• 5 September 1944
    CCB remained in position at Namur, consolidating and mopping up. The east drive from Mons to Namur carried the battalion 75 miles. Field Order 14 Headquarters Third Armored Division, o5, 2ooo September 1944, ordered the division to attack in order to seize and secure the town of Liege and the crossings over the Meuse River. CCB to take the town south of the Meuse, CCA to the north.
  • 6 September 1944
    Tardy supplies delayed the advance of the division, but at 1245 CCB crossed the Meuse on two pontoon bridges at Namur and advanced rapidly against scattered opposition. By 1800, the battalion with CCB had reached the day's objective at Huy. Private Cecil W. Mims, Service Battery was seriously wounded.
  • 7 September 1944
    The advance on Liege continued at 13oo. The south half of Liege was secured by 1930. Counter battery fire was received and quickly the enemy guns were located and eight 1o5 min anti-aircraft guns were forced out of action, destroyed or abandoned. Second Lieutenant Michael F. Kuhta was killed in action by these guns. 8 September 1944- CCB was assigned the mission of clearing up the town of Liege south of the river. The majority of the bridges in the town were blown up and construction of a bridge across the Meuse River was begun at 1545 hours and completed by 2355 hours. Cleaning up operations were completed and the town by secured by 18io hours. CCB met only scattered opposition all day. The battalion displaced from position starting at 13oo hours in direct support of the Third Armored Division Reserve which was assigned the mission of mop ping up Liege. Task Force (t) remained in its assembly area this date. The air CP fired on an old fort near Liege and destroyed an estimated 40 enemy vehicles. The battalion closed in position at 1545 hours. The battalion trains remained in position this date.
    Per Operational Memorandum No. 9, Headquarters Third Armored Division, o8 1700 September 1944, CCB will attack at ll00 9 September 1944 to seize the town of Verviers and secure the high ground south and southeast thereof. CCB will operate in the zone south of the La Vesdre River.
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    CCB secured the east bank of the Meuse River at Liege until 1000 hours when it was relieved by the 47 RCT. At l too hours CCB moved out on its assigned mission to secure the high ground south of Verviers. Strong and determined enemy opposition consisting of anti-tank guns, tanks and artillery was encountered almost immediately upon crossing the line of departure. Due to the strong enemy opposition and an enemy minefield CCB was unable to reach its objective. CCB coiled for the night in this vicinity prepared to continue the attack in the morning.
    The battalion displaced starting at 1100 hours in direct support of Task Force (t) of CCB. The column received heavy mortar fire around 1730 hours near Louveigne. During this mortar barrage at 1745 hours, Lieutenant Colonel George G. Garton, battalion CO, was lightly wounded and evacuated. Captain Ballard P. Durham was killed instantly by the same shell that wounded Colonel Garton. Peep belonging to survey section received a direct hit by an AP shell at this point, no one was in it at the time. The battalion leagered for the night with Task Force (1) at 2100 hours.
    At 16oo hours battalion trains displaced from bivouac southeast of Tilff to a bivouac t mile southwest of Louveigne, closing in position at 1915 hours. Major Walter D. McCahan assumed command of the battalion at 18oo hours. The battalion went into a groupmcnt with the 54th Armored Field Artillery Battalion this date, to be in direct support of CCB Task Force (1) as before. FO 15, Headquarters Third Armored Division, 092400 September 1944: the Third Armored Division is ordered to attack on order to September 1944 east from present positions with combat commands abreast, CCB on right, to seize and secure the town of Eschweiler, Germany. CCB will advance in multiple columns and will deploy rapidly upon meeting enemy resistance.
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