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I have been involved in music since I was a child-though not quite as young as in the picture above ;-)  It all began with the little red toy piano given me by my father's boss. I moved on to a larger white piano - still a child's, but this was an upright and had 20 keys. I would plunk out tunes by ear, such as Schubert's "Unfinished Symphony."
I've always had an ear for melody. As a burgeoning songwriter while in my teens, besides listening to current music, I very much liked the musicals of Rodgers and Hammerstein, movie musicals of the 30's, 40's and 50's and also learned melodies from- of all places - early Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies cartoons - and tv jingles!  

Billboard Song Award Honorary Mention
for "Beyond Words" and "Kiss Me Harder Blues" (co-written with Lori Muskat)


Great American Song Contest Honor Award
for "Who Hung That Moon in the Window" co-written with Lori Muskat

I traded in the keys for some strings by the time I was 7, when my mother bought me a plastic guitar in a local candy store, and I was smitten! I moved on to a series of inexpensive 3/4 size wooden ones, until, at the age of 20, I bought myself a "real guitar" - a Madeira. My family was never well off enough for me to take any kind of music lessons - The Beatles were my teachers - so I learned to play by ear,and listening to the music of the 60's and British Rock bands like Fairport Convention, The Incredible String Band and Steeleye Span. I soon moved on to other styles of music, learning from fingerpicking, celtic, ragtime, blues, and bluegrass music books, and eventually took some guitar lessons when in my early 30's.



My First CD "A Whisper in My Ear was released in 1997, and two of the tracks were featured on the first Outmusic CD's "Free" and "Outmusic 1997"
I finished my second album, "NOW" in 2003. You can follow the link below to purchase my CD. I played guitar, bass and keyboards on the album, with an assist from the incomparable Kevin Haining on drums, and the late and wonderful singersongwriter Zonna (1960-2003) as co-producer and engineer extraordinaire.


I'm a life-long Beatles fan
and recorded 5 of their songs
a few years ago, and gave an EP
to these friends and family
You can hear the tracks
I'll Follow the Sun
You've Got to Hide Your
Love Away
We Can Work it Out
Tell Me What You See) here:

My Beatle Cover Tunes


My 3rd solo CD "From My Balcony", released in 2009 is an eclectic blend of musical styles. There's something for everyone on this album. It's now available on CDBaby
Or write to me and I can sell to you directly

Besides being a solo artist, I was also a member of the band Estrogen. Carol Kassel, Lori Muskat and I formed the band in 1998, and our album"Tales From Lesbianville", was released in 2001.
Carol and I have decided to carry on as a duo this go-round, and have changed our name to ESTROGEN REPLACEMENT THERAPY and are at work on a new album.
In the meantime, one of the songs "Trick or Treat" is on a CD compilation called "Planet Muse - - and it can be yours to enjoy all year long - along with 16 songs by some wonderful songwriters. It’s a great online community of songwriters, musicians, lyricists, poets…

You can buy the CD here:

Blue Glass Growing Musical Note

Red Growing Musical Note

Green Glass Growing Musical Note

Listen to and Buy "Now"

Buy "From My Balcony"

Listen to & Buy "Tales From Lesbianville" in CD or Mp3 format

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Recipient of Guitar Scholarship at Duquesne University from Martin Guitar and Women in Music, Master classes with Beth Nielsen Chapman ("This Kiss") and Julie Gold ("From a Distance") Billboard Song Contest and Great American Song Contest winner,  "Now" placed #10 on Outvoice Top 40.