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Nine of the 13 songs on my album "From My Balcony" were written during FAWM 2008 and 5090 FAWM ( These were challenges to write 14 songs in 28 days during February, and 50 songs in 90 days during July 4th to October 1st. While I didn't come up quite that many, I was very happy with the ones I wrote during that time. It was a very creative and fun period for me, and many were written as I sat on my balcony.

I've played in many places in the NYC area over the years, and a few down south, like Eddie's Attic and Redlight Cafe in Atlanta, and Crimson Moon in Dahlonega, GA.
Below left: At the famed BlueBird Cafe in Nashville.
Below that: Me and "Blondie" playing Paddy Reilly's in NYC




Lori now lives in Atlanta, and she and I have played Eddie's Attic and Red Light Cafe. No, we didn't really play The Grand Old Opry in Nashville, but we did have a great time visiting, and got to play the Bluebird Cafe.




Here's Carol and me performing as Estrogen Replacement Therapy at a house concert to benefit God's Love We Deliver.

Lori, Carol and I loved performing as Estrogen. Writing the songs and performing our humorous material for gay and lesbian audiences brought us - and our fans - much joy. And our rehearsals at "The Salon" at Lori's Greenwich Village pad were always such fun!

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