What's New

Added updated Worlock video info courtesy of Rachel S.
Added official lyrics for Assimilate
Updated lyrics to Morphous. Yep.
Still plugging away at Tear Garden...
Added radio banner to front page
Fixed some lingering problems with Last Rights tour page
Updated lyrics and notes for Morphous
Added lyrics for Scared
Added lyrics and notes for Hatekill
Added lyrics and notes for Poison Mouth
Fixed ChemTale page
Fixed Tweeter Blower link in Charlie's Family
Corrected lyrics for White Stuff
Added lyrics for Mitsou
Added lyrics for Empty Day
Added lyrics for Lyin on the Floor
Added lyrics for Too Many Steps to the Door
Added lyrics for No Lessons Learned
Added lyrics for Dig Me Cold
Added lyrics for My Shit Behooves Me
Added Worst of the Flu
Added lyric and live info to Center Bullet
Corrected lyrics in Inquisition
Corrected lyrics in Dig It
Corrected lyric in Killing Game
Changed email address (eternal thanks to Michael Reece for going above and beyond)
Added song info for SunnyPsyOp
Added song info for Back and Forth Six. Work continues on The Tear Garden section. Look for it hopefully before I finish my degree.
Finally added the Last Rights tour page!
Added Download song info and Pigface dates to chrono
Added sample info and link to Far Too Frail
Added Puppy Gristle Dissection
Added Doubting Thomas info, a new FAQ version, and some more Hilt stuff
Added Asphole and fixed some broken links thanks to Andy "the only guy who read the Hilt stuff" Gowans
Long overdue Hilt section added with lyrics for most songs
Lot's 'o' little things. Nothing special.
Added Doomsday CD info
Updated chronology
Added lyrics for Mutual Mortuary's Hateless Insanity and Shadow Gods
Updated lyrics for The Pit, Quiet Solitude, K-9, Sore in a Masterpiece, and Dead of Winter
Added some info to Last Call in the notes section
Brought the Welt album over to the new format and added its songs to the songlist
Added new nifty version of Chronology
Fixed Welt lyrics a bit
Added long-lost inside liner of Back and Forth series 1, recovered from my old PC
Updated Chronology
Added FAQ v5.1
Fixed a few broken links etc. (thanks to Paul Pasquesi)
Ghost of Each Room review added a few days ago
Added lyrics for Sparkless
Updated The Choke lyrics slightly
Updated Killing Game lyrics
Updated Left Handshake lyrics slightly
Added 'info' for Overdose and Try to Try. Hopefully one day we'll know if they actually exist (thanks to Xon for pointing out the omission).
Fixed Dead Lines link in Bites page (thanks to Hebbs for pointing out the error).
Added info for Haunted, including sample source.
Holy shit, I'm actually upgrading this thing! I've been working on this particular thing for months and it's finally sorta done. Check the lyrics and annotations page to see the new format for the big bloated amalgamation puppy info. The new format so far only extends to actual Skinny Puppy material. The other projects will be adapted soon. Please check it out and let me know what you think.
Added Dark Features review, links to where you can watch Worlock, and other shit
Two nifty additions to the artwork page
Two new Hilt discoveries: sample source for Get Out of the Grave, Alan and the source of the lyrics to the female vocal part of Birdwatcher
Added Kollabaris page and review
Added page for Welt, including lyrics
Minor fix in v4.71 in FAQ
Added version 4.7 of the FAQ
Fixed other shit
Added new, still incomplete version of the Chronology 
Tweaked lyrics to Three Blind Mice, Assimilate, and added Burnt with Water
Lots of cosmetic changes, still in development
Reviews added for Effector and Welt 
Added version 4.5 of the FAQ, with some updates regarding ohGr 
Added some links for ohGr to the front page. 
Removed the contact information for Tim Gore Fund as it appears to be out of date. If anyone out 
there knows Tim's current status and/or the current contact info for his recovery fund, please email me. Best wishes as always, Tim. 
Reworked some mechanics of the front page. Let me know if there are viewing problems. 
Updated lyrics and added sample info to Dig It, as well as track times to Mind:TPI 
Updated the Worlock video section 
Added the Artwork section 
Added more to the Chronology 
Added page for Spasmolytic and updated pages for VIVIsectVI, Rabies, and TDP. 
Added review of Crystal Mass, as well as pages for it, Effecor, and Journey to the Center... 
Added version 4.4 of the FAQ featuring a few small corrections 
Added an unfinished version of the chronology for feedback 
Added version 4.3 of the FAQ (minor changes only) 
Updated the history 
Updated the lyrics to Last Rights 
Another year. Hit "rewind". 
Added updated history (almost done...) 
Experimenting with a new format for the front page that should eliminate some problems and decrease load time. 
Added the next upgrade of the history 
Added some long overdue lyrics to Bites as well as some samples 
Added a page for The Tear Garden EP 
Added the first part of the History 
Added annotations for The Process 
Updated the transcription of Ode to Groovy, thanks to Sevorg. 
Added a small footnote to my review of Wild Planet, cos' I think I fucked up my interpretation of the bass in Toooly Hooof. Don't tell. 
Added notes to Last Rights 
Added notes to Too Dark Park 
"Five years, stuck on my eyes..."
Made the front page slightly less shitty 
Added page for Inquisition, lots of little fixes and links elsewhere. 
Transcribed The Tear Garden's Things That Go Bump In The Night from Wild Planet 
Updated pages for Wild Planet, Music For Cats, The Infidel, and Rabies 
Added FAQ v4.2 (A confirmation from Martijn de Kleer and minor updates) 
Added a page for The Infidel 
Added review of Wild Planet and a page for Wild Planet (the latter incomplete). 
Added Reviews page, first off: End of Days (which gets its own page as well) 
Added FAQ v4.1 
Added page for Worlock Video 
Added some new release info to the front page 
Added Rabies annotations 
Added VIVIsectVI annotations 
Added Dig It annotations 
Added Addiction annotations 
Added Cleanse, Fold, and Manipulate annotations 
Hey, this link was published in a book! Check Scott's News page for more info. To whomever compiled that book: thanks. 
Added some notes and annotations to Orange pony and worked on the lyrics to Yellow Sunshine off the same EP 
Version 4.0 of the FAQ is now up. 
I goofed and misspelled Todd's last name. If it's any consolation, Todd, I'm an utter moron. 
I also misspelled some other recent things on the index page. Don't tell anyone or they will take away my "Anal" award. 
We'll miss you, Al. 
Added page for Chainsaw 
Added Yo Pusface 
Added a try-out link thingee to the front page 
Added the annotations to Mind:TPI 
Minor corrections to Bites 
Added some minor changes to Orange Pony and Green Love 
Added first draft for Morpheus lyrics and notes. 
Added some new notes to the lyrics page. 
Lyrics for Assimilate added 
Back and Forth series 2 info/annotations 
Page for Bites added (info only, no lyrics yet) 
Remission info updated 
FAQ v3.9 added 
A new idea I am tossing around has been added to the site as a trial for one song, Smothered Hope. Check it out and let me know what you think. The plan is to (hopefully) have info like that for the entire catalog, cross referenced. 
FAQ v3.8 added 
Front page changes 
FAQ v3.5 added, some slight fixes etc. and 'new to this version' now included 
FAQ v3.4 added, now with numbered index system. 
Also new slightly less repellent front page art. 
Some minor additions to Amputate and the last bit of dialogue in Spahn Dirge as recommended by glttrghoul@cs.com 
Added updated versions of Two Time Grime and Fascist Jock Itch 
Hilt's Baby Fly Away, Get Stuck, and Septic have been added 
Brap's live version of Choralone has been added, as has been a Brap page 
Ode To Groovy has been added 
Some pretty poor attempts at the second half of Orange Pony have been added. 
We Miss You, Dwayne 
Added some new contributions to Dig It from an anonymous source 
Added the first half of Hilt's Orange Pony EP 
Added lyrics for Circustance and a long overdue update to Scrapyard 
Added v3.1 which includes some minor changes. 
Added v3.0 beta of the FAQ. Please note that this is a somewhat rough around the edges version. More work needs to be done and in some cases there may be spelling and formatting errors as well as downright unfinished sections and changes. Please excuse this and bear with me. As always, please send feedback. 
Also, what songs should I work on next...? 
Added a page for Music For Cats 
Updated VX Gas Attack, Human Disease, and a bit to Yes He Ran 
Added a page for Hilt's Call the Ambulance album, two songs there so far 
Increased the width of the background. Does this help anyone in reading the text? 
Added Chainsaw, Cage, Brak Talk, Bark, and laHuman8 
Also added Yes He Ran (sort of) and the backwards message in Sleeping Beast 
Removed singles from releases page (re-organization) 
New FAQ coming... 
Added Dig It and updated One Time One Place a bit 
Added some lyrics for Mind:TPI and Get Down (RevCo) 
Lot's of updates! Check the Rabies and Back and Forth series 2 lyric sections 
Also fixed some nagging things with the front page. 
Added v2.5 of the FAQ. 


Added Too Dark Park lyrics 


Added VIVIsectVI lyrics 


Added v2.0 of the FAQ, now with lemon fresh scent. 


Added some backgrounds, tweaked some random things... 


Added v1.9 of the FAQ. 


Added v1.43 of the FAQ. It includes some updates and changes as well as some spelling corrections. 
Added a counter to the front page. 


Added v1.42 of the FAQ. 
Changed the layout of the FAQ so that it all aligns properly and fits in one screen in the Browser. Let me know if you still see any problems. 
I'm working on a better system to notify of question updates, so you don't have to read through the whole FAQ every time. Bear with me... 


Added v1.4 of the FAQ 

  • 9-1-97

Morphed the page into the combo FAQ and Lyric Archive. The most current version of the FAQ is v1.3. 
Joined the Skinny Puppy Web Ring. 
Updated the lyrics to Kill To Cure.
Tweaked the Remission lyrics page.

  • 8-31-97

Added most of the Rabies lyrics and more to Last Rights. More to come shortly 

  • 5-16-97

Added first draft of a transcription of Kill To Cure. Let me know what you think. 

  • 5-14-97

As you can probably tell, this page is still in its infancy. Everything is not finished yet, but hopefully, all the lyrics will be up soon. In the meantime any contributions, comments, suggestions, words of praise, cash, or checks are welcomed. Any comments on the layout would be extraordinarily helpful, as I'm still playing around with it. You can contact me at coreygoldberg@monmouth.com Thanks for your interest! 

Future plans include sections for related bands such as Download and the Tear Garden and, of course, more Skinny Puppy transcriptions