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The following are just a few of the links to help educate yourself further about parrots and what organizations help support them. More links will follow in the future.

IAATE recently formed a committee to address the needs for the parrots our communities.  Check out this wonderful, new resource for your bird!
IMATA is a great resource for acquiring information on training.  Their specialty is in Marine Mammals. 
ABMA is an organization that discusses many different animal species' needs regarding their behavior and ability.  Many zoos and aquariums are also affiliated in this organization.
WPT supports and correlates field projects in conservation of parrot species.  They also work on legislation to ban the importation of parrot species in order to reduce the demand on wild populations.  Part of their efforts materialized when the EU banned wild parrot imports in 2008. 
The World Wildlife Fund promotes the welfare of all exotic animal studies in the field.  The larger base and scope of this organization allows for larger fund allocation to projects.  They have been heavily involved in many studies done for parrots and I salute their ongoing efforts!
Parrots International is a fantastic organization that donates to parrot field studies globally.  All of their proceeds go directly to the field.  Their chief fundraiser is an annual conference that brings in all the field biologists studying parrots from around the world.  In addition, they bring in US researchers, top behaviorists, trainers, etc.  If you own a parrot, this is a must to go to!!!!
I used Rainforest Expeditions to book my trip to the Tambopata Research Center in Peru in 2002.  I highly recommend utilizing them to book your trip to The Rainforest!

Good Bird Inc Provides articles online to preview for training your companion parrots.  Be sure to buy a subscription to GOOD BIRD MAGAZINE!  Below are free video downloads from Good Bird demonstrating the use of Positive Reinforcement Training!

Zupreem Bird Foods--sponsor of Parrot Pockets.

Animal Environments.

Olympic Bird Fanciers Club

Northwest Exotic Bird Society

South Sound Exotic Bird Society

Gabriel Foundation

NEI provides interactive workshops for the companion parrot owner to learn how to apply the techniques of Positive Reinforcement Training.  Check out the websites for the dates and availability of the next workshop!  Imagine someone giving you encouragement, guidance and suggestions as you weave your way through learning how to improve our parrots lives!


Chris Watkins Photography

Bob Rivers Show

Kelly Graves is a mentor at the Local Community Center, Morrow Community Center (  She wrote to let us know that they have a parakeet at their community center and wanted to add this link to our site as a token of appreciation for the other links we have listed.  Thank you, Kelly, for recommending this source for helping parrots stay clean and healthy.

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