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South Sound Exotic Bird Society (SSEBS) has hosted The Parrot Lady (of WA) in the past.  She is saddened to hear about the loss of Smiles, one of the Club's Founding Members.  She was a great contribution to the avian community.  They meet in Olympia on the second Friday of the month.  PLEASE VISIT THEIR WEBSITE FOR MORE INFO!


One of several educational presentations at Olympic Bird Fanciers Fair 2006.

Oly flies at the May 3rd meeting. Click on this photo to view link to Olympic Bird Fanciers Club.

The Parrot Lady of WA Supports all of the local bird clubs in the area!

OLYMPIC BIRD FANCIERS had her come out to speak about the basics of training on May 3rd! Come visit in their upcoming Bird Fair!

Click on the Photo for more information about Olympic Bird Fanciers Club!

Click on Photo to go to NWEBS website!!

NWEBS is a Seattle-based Bird Club.  They have a subsidiary club called NW AVIAN FLYERS where you can go fly your parrot in a large, indoor building!  NWEBS specializes in bringing out large, specialty speakers like Melissa Kaufman, pictured here.

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