1 May, 1945


THROUGH:  Commanding General, 3d Armored Division

TO:   Commanding Officer, 1st BATTALION, 36th
Armored Infantry Regiment, 3d Armored
Division, APO 253, U. S. Army

     1. I wish to commend officially and express my appreciation to the officers and enlisted men of the 1st. Battalion, 36th. Armored Infantry Regiment for their superior fighting while attached to Task Force "X". From the time of the battalion's attachment January 6,1945 at Dessau, Germany the battalion has distinguished itself in many actions. Every objective assigned was taken and secured. Prisoners of War captured are many times over the number of men in the battalion. Large quantities of enemy material and supplies were captured or destroyed. Heavy casualties were inflicted on the enemy.      2. Despite fatigue and bitter cold this battalion destroyed and overran a desperate enemy in the "Belgium Bulge". By their continuous pressure on the enemy they secured objective after objective, culminating in the capture of an SS Panzer Division Regimental CP at Providreaux. Their progress from the Roar to Cologne and capture of that city was spectacular There capture of their sector at Paderborn sealed the closing of the Ruhr Pocket. Relentlessly they pursued the enemy, destroying and capturing him in large numbers until the campaign closed with the capture of Dessau. Througbout this long period there was little rest for men or officers. Despite fatigue and losses the battalion attacked every objective with dogged determination. -      3. The effectiveness with which this battalion has successfully accomplished every mission assigned it during this period has demonstrated that the battalion is an outstanding fighting organization, The efficiency and thoroughness with which the unit has operated reflects the highest credit upon all personnel of the battalion.

Colonel, Cav.,

Endorced by Doyle O. Hickey, Brigadier General, U.S. Army, Commanding

Endorced by R.L. Howze, Colonel, 36th. Inf. Regt., Commanding

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