Skinny Puppy: The Poison Mouth


What if death was crude
Everything consumed
A warehouse markup
New listed attitudes
FDAs got a thing to do

What if to never eat anything
Live two-thousand years
The foul mouth excrement
Absorbing all the attitudes
Mortified crosses the street in fear

I am the poison mouth
I am the poison mouth

Livid aged on insanity
Handling crisis effectively
FEMA breaks the banking chain
Only to gain control

I am the poison mouth
I am the poison mouth

Heretic video a prophecy that sit outside a loop
Push the possibility
Black white first one carve tonight
Media slaughter lambs in view
Courtesy phone level one bit above
A psychotron sending a new way to ingest
Traces of what no one knew of

Spewing words of wisdom from a poison mouth
Spewing words of wisdom from a poison mouth
Words of schism from the poison mouth
Turn delerium a poison mouth
Words delivering a poison mouth
Word of god of poison mouth

Man who's telling who
Desert your roots the witchcraft sues
Suspicious speaks the one above
But the one eye charge the poison mouth
Power base the coming days
The dead white population age

Clothing tattered starving matters less when less is all there is
Therein mechanism triggers what unleashed undone
Towards a hope pure and ever after a genocidal government



Transcribed by Corey

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  • Dedicated to Frank Tovey of Fad Gadget.
  • Buried in the mix at the very beginning of the song (0:01), the vocal track has a very short bit of Ogre speaking (perhaps at the start of the vocal take?). It sounds like he is saying the word "easy".
  • There appears to be an edit in the vocal track after the word "sues". You can hear it cut through a brief bit of a word.
  • Malathion is an insecticide.

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