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Birthday Parties!

Oly flies at Jayden's birthday 2006.

The Parrot Lady of WA offers a unique birthday experience for anyone of any age! Be dazzled by Oly flying over your head, Jesse, rollerskating in your kitchen, Cassie playing in every sport! Join in the excitement by trying to fly yourself or how about trying to pick up something with only your feet--no hands? Call The Parrot Lady of WA today to ask about party favors and other great packages for that special birthday person.
Gifts for parrot friends!

It's Jesse! Our Blue and Gold Macaw! Take one home today to remind you of the amazing talking, dancing and skating of our feathered friend.

Party Favors!!  $4.00 each!!

Blue and Gold Macaw

Just like JESSE!
approx. 3" x 3"

From Safari, Ltd.


It's Oly! Our Green Winged Macaw! She loves to fly and does amazing things like "hanging out" with her beak! She loves to get gifts and equally give them away. Ask for a "birthday kiss" before we go!

Party Favors!!  $4.00 each!!

Greenwing Macaw

Just like OLY!
approx. 3" x 3" 

From Safari, Ltd.  


This is a Hyacinth Macaw. This bird reminds us of the movie "RIO" about a blue bird that is found in Minnesota and brought back to Brazil. That is a true story about the Spix Macaw, Presley. A Spix Macaw is only the size of a Hyacinths' Tail! They are powder blue in color and only have around 100 in the world. Hyacinths are still currently owned as pets and need protection like any of our parrot species. Both are highly revered.

Party Favors!! $4.00 each!!

Hyacinth Macaw

Just like "BLU" in the movie "Rio" 
(ok, not really as Blu is not a hyacinth, he's a Spix Macaw)

From Safari, Ltd.


It's RICO! Our blue fronted amazon! Well, it's actually a Red-Lored Amazon. There are dozens of species of Amazons in South and Central America. We hope you enjoy as Rico sits on your arms and poses for pictures.

Party Favors!!  $4.00 each!!

Green Parrot

Just like RICO
(ok, not quite, RICO is actually a blue front amazon, not a red-crowned amazon)

From Safari, Ltd.

Educational Programs

Brooklake Christian School 2005.
The Parrot Lady of WA educates children and adults of all ages about the plight of parrots. The Parrots act as ambassadors representing the needs to conserve our planet and save our rainforests! The birds demonstrate a wide range of abilities that show the differences of their lives both in the wild and in captivity. How does roller skating relate to the rainforest? Call The Parrot Lady of WA to find out today! The show itself lasts about an hour and, if the kids(and/or adults) are good, they are able to handle and even pet the parrots at the end of the show! A special diploma is made to be filled out with the child's name as a Rainforest Award. The Parrot Lady of WA has also developed a supplemental workbook called the "Rainforest Funbook". Call The Parrot Lady of WA today for details on pricing including assembly packages!

Christian Faith Center 2004.


Download a fun award for your class! The Rainforest Award. CLICK HERE!

Event Planning

Oly adds her flair to the American Heart Association.

Jesse poses before cameras at Bellevue Square Merchants Event.

Add a tropical flair to your special event. The Parrot Lady of WA has attended numerous formal and informal events and auctions. The typical package is called, "Meet and Greet", where The Parrot Lady of WA greets guests as they arrive. Then, she mingles among the crowd, letting people hold the birds, answer questions, etc. They even will talk on cue, pose on cue for the camera and love to show off! Call The Parrot Lady of WA today for custom packages tailored made for your event!

Jesse goes formal at Swedish Medical Center's banquet.

Oly enjoys time at Charles Wright Auction 2006.



Want a great live decoration for your tropical wedding? How about some entertainment for your guests during the reception? How unique would it be for a parrot, no less, to fly your ring down the aisle? The Parrot Lady of WA has done it all. Including having parrots as bouquets for the bridesmaids. Call The Parrot Lady of WA today for more information on pricing packages and customizing your entertainment for your special day!


Oly flies the ring down the aisle!

A fun way to entertain during the reception!

Street Fairs

The Parrot Lady of WA entertains on stage at your local street fairs! Or perhaps she can be the wandering entertainer throughout your venue! What about having a booth where people can come pose with parrots for a nominal fee?


Do you love parrot stuff? The Parrot Lady of WA offers wonderful products for anyone who has any interest in parrots--jewery, Tshirts, Jackets, flashy blinky lights--all with one theme in common--parrots! Some of the items are currently under development, ask about what is currently available!



YOU CAN NOW PAY FOR A PARROT LADY OF WA EVENT ONLINE!!  Just click the DONATE NOW button and put in the amount, paying securely with PAYPAL!!  Thank you for having The Parrot Lady of WA come out to your event!

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