The 391st Armored Field Artillery Battalion, Lt. Colonel George G. Garton, graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, and of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, led all 3rd Armored Division artillery elements in the number of high explosive shells delivered to the enemy during the western campaigns. When the battalion came out of the line at Dessau, shortly before VE day, it could boast a total of 172,100 105mm projectiles fired in support of the "Spearhead" drive. The 391st Armored Field Artillery Battalion, which normally supported Brigadier General Truman E. Boudinot's Combat Command "B", in action, was activated at Camp Polk, Louisiana, in January, 1942, from personnel of the old 67th Field Artillery Regiment. With the 54th and 67th Armored Field Artillery Battalions, Colonel Garton's 391st supplied most of the division's close support fire.

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