Sparks, Nevado - 1990

     I am Olin F. Brewster, retired Lt. Col. I served with the Third Armored Division from June 1941 to 8th. of January, 1945 when I got wounded in Sart, Belgium. I spent the last six months in the hospital, and was discharged in the Fall of 1945. I joined the Texas National Guard and the 49th. Armored Division, and served in the capacity of n armor man and retired in 1969. Of course everyone knows the history of the 3 AD, going from Camp Polk to the Mojave Desert, to Camp Picket, VA and to Indian Town Gap of PA to the Downs of jolly old England. Then we went to the Normandy Beach and toward the Elbe River. That is the travel of the 3 AD.
     I was company Commander of C Company, 32nd Armored Regiment, a light Tank Company of M-5 tanks. We joined the reorganization on the Normandy Beach, where C Company of the 1st. Battalion was sent down to join the Third Battalion of the 32nd. Our first combat was June 29th. 1944 at Villiers Fossard. We went from there through the hedgerows, skirted St. Lo, on into the Falaise Pocket and crossed the Seine River at Melun, France, and fought our way across France toward Sedan, and one of the feats of the war was when the 3 AD made a ninety degree turn from going East to North to go to Mons, Belgium, and that was done in a matter of hours. We had a jolly time in Mons killing and capturing Krauts that had been flushed our by the 2 AD on our left flank. Then on across Laon, Liege, Verviers, Eupen, across the Siegfried Line into Stolburg, Germany and when we ran out of men and supplies we went into winter quarters in September. WE fought small unit action off and on until the Battle of the Bulge on December 16th.
     When the 3 AD was alerted on December 19th. Combat Command A was ordered back to Europen and attached to Fifth Core Headquarters as Core Reserve and also to check out the area for German paratroops that had come in American uniforms. On the 21st. of December we were detached from V Core and attached to the 18th Airborne Core and moved down into the vicinity of Manhay, Belgium.
     The Commanders of Task Forces were called into Manhay to meet with Gen. Rose. At that time He ordered Task Force Y or Richardson detached from Command A and move into the Manhay area. With some difficulty, because of troops on the road we close in to Manhay on the morning of 22nd. of December. After we closed in, we had orders to send I Company Infantry and I Company Armor to CCR near Hotton. Our orders on the 22 were to back up CCR where Orr had a roadblock in Amonines. I was ordered to take the remainder Of the Battalion over to Erezee. After talking to Orr he ordered me to set up a defensive position in his rear, so if he had to give ground, he could pass through us. Nothing happened in Erezee and on the 23rd. of December we were called back to Manhay.

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