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Angela Foster, Ph.D., Esq.*

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About the Firm

Located in central New Jersey, the Law Office of Angela Foster is an intellectual property boutique firm committed to providing high quality and cost-effective legal services with small firm attention and a large firm edge.


The Firm specializes in dealing with complex business transactions including all aspects of intellectual property from securing patent protection to patent licensing and enforcement.


Trained and certified as third-party neutrals, the Firm also mediates and arbitrates various complex litigations including intellectual property and contract disputes. Combining our litigation and transactional experiences, we assist clients to favorable settlements before and during litigation.



*     Patent & Trademark Prosecution

*     Due Diligence Analysis

*     Infringement & Invalidity Opinion & Counseling

*     Licensing & Strategic Counseling

*     Litigation

*     Alternate Dispute Resolution


Represented Cases

Plaintiff counsel for photographer in David Oppenheimer v. Select-A-Ticket, et al., (D.N.J.), copyright infringement matter.


Defense counsel for co-defendant clothing line in R.B. Development v, Tutis Capital et al, (E.D.N.Y.), business tort and contract dispute.


Co-counsel for defense in Sandata Technologies, Inc. v. Infocrossing, Inc. (S.D.N.Y.), patent infringement matter.


Selected Patents

7,932,430 Development of a simple animal model for infection by viruses and other obligate intracellular parasites.

7,345,219 Mitogen-activated protein kinase and method of use to enhance biotic and abiotic stress tolerance in plants.

7,326,528 Method of detecting disease conditions in C. elegans infected with animal virus.

7,160,580 Organic acids incorporated edible antimicrobial films.

7,074,568 Molecular diagnosis of atypical Mycobacterial infections.


About Angela Foster

Trained both as an attorney and a scientist, Angela has over 25 years of combined legal and scientific experience in biotechnology, biochemistry, pharmaceutical and chemistry as well as agricultural biotechnology and plant patents. She has worked with small startup, medium and large companies rendering freedom-to-operate, validity and patentability opinions, and licensing agreements.


In addition to her transaction work, Angela has litigated various intellectual property and complex commercial matters including complex contract & licensing disputes, patent, trademark and copyright infringements, and Hatch-Waxman litigation in federal court. She is experienced in interference practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


Before launching her own firm, Angela served as a Deputy Attorney General for the State of New Jersey where she defended the State against civil actions. Angela also served as a patent attorney for general practice firm, Gibbons, and former intellectual property firm, Pennie & Edmonds, prosecuting and litigating intellectual property matters.


Certified as a mediator and arbitrator, Angela has resolved and adjudicated several patent infringement/validity, licensing and commercial disputes resulting in multi-million dollar awards and settlements. She is a member of numerous alternative dispute resolution panels including the American Arbitration Association, the Institute for Conflict Resolution & Prevention, the World Intellectual Property Organization and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.


Prior to entering the legal field, Angela worked for several pharmaceutical companies as a scientist. She teaches Patent Law at Seton Hall Law School and frequently publishes articles on intellectual property, as well as, appears on various panels regarding alternative dispute resolution, intellectual property law and attorney ethics.


Selected Publications

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