treason trapping animal hide in the vision of paradise two explains your head deranged time spun web deluded of life wicked black witch lady localize intelligensia go write a book to cry in face it lost that look survivals hard enough fading fire climbing higher time to realize that im on fire patience sun the lord looks over who covers in the watchtower freeze arm scraping inches the vein blind distracted the worshipping metal point a scraping hole forever breaking in out temper test bottom so vile faded higher why you liar

Official lyrics as printed in Too Dark Park

Appeared On:

  • Too Dark Park in original version as "T.F.W.O." (3:47)
  • Brap in live version from TDP tour as "TFWO" (4:17)

Total Versions: 2

Live Performances:
sometimes as encore on Too Dark Park tour


  • Ogre also performed this song live with Pigface, a recording of which appears on their Welcome to Mexico...Asshole album
  • The title is an abbreviation for totally fucking weirded out

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