Past Playlists:

(playlists to be updated shortly pending additional webspace)

4/17/06 4-7pm
4/10/06 4-7pm
4/3/06 4-7pm
3/27/06 4-7pm
2/27/06 4-7pm
2/20/06 4-7pm
2/13/06 4-7pm
2/6/06 4-7pm
1/30/06 4-7pm
1/16/06 4-7pm
1/2/06 4-7pm
12/31/05 1-1:45pm
12/10/05 1-4pm
12/5/05 4-7pm
12/3/05 3-4pm
11/25/05 9am-noon
11/21/05 4-7pm
11/19/05 1-5pm
11/12/05 1-4pm
11/7/05 4-7pm
10/24/05 4-7pm
10/17/05 4-7pm
10/10/05 4-7pm
10/3/05 4-7pm
9/5/05 3:38-7pm
8/27/05 1-4pm
8/22/05 4-7pm
8/20/05 1-4pm
7/30/05 1-4pm
7/23/05 1-3:26pm
7/16/05 1-4pm
6/27/05 4-7pm
6/20/05 4-7pm
6/13/05 4-7pm
6/11/05 1-4pm
6/6/05 4-7pm
5/28/05 1-4pm
5/23/05 4-7pm
5/17/05 11pm-6am
5/16/05 4-7pm
5/9/05 4-7pm
5/7/05 3-4pm
5/2/05 4-7pm
4/25/05 4-7pm
4/23/05 1-4pm
4/5/05 4-7pm
4/2/05 1:15-4pm
3/26/05 1-4pm
3/21/05 4-7pm
3/14/05 4-7pm
3/7/05 4-6:45pm
3/5/05 1-4pm
2/28/05 4-7pm
2/21/05 4-7pm
2/19/05 2:15-4pm
2/14/05 4-7pm
2/12/05 1-4pm
2/7/05 4-7pm
1/31/05 4-7pm
1/24/05 4-7pm
1/13/05 4-7:15pm
1/8/05 1-1:45pm
1/6/05 4-6pm
12/30/04 4-6pm
12/23/04 4-6pm
12/16/04 4-6pm
12/11/04 1-4pm
12/09/04 4-6pm
12/04/04 1-4pm
12/02/04 4-6pm
11/18/04 4-6pm
11/13/04 1-4pm
11/11/04 4-6pm
11/6/04 1pm - ?
11/4/04 4:30-6pm
10/28/04 4pm
10/21/04 4-6pm
10/9/04 1-4pm
10/7/04 4-6pm
9/30/04 4-6pm
9/25/04 1-4pm
9/23/04 4-5:30pm
9/18/04 1-4pm
9/16/04 4-6pm
8/28/04 12-3pm
8/27/04 10pm-12am
8/21/04 12-6pm
8/20/04 10-midnight
8/14/04 12-3pm
7/31/04 12-3pm
7/24/04 12-3pm
7/17/04 12-3pm
7/3/04 12-3pm
6/26/04 12-3pm
6/19/04 12-3pm
6/12/04 12-2:30pm
6/5/04 12-2pm
5/29/04 12-2pm
5/22/04 12-3pm
5/20/04 12-1am
5/11/04 6-7pm
5/8/04 3-4pm
5/8/04 12-1pm
5/1/04 3-4pm
5/1/04 12-12:50pm
4/24/04 12-2pm
4/17/04 10-11:50am
4/16/04 10pm-midnight
4/10/04 10-11:50am
4/3/04 10-11:50am
3/27/04 12-2:20pm
3/20/04 2:30-4pm
3/20/04 10-11am
3/19/04 2-4pm
3/13/04 12-2pm
3/6/04 12-2pm
2/21/04 12-2:45pm
2/14/04 12-2pm
2/07/04 12-2pm
1/31/04 9pm-10pm
1/24/04 8:30pm-10pm
1/14/04 4-6pm

(NR indicates a WRSU 'New Release')

But Is It Art?
with Corey Goldberg
Mon 3-5pm EST
on WRSU FM New Brunswick
88.7 on your radio in the NJ/NY area
or on the web at

contact me at
or while on the air at (732) 932-8800

But is it Art? is the name of my weekly radio show on WRSU FM. I began hosting the show in October '03 and have been making gradual progress towards being listenable ever since.

I play music from a wide variety of styles with an ear towards interesting and unique juxtapositions. Hopefully my show will present things that you have never heard side by side before. I also want to share the music that I am passionate about and perhaps discover new things myself along the way. In addition to playing straight 'songs' I sometimes get ambitious and explore using other sound sources as segues and material for live sound collages or other 'audio events'.

Too often, I think, people's musical habits are dominated by the sociocultural associations of a particular style rather than the music itself. Part of the goal of my show is to play music regardless of style or format. I do not believe that music should be utilized to reinforce a particular cultural lifestyle choice. It is also my opinion that the unique aspects of a given style of music can be made more apparent and more interesting when juxtaposed with something that contrasts. This is a long winded way of saying that I try to be eclectic.

If you listen, please give me feedback either by calling the station while I'm on the air at (732) 932-8800 or through email at I check that address throughout my show. I try to honor requests to the best of my ability, so feel free to make them.

In addition to the regular DJ gig I've been a "regular" on Eric Strain's Non-Productive, co-host of Knightbeat, a member of the News Department, Chief Announcer, General Manager, Program Director, and a member of the mysterious and sometimes entertaining Radio Trifecta.

I also occasionally drop by the shows of other DJs. You might have heard me assisting in the madness on Paul Simpson's Volcano Worshipper's Hour, Dan Ramteke's dear departed The Ramteke Incident, or Chris Esposito's much missed Hub-Bub City.

I'm also responsible for Skinny Puppy and Related Project FAQ and Litany (thanks, Scott) and recently completed a Master's Thesis on Raymond Scott.

Special thanks to Scott Graham, Jon Wayne, and Hero Lady for their charitable banner graphic assistance.