Nature's Revenge


weather turning towards a storm broken down road continue on coexistance imitating paradise unlike any seen moist has been dancing crazy overcast ash grey wording constantly pushing pulling pushes away drew back a rusty knife guilt ladle pour it understand i burn inside how to get out of here how do you get out of this natures revenge nature cage craving wonder the worth of it scream at the top of your lungs so many times tried not to wonder

Official lyrics as printed in Too Dark Park

Appeared On: 

  • Too Dark Park in original version as "Nature's Revenge" (3:57)
  • Tormentor single/EP in remix as "Nature's Revenge (dub)" (5:09)
  • Brap in alternate studio (?) version as "Nature's Revenge" (3:58)

Total Versions: 3

Live Performances:
Too Dark Park tour
Doomsday 2000

No official video was made, but a backing film was created for this song's portion of he Too Dark Park tour.

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