, med tks, 32AR, was the only unit of the regiment to be employed, moved off with D Company, 83rd Rcn Bn, at approximately 1300. By 1800, the force had pushed without meeting resistance into Malempre, while the battalion CP was established at Manhay
20 Dec
     In order to secure the town of Malempre, roadblocks were set up on each of the roads leading out of it. The 1st plat of D Co, 83rd Rcn established an additional block on the main highway at CR (545875). This was all done immediately upon arriving in the town. In the general plan of advance, the 83rd Rcn had taken the side roads, while the company of tanks moved down the main axis of advance through Manhay, RJ (548892) and then to Malempre. It was known at this time that father to the south, at CR (576853) an artillery unit had established a roadblock. It later turned out that there were three 105 Howitzers, 5 AA quadruple 50 caliber machine guns, 8-50 cal ground Mgs, and approximately 120 men.
21 Dec
     Very early in the morning, approximately 0100, D Company 32 AR was given the mission of taking and holding the vital CR 576853. One platoon (3rd of D Co) of the 83rd Rcn was attached for the action. The column actually moved out at 1100. Before reaching its objective it ran into some small arms fire on its left flank. The column came down the Manhay-Houffalize highway from CR (545875) in an southeasternly direction towards its objective. The fire fight was not heavy, and it arrived to assist the defenders of the crossroad without too much difficulty. D Co 32 AR (minus one platoon) remained at the CR during the rest of the day, where activity was comparatively light. At this time plans were being developed by the task force to attack along the main highway west towards Samree (505811). However, these plans were not carried out.
     During the night of 20-21 December, a platoon of B Company, 83rd Rcn Bn came from its originally route to the west of TF Kane to the village of Fraiture (585863), about a mile northeast of CR (576853). It contacted the task force headquarters, and it was ordered to hold that position as best it could. With nine paratroopers sent down by 3rd AD from the 82nd ABD, Kane made an effort to contact the platoon in Fraiture during 21 December, but the effort failed. The paratroopers disappeared from the scene, and only radio contact was maintained with the platoon in Fraiture. This platoon, which had worked through the town of Odeigne (536853) to its position, finally worked its way back to Grandmenil on the afternoon of 24 December. Its platoon leader had been killed trying to reach CR (576853), and apparently the platoon had become disorganized. A Reconnaissance patrol sent towards Fraiture during the night of 21 December, reported that American artillery fire was falling on the town. At a later date (exact time unknown) the elements of the 82d AB Div who reached the town found the vehicles of the platoon in Fraiture.