•      It was in the PARFENDRUY area that members of TF/LOVELADY saw evidence of the atrocities committed by the 1st. SS Div. against Belgium civilians. In the vicinity of 705006 there were four adults killed in cold blood. In one house, six small children were found hacked to death with knives. At 678993, approximately 10 men, women, and children had been herded into a house and then shot. These atrocity stories were reported and 30th Inf Div sent representative to the scene to get further details.
         During the night 22/23 December the enemy attempted to drop paratroopers as well as supplies in the ST0UMONT and LAGLEIZE sectors. Twenty-two paratroopers were captured in STOUMONT. At 230830, TF/JORDAN launched an attack to the east towards LAGLEIZE. Elements of the 119th Inf Regt advanced in two columns on right and left of TF/JORDAN. Enemy roadblocks delayed the advance at 645031 and the left column was held up at 650035. The right elements were held up by enemy tank roadblocks at 646031. This resistance was finally reduced and the three columns advanced to positions as shown on ANNEX No 2 Map B. Patrols made contact with TF/MCGEORGE at 664040.
         At 230900 TF/MCGEORGE launched an attack on LAGLEIZE but was unable to advance beyond 665039 and 662029. It was thought that the enemy would attempt to withdraw to the north and east. TF/MCGEORGE was ordered to block all avenues of escape possible to the enemy in this direction and was ordered to hold at all costs. Every available weapon was placed in position.
         The following morning, 119th Inf Regt launched an attack from the west. By 0830, leading elements were in the south edge of town (LAGLEIZE) and at 0950, TF/JORDON moved into the town from the west to assist in mopping up. Losses in enemy equipment were heavy. Twenty-six Panther tanks were destroyed and approximately 35 Halftracks, four self-propelled artillery pieces. Forty prisoners were taken. In addition, approximately 300 American soldiers were released from German Captivity.
         In the meantime, urgent calls were coming in from Higher Headquarters to release Combat Command "B" from the 30th Inf Div. Combat Command "B" was to go to VII Corps, assemble in a reserve position, and thence to another sector of the front. At 1100, TF/JORDAN and TF/MCGEORGE were ordered to assemble, prepared for immediate movement out of the area. hese two task forces assembled in vicinity of 675028 by 1400 hours.
         The release of TF/LOVELADY was far more difficult. This task force was still heavily engaged. Positions had to be consolidated and units of 117th Inf Regt moved in to take over the ositions. At 1355 XVIII Corps ordered 30th Inf Div to release all units of Combat Command "B" by dark. TF/LOVELADY was released at 2300 hours. They went into assembly area vicinity 580188. All units of Combat Command "B" were instructed to assemble in vicinity of SPA, prepared for further movement. On the night of 24/25 December, TF/LOVELADY (2nd Bn 33rd Armd Regt Reinforced) bivouacked at 580188. TF/MCGEORGE AND TF/JORDON (1st Bn 33rd Armd Regt Reinforced) bivouacked at 557170. A Battery of 991st FA Bn was attached to Combat Command "B". Upon arrival in assigned bivouac area, Combat Command "B" passed to Corps control XVIII Corps and became Corps Reserve.
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