Basic 13 Moon Calendar Primer:


The natural cycles of time are :

The Day - The Earth revolves on its axis to create day and night.

The Moon - The Moon revolves around the Earth through it's cyclical phases.The cycle of the moon from new moon to new moon is called the synodic cycle. It is 29.5 days in length. The sidereal lunar cycle, measuring the moon from where it reappears in the same place in the sky, is only 27.1 days in length. So, 28 days is the average lunar cycle.

The Year - The Earth revolves around the Sun in 365 days.

When you divide the year up by Moons, you get 13 moons of 28 days each, plus one extra day. Each moon is 4 perfect weeks. Each year is 52 perfect weeks. Every moon and every year begins on a the same day of the week. These are the cycles that govern the physical aspects of life

To find the spiritual aspects of time, we turn to the heavens. The brightest "star" in the sky is not a star, but the planet Venus. The cycle of the planet Venus is a 260 day cycle. The ancient Maya referred to the 260 day cycle as the Tzolkin or the Sacred Calendar. According to them, it is made up of smaller cycles of 13 and 20 days each turning together to create a 260 day cycle. This is an ever repeating cycle, just like the Day, the Moon and the Year.

The brightest actual star in the sky, is the star Sirius. From the perspective of the Earth, the Sun appears to move across the sky against the background of stars. When the Sun rises with the brightest star, Sirius, it begins the cycle of the year. That day corresponds to July 26th on the current calendar. Therefore, the start of this calendar is linked to a cosmic event.

Our bodies are also coded with the natural cycles of time. Men and women are cycling on a 28 day cycle known as the biorhythm. We have 13 joints to our bodies which provide us with movement and correspond to the 13 tones. We have 20 fingers and toes which also correspond to the 20 tribes. We are the embodiment of natural Sacred Time.

Since there are 13 Tones in the sacred calendar and 13 Moons per solar year, the Moons take on the names and qualities of the 13 Tones.





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Each day has a spirirtual essence taken from the Tzolkin or Sacred calendar of the Maya, mentioned above. This spiritual essence combines the energy of one of the 20 tribes (the symbols seen on the calendar pages) and one of the 13 tones (illustrated as the dot-bar code numerical system.) This is given to you as the affirmation of the day on the weekly calendar pages.

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In lakéch

Randy Bruner

Blue Cosmic Hand