Early music files and images collected by Charlie Jackson

Design your own Crumhorn!

Zip compressed EXCEL workbook that can be used to calculate the hole sizes and positions for a crumhorn, based on acoustical transmission line theory. Click to download

Read about the theory for designing a Crumhorn!

A short article about Crumhorn Design. Click to view

New Music 1/05

Morrison, Jack (Contemporary) Cole and Johnson, Arranged by Marie Cahill (Old Americana)

Libro Two Madrigals by Monteverdi

Cornetto Photos

Soprano and Alto Cornetto

Acorn and Modern Mouthpieces

Images Copyright Charles Jackson 1997, intended for non-profit use

Music of the Renaissance



BYRD, William (1543-1623)

Bull, John ()

C) D)

Dowland, John (1563-1626)

E) F)

Farnaby, Giles (d. 1640)

Fishburn, Christopher ()


GABRIELI, Andrea (1515-1586)


Holborne, Anthony (d. 1602)


D'India, Sigismondo (1582-1629)

J) K) L)


Marenzio, Luca (1553-1599)

Monkeymeyer, Helmut, ed. Monteverdi, Claudio (1567-1643) Libro Two Madrigals by Monteverdi

N) O)


PURCELL, Henry (1659- 1695)

PRAETORIUS, Micheal (1571-1621) Q) R) S)


TUDOR, Henry VIII (1491-1547)


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Music of Medieval Times

Music of the Baroque

TELEMANN, George Phillipe (1681- 1767) The Concerto a tre can be played with the cornetto instead of a french horn. The second movement does not use a horn, so buy the music and play it with a recorder and continuo.

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Music of the Modern times

Archangelsky,Alexander (1846-1924)

Bocelli, Andrea (contemporary)

Dowland, PDQ (unknown, modern) Harris, Charles (Old Americana) Morrison, Jack (Contemporary) Sharp, Cecil (tbd)

Tudor, PDQ (contemporary)

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Music of Medieval times

G. de Machaut (1300-1377)

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All the Midi files available here are Copyright © 1999 by Charles Jackson. They are licensed for personal use at no cost. For other uses, please see Charlie Jackson at c.jackson@ieee.org.

Unless otherwise noted, the files were sequenced by Charlie Jackson with limited dynamics. All MIDI files in this collection are provided for personal use only. It is not my intention to violate any copyrights by offering this service for musicians. If you find any MIDI files in my collection that must not be distributed please inform me. I am sure that we can settle any conflict peacefully. Music companies and musicians should note that these MIDI files cannot replace professional recordings, or printed music. I think that MIDI files are actually a kind of free advertising for published music. If they like these they'll want to buy a real recording or the score with the lyrics.

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