The RINRI Project

The RINRI Project is a global, synchronized meditation conceived by Dr. José Argüelles and his wife Lloydine, which is aimed at the re-activation of the planetary light body. Dr. Argüelles made the discoveries of the correlation of the human light body to the planetary light body during his research into the 4th dimensional timing frequencies coded into the ancient sacred calendar of the Mayans. The RINRI meditations connect specific chakras in our light bodies to specific areas in the light body of the planet.

The PSI Chrono Units identified in the RINRI meditations refer to the specific sequence of activation of the planetary light body. Due to this, they do not correlate to the signature energy of the day. But, rather work in conjunction with it, towards the activation of the planetary light body. The term "PSI" refers to the psychic energy field of the planet. The term "Chrono Unit" is a unit of time. So, the PSI Chrono Units are psychic units of time within the planetary light body. It is up to us to tune in to the psychic units of time in order to activate the planetary light body.

The PSI Chrono Units correspond to the Tzolkin (the sacred calendar of the Mayans) just as the energy of the day does. However, the PSI Chrono Units are activated as 8 separate plates of the tzolkin within the planetary light body. There are 4 plates in the northern hemisphere and 4 corresponding plates in the southern hemisphere. Two plates are activated at a time, one in the north and one in the south, for each of 4 years. We completed the first phase of the planetary light body activation. We began the second four year phase on Blue Galactic Storm Year 2000-2001.

How to do the Basic Daily RINRI Project Meditation

1) You tune in to the energy of the day though the daily affirmation.

2) You connect the specific chakra to the specific area of the planetary light body and color the connection with the color of the tribe for the day. On the days where you go from the root chakra to the crown chakra, imagine the lighting up of a rainbow bridge from the south pole to the north pole and from your root to your crown. Then, on the days where you connect the solar plexus to the southern hemishere, also feel yourself send out a pulse which connects your solar plexus to the galactic center.

3) Imagine the activation of a specific spot in the planetary light body ( both north and south ) which corresponds to the PSI Chrono Unit of the day. You do not need to fully understand where the activation point is at first. If you would like to know more, I have the charts available in the printed version of my Dreamspell Calendar.

4) Depending on where you are on the Earth ( northern or southern hemisphere ) you either send or receive a colored magnetic pulse, to or from the teams in the opposite hemisphere.

I hope this helps to clarify the process for you and that you decide to join in the meditations.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. And I'll see you in the Dreamspell !!!


In Lakéch ( I am another you )

Randy Bruner

Blue Cosmic Hand

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