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A true story about the Spix Macaw found in the United States and Sent to Brazil to save his species.

Welcome to Parrot Ambassadors! Where parrots act like people and people act like parrots! Ok, really, where parrots help people better understand the unique world we all live in and how we can work together to make it a better place, one parrot at a time!

Invite us to any event or social engagement, we've done it all! The parrots love to visit you just as much as you will love the parrots visiting!

We are insured and licensed, with veterinary check ups with the birds annually. They are on public display, so we require testing to ensure public safety. Domestic parrots are one of the jewels of our world to connect us from pets to conservation. An animal even willing to speak our language!

GREAT NEWS FOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS! The latest guidelines for Public Safety from the Washington Department of Health have officially CHANGED the overall prohibition of parrots at public schools to allowing our insured, licensed and tested animals to come visit! Thank you, Chris Rykdal, Washington State Superintendent, for making this change! We all agree that bringing parrots to classrooms is an important step improving environmental education. Be sure to add live parrots to your rainforest, biology, physiology, physics, mathematics (and more) curricula today!

We love going to:
Birthday Parties
Holiday Parties
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This is what we're up to so far for 2017!


November 4: Debbie Doolittle's Petting Farm
November 5: Jude's Birthday
November 13: Evergreen Heights Pirate Assemblies
November 19: Emily's Birthday
November 29: Ageis Living Bellevue

December 1: Flying with Parrots in Seattle 7-10pm
December 4: Photographs with Parrots
December 9: Christmas Party with Parrots
December 9: Flying with Parrots in Seattle 12-3
December 10: NWEBS and OBF Christmas Parties for Parrots
December 15: Flight Club Foundation Board Meeting
December 16: Keely's Birthday
December 17: First Sunday Fly Day in Tacoma 12-3
December 17: Zazu's House Christmas Party
December 21: Fly Day Tacoma 11-2
December 31: New Year's Eve Party with Parrots at Washington Athletic Club

February 24:Hilltop Healthy Kids and Family

APRIL 2018:
April 24: Norpoint Coop Preschool
April 25: Norpoint Coop Preschool

MAY 2018:
May 19: Petpalooza in Auburn, WA--FREE EVENT FOR ALL
May 24: Stafford Suites, Port Orchard

September 23-28: Loro Parque's 9th annual International Parrot Convention.

Book November-February and Receive a $50 discount!!!

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