As authorized by Executive Order No. 9396 (sec. I, But. 22, WD, 1943), superseding Executive Order Not 9075 (sec. III, Bull. Il. WD, 1942), citation of the following unit in General Orders No. 15, Headquarters VII Corps, 24 March 1945, as approved by the CÁmmanding General, European Theater of Operations, is confirmed under the provisions of section IV, Circular No. 323, War Department, 1943, in the name of the President of the United States as public evidence of deserved honor and distinction. The citation reads as follows:

Headquarters Forward Echelon and Headquarters Company, 3rd..Armored Division, is cited for outstanding performance of duly in action during the period~ 26 August to 4 September 1944 in France and Belgium. When the 3rd Armored Division made its rapid t!thrust from the Seine River to the Siegfried Line, the headquarters forward echelon advanced close behind the leading combat elements, assuring the best possible control and coordination of divisional units. Frequently traveling through territory not yet cleared of the enemy, pitched battles were fought at Quincy, Brie Compte Robert, Mangy le Hongre, Levignen,and Villers Cotteret in France, and on each occasion the enemy was soundly defeated. At Mons, Belgium, the headquarters directly blocked the path of the retreating Seventh German Army, and for 36 hours a battle between elements of German units attempting to extricate themselves anti this small headquarters raged unabated. Though surrounded and cut off from outside help, the entire group fought tenaciously against overwhelming enemy farces and by its grim determination repulsed the enemy and inflicted heavy casualties. During these actions, this division headquarters group killed or wounded 227 enemy soldiers, captured 2,432, and destroyed or captured 69 enemy vehicles. The heroic and gallant actions of all personnel of Headquarters Forward Echelon and Headquarters Company, 3rd Armored Division, exemplified the highest traditions of the military service.

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