September 8-9 1944 Constructed 540 ft. treadway bridge across“Meuse River” at “Liege”.
September 9, 1944 Constructed 90 ft. treadway bridge at “Theux”.


September 11-15 1944 Penetration of “Siegfried Line”, demolished dragons-teeth, steel blocks and pill-boxes, removed mines, filled anti-tank ditches and fought as Infantry.
September 15, 1944 Build 48 ft. treadway bridge at “Friesenrath”
October - 1944 Laid anti-personnel minefields and maintained Roads and bridges during October.
October 4-5 1944 Constructed 90 ft. timber trestle bridge between “Stolberg” and Vicht”.
October 6-12 1944 Class 70 timber trestle 2-way bridge constructed between Mausbach” and “Vicht”.
October 21-29 1944 Constructed 90 ft. timber trestle bridge at Stolberg”.
November 19-21 1944 Removed 1000 Teller mines, 48 Riegel mines and numerous S mines from minefields between “Werth” and “Stolberg”.
November - 1944 Many anti-personnel and anti-tank mines removed and destroyed, roads constructed and maintained, and a quarry operated during November.


December 19-30 1944 Set up and defended road blocks on the defensive line,”Hotton”, ”Erezee”, ”Soy”, ”Grandmenll”, “Manhay”.
December 21, 1944 Lost one Platoon in action, south of “Soy”.
December 21-25 1944 Played major part in successful defense of “Hotton” against estimated 2 Companies of tanks and later 3 Companies of Infantry, 5 Mark V and 4 Mark iv tanks destroyed.
December 29-30 1944 Constructed Infantry Battalion defensive position north of “Hotton”.
January 3-21 1945 Many bridges and Fords constructed and minefields removed and laid under severe weather conditions and under small arms, artillery and mortar-fire.
February 27-28 1945 Constructed 60 ft. treadway bridge acros “Erft Canal” under observed mortar-fire.
February 28, 1945 Constructed 80 ft. D/S Bailey bridge at “Kerpen”.
March 1, 1945 Constructed 120 ft. treadway bridge across “Erft Canal” under observed mortar-fire.
March 1, 1945 Constructed 48 ft treadway bridge in “Bergheim”.
March 1, 1945 Build 170 ft. D/S Bailey bridge across “Erft River”
March 3, 1945 Constructed 36 ft. treadway over railroad.
March 7, 1945 Installed anti-personnel mines on “Hohenzollern” bridge.

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