heavens trash fixation turning mass direction having a relationship without guilt mass direction off and away hazy circles round the eyes so long how long hate disease heavens thrash its a vacant scathing vapor ancient role play downward shores of pluto heavens thrash dusty crircles flys the by ways of the mind mass direction flower cauldren answer brew to mystify hate disease downward shores of pluto sure all right

Official lyrics as printed in Too Dark Park

Appeared On:

  • Too Dark Park in original version as "Convulsion" (3:20)
  • Brap in live version from the Palladium in Los Angeles, CA 12/14/90 as "Convulsion" (3:10)
  • Doomsday in live version from Aug. 20, 2000 as "Convulsion" (3:07)

Total Versions: 3

Live Performances:
Too Dark Park tour
Doomsday 2000

No official video was made, but a backing film was created for this song's portion of he Too Dark Park tour.

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