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Associated Clubs

Jane Cody Democratic Women's Club (Ferry County - Republic)
President:  Melissa Rose (509) 775-0210

May Arkwright Hutton Chapter of Democratic Women (Shoreline)

President:  Elaine Phelps (206) 546-5495

Thurston County Democratic Women's Club
President:  Christine Garst (360) 491-4969

Whatcom County Democratic Women's Club
President:  Denise Marshall

At Large Members



  • Established proper Treasurer’s Protocol & Reporting
  • Paid NFDW Dues / Representative to NFDW Convention Elected Western Regional Director
  • Established WSFDW Website & Club Links & WSFDW Logo
  • Revised WSFDW Bylaws
  • Conducted Candidate Endorsements / Produced Letters of Endorsement
  • Promoted 90for90.org
  • Promoted Planned Parenthood
  • Issued Membership Cards
  • Maintained Membership Rosters
  • Recruited/Supported Rilla Moran Woods NFDW Intern Winner – Natalie Cleveland
  • Supported Re-Org of Clark County Democratic Women
  • E-Mailed & Mailed Meeting Invitations, Schedules, & Minutes
  • Prepared Draft WSFDW Budget


  • Visit Existing Clubs
  • Promote WSFDW Benefits & Expand Membership
  • Attend Regional Conference
  • Support Young Democratic Women with Internships /Scholarships / Leadership Training (e.g., Rilla Moran Woods Internship; Agnes Bird Award)
  • Develop Endorsement Procedure
  • Develop WSFDW Brochure or Flyer
  • Improve linkage with NFDW (e.g., newsletter submittals, auction item gift)
  • Launch an E-Mail Issues Update Distribution
  • Mentor Replacement Leadership

Webmaster:  Paul McLain