[whispered]: Whirlwind blow blowing in ??? the ??? message ensured

park within car passes terminal empty
cracks started showing through unlisted mystery
a dead child was thrown through a window
wind opens windows
whirlwinds carry promises truth
will unleash us little dogs
bite flesh biting exposing freezing the soul
whirlwind blowing through the soul

guilt crashes ceiling now fantasies gone ages ago
messed up guilt crashes through the privacy gone ages ago
??? chest  freezes hands pale lighter frozen paintings illumination gone (not wrong)
??? chest

sides heaving chest boxed in I will find the real you
writer hand in smokes (thieves/speaks?) my treasures (hand?)
I write a note tossed aside
tossed aside word shines through a powder baby the real you
love shines through a powder feeds the real you
love shines through a powder feel the real you
love shines through a powder final curtain what's become of me and you

Transcribed by Corey and Drugg Pico (peterg@cid.syr.edu)

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Total Versions: 2

Live Performances:
N.A. leg of the EOSP tour by Download, 'dub' version performed.

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