The newest information from José Argüelles (now known as Valum Votan) and Lloydine Argüelles (now known as Bolon Ik) is the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time. This is the culmination of their life work. It brings together all of the information from Earth Ascending (1985) through the galactic synchronization of 2013. It offers us a clear, coherent methodology to bring about planetary ascenscion. If you are into their work, this is the most advanced process yet to be offered to humanity for conscious participation in personal and planetary transformation We hope you will join us in this project. These 20 tablets consist of 16 tablets for the 16 years from 1997 through 2013 and 4 tablets of templates showing the activation process covered in the 16 years of the project.

The foundation of the information contained in the 20 tablets is the discovery of the correlation of 64 rune symbols to the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching. This information is carried to another level by the realization that these 64 runes and hexagrams also correlate to the 64 codons of DNA. The 16 year project mentioned above is the telepathic recoding and activation on a molecular level of our DNA patterns. The discovery of the correlation of the runes, hexagrams and DNA allowed Valum Votan & Bolon Ik to bring through a series of meditations and telepathic exercises which will allow us to reset and activate our DNA patterns to the level of solar-galactic consciousness.

The connection of the rune symbol to a hexagram and a DNA codon led to another discovery. That discovery was that if you multiply the energy of the rune symbol by the 13 galactic tones of creation (the essence energy of the wavespell) you carry the rune symbol, the hexagram and the DNA codon through all of their possible permutations. The result of which is that our DNA is reset to its natural state and activated.


Here is how the meditations are carried out:


There are 6 lines in each hexagram and one rune symbol correlated to it. These are activated over a 7 day meditation each week. We first build the hexagram one line at a time. The first day we lay the foundation line. The second day we build the binary. The third day we create the triplet. The fourth day we establish the fourth. The fifth day we ring the fifth. The sixth day we complete the hexagram. Then, on the seventh day we meditate the rune.

The cube is the perfection of form. Our DNA is the root of our form. So, we will hold these meditations within the cube of the perfection of form. So, we will also visualize ourselves inside a cube while performing these meditations. On the first day, visualize the first line on the base of the cube. On the second day, see the second line on the right side of the cube. On the third day, see the line on the left side of the cube. On the fourth day, see the line on the back of the cube. On the fifth day, see the line on the front of the cube. On the sixth day, see the line on the top of the cube. You have now created the cube of the codon around yourself. On the seventh day, hold the symbol of the rune in your heart within the cube of the codon. Then, allow the rune to resonate from within your heart in harmony with the cube of the codon. This means that the rune, hexagram and DNA codon are resonating within your physical form in harmony with all that is.

We stated above that we will multiply each rune symbol by the 13 galactic tones of creation. Since this is a weekly meditation, it will require 13 weeks for us to meditate each rune through all of its possible permutations. When we multiply the rune symbol by the various galactic tones it causes the hexagram to change. Therefore, the hexagrams are the key carriers of the permutations. This will cause that same DNA codon to cycle through all of it's possible permutations. We will meditate the same rune symbol for 13 weeks. We will be activating the same DNA codon for 13 weeks. But, the hexagrams will change each week to allow for all the possible permutations of that rune and DNA codon's energy. This may sound like a complex meditation, at first. It is very deep and powerful. But, it is not hard to follow. I will include the 20 Tablets meditations with the rune symbols and the hexagram lines in my weekly calendar info pages to make it as easy as possible for you to participate in these telepathic exercises.

These meditations begin on the first week of the Yellow Overtone Seed Year. Since we take 13 weeks to activate one symbol and DNA codon, we will only be activating 4 symbols and DNA codons per year. There are 64 symbols and 64 DNA codons to be activated. So, it will take us 16 years to activate them all, 16X4 =64. Therefore, we have a 16 year project to activate our DNA. The project will then culminate at galactic synchronization in 2013.

There are much deeper levels of insight and information to the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time. What I have presented here is designed to help you start the meditations at the beginning of the Yellow Overtone Seed Year. However, if you would like to get deeper into the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time , you may obtain the tablets and instruction book through your local PAN nodes

The most common question asked about the meditations is: "What do the Rune Symbols mean?" The Rune symbol takes on the energy of the Hexagram it is associated with. In other words, the first and last weeks of the 13 weeks we work on that rune symbol. White Spectral Wizard year's runes are associated this way:

The First rune symbol is "Power of the People"

The Second rune symbol is "Way of the People"

The Third rune symbol is "Wisdom Arousing"

The Fourth rune symbol is "Accomplished"


I hope this inspires you to participate in this powerfully transformative process.

Keep Up the Good Work & I'll See You in the Dreamspell !!!


In Lakéch

Randy Bruner

Blue Cosmic Hand


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