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Cozy Carseat Covers

Baby with her Cozy Carseat Cover

Baby with her Cozy Carseat Cover


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Side view of baby in her carseat

All covered up and ready to go!

A Cornpatch Creations Cozy Carseat Cover is a great way to keep your small baby warm and cozy all winter long when you're out and about with baby in her infant carseat.

The idea for my Cozy Carseat Covers was born after I watched a woman carrying an infant carseat lose a beautiful baby quilt in the wind. The quilt blew off the baby and landed in the mud of a parking lot. Ick! So I started fiddling with some scraps of fabric I had and after several years of honing my pattern and using my friends as testers, my Cozy Carseat Cover was born.

What is a Cozy Car Seat Cover?

It's a blanket with elastic. :) Basically, it's two layers of flannel with a layer of batting sandwiched in between for warmth. I can also make one without the batting if you live somewhere that's not as cold as Iowa in the winter time!

Why is a Cozy Car Seat Cover better than a blanket or snowsuit?

1. You buckle baby securely in her carseat and then cover her up instead of compromising her safety with a bulky snowsuit or coat.

2.  It won’t blow off in the wind. 

3.  It’s easy to take off when you go inside, which prevents overheating.

What makes my car seat covers better than the competition’s?

 1.  They’re made of 100% cotton flannel, not polyester, so they’re soft and snuggly and warm!

 2.  They have a big flap to cover your little one on those cold, cold days.

 3.  They’re made in America!

What do they cost?

Each Cozy Carseat Cover is $22.00 plus shipping.  Two covers cost $40.00 plus shipping.  For larger quantities, email me for pricing.

Cozy Carseat Covers also make great gifts! I can make special order covers too --- different fabric prints or unlined covers for warmer climates. Just ask! cornpatchcreations@earthlink.net

Fabric Choices

You can choose from any of these great fabrics when ordering! The number in the parenthesis indicates how much of that fabric I have left. In the event a fabric has sold out, or I cannot get it at my fabric store, I will email you with your options.

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I can make special orders too! Just ask!  I can order different fabric prints or materials.  There may be an additional charge for this service and I will let you know of any charges before your order is confirmed.


Sparkle Moon (2)

Funky Dots (3)

Geckos (1)

Multicolored stars (2)


Cows (2)

Monkeys (2)

Dolphins (3)

Sea Creatures (3)

Baseball (2)

big print cowboys (3)

Cowboys (3)

Camping Bears (2)


Fairy Princess (1)

Roses (1)

Angels on blue (2) 

Pink Gingham (2) 

Pink ditsy print (2)

Pink Poodles (3)

Ladybugs (1)

Paris Palette (2)




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