one and two all day on targets so close in that the M7s had to be moved for each fire mission. Missions were fired on tanks at a range of 800 yards, on infantry, mortars, anti-tank guns, enemy artillery, and enemy vehicles. During the day Pfc Robert E. Horton, Btry A, was killed, and Pfc Jean L. Parenteau, Btry A, was seriously wounded and died at the collecting station after the peep in which they were riding was hit by enemy artillery fire about a mile east of Coulouvray Boisbenatre. Sgt Carl H. Zilich, Hq Btry, was lightly wounded by shrapnel and returned to duty after treatment at the unit aid station. Sgt Claude J. Meyers, Btry A, and Pvt Joseph Castino, Btry C, were evacuated-exhaustion.
  • 3 August 1944
    The battalion remained in position east of Coulouvray Boisbenatre to support the continued attack of the 4th Infantry Division, and to give direct support to CCB's attack to bypass St. Pois and capture Cherence-le-Roussel. The 8th Infantry Regiment captured St. Pois, and the 12th Infantry Regiment relieved Team 2 of CCB which had been furnishing security on the left flank. A sizeable pocket of enemy including tanks, infantry, and supporting artillery was trapped north of the positions of the 391st, in the vicinity of and in the Foret de St. Sever. The batteries continued to fire close in missions all day. Lt Toneff was with the 2nd Bn, 8th Infantry Regiment, as forward observer. B Battery took one prisoner during the day.
  • 4 August 1944
    CCB continued to attack on Cherence-le-Roussel, and the battalion remained in position to support this attack. The objective was reached at 23oo. Battery A fired three propaganda shells in the early morning. Other missions were fired on enemy,-infantry and artillery. Sgt Theodore D. Root, Hq Btry, was seriously wounded when friendly 57mm fire penetrated the left side of the FO 2 tank turrent.
  • 5 August 1944
    CCB remained on its objective and consolidated positions. Lt Toneff was relieved from assignment as forward observer with 2nd Bn, 8th Inf. Regiment. The battalion executive officer reconnoitered for new positions north of Reffuveille in the early evening.
  • 6 August 1944
    The battalion displaced from positions east of Coulouvray Boisbenatre at 0900 and closed in position north of Reffuveillc at 1020 The remainder of the day was spent in cleaning clothes and equipment and in servicing vehicles. CCB was relieved from the 4th Infantry Division and attached to the 1st Infantry Division this date. The 87th Armored Field Artillery Battalion was relieved from the 391st Groupment and reverted to VII Corps control at 2400.
  • 7 August 1944
    The battalion continued to clean and service equipment. A shower point was set up in the area. At 093o, Teams 1 and 2 of CCB were called out to repel an enemy penetration from the east through Cherence-leRoussel to Le Mesnil Gilbert. Forward observers and reconnaissance officers reported to their teams to act artillery observers. This was the beginning of the major German counter-attack at Mortain, designed to break thru to the sea, 63 cutting off First and Third Army elements which were driving deep into France. The battalion fired on tanks and enemy personnel between 14oo and 1520, expending 295 rounds. The tanks were scattered and CCB was able to turn local counter attack. At 2100, the battalion displaced from the rest and assembly area to positions at le Gue, about 4,000 yards west of Juvigny-le-Terte.
  • 8 August 1944
    The S8th Armored Field Artillery Bn was attached to the 391st groupment at 1230 hours. CCB and the 391st group were relieved from . the 1st Infantry Division and attached to the 30th Infantry Division at 0001 hours. Teams 1 and 2 of CCB attacked from the east and south with the objective Le Mesnil Tov. Team h attacked with the 119th Inf. Regiment, and Team 2 attacked alone. The 391st supported both of these teams in the attack. Team 1 drove toward Le Mesnil Tov from the west while team 2 attacked from the south with the mission of cutting the road, securing the high ground overlooking the road, and repelling any further German counter-attacks in that area. By 2400 the objective had been reached. Team 3 of CCB with the 2nd Bn, 119th Inf. Regiment attached, supported by the 58th Armored Field Artillery Bn, went into an assembly area about 3 miles southwest of Juvigny-le-Terte and prepared to repel any enemy counter-attack from the east. The 391st fired some 23 missions today, on enemy strong points, roads, enemy gun batteries, mortars, anti-tank guns, infantry, and on towns controlled and used by the enemy. 2nd Lt William M. Toneff was lightly wounded and evacuated during the day.
  • 9 August 1944
    Teams 1 and 2 of CCB continued the attack with the 30th Infantry Division to secure the high ground overlooking the main road east of Le Mesnil Tov. This force met heavy resistance all day and were under constant fire from heavy enemy artillery units and 21 o mm rocket guns. Team 3 attacked east through Neufberg and reached their objective, the high ground 1000 yards north of Abbye-Blanche. During the day Pfc Clarence B. West, Hg Btry, was killed by mortar fire. Captain William R. Snellings was lightly wounded and evacuated. S/Sgt Joseph Urich, Sv Btry, was seriously injured and evacuated, and Pvt Green J. Metcalf, Sv Btry, was lightly injured, treated by Bn aid men and returned to duty, when the vehicle in which they were hauling ammunition turned over on a turn.
  • 10 August 1944
    The attack continued against heavy resistance. The battalion fired missions on enemy batteries and tanks during the day. 2nd Lt John E. Fehl (replacement) reported for duty and was sent to the 2nd Bn, 36th Armored Infantry Regiment as an observer. Enemy aircraft were overhead in force during the night but no casualties were inflicted. Sgt Elmer E. Deshazer, Btry B, was seriously wounded and evacuated. Private Rudolph Katz, Btry B, was lightly wounded and remained on duty after treatment at the Battalion Aid Station. Pfc James J. Morgan, and Pvt Frank A. Fava, both of the Medical Detachment, and both on Detached Service with the 33rd Armored Regiment, were evacuated - exhaustion.
  • 11 August 1944
    It was relatively quiet on the front. The German attempt to break through had evidently been given up. At 1500, CCB was relieved from the 30th Infantry Division, and at 1800, the task forces were withdrawn from the objectives. This evening at 2.020 the battalion displaced from positions west of juvigny-le-Terte and in column with CCB, moved all through the night. Enemy aircraft had been overhead during the early morning hours, the middle of the afternoon delayed action bombs exploded near the airport and just to the rear of B Battery's position.
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