Special note: The existance of this page is due largely to Artmaker, who both discovered and contributed much of the material. This page was begun, at Artmaker's suggestion, to allow this material to be shared despite the lack of his own webspace.

Skinny Puppy - Back and Forth series 1

The figures on the Back and Forth series 1 artwork (below) are, to quote cEvin Key,  "actual artists accounts of alien lifeforms who may have visited this planet and were sighted by many earthlings." Note the initials.

Skinny Puppy - Remission

George Tooker's The Subway (below), a portion of which is seen in the artwork of Remission and Back and Forth series 2. The painting was done in egg tempera on panel in 1950 and measures 18" x 36". It is currently in the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. Thanks to Artmaker for the image and information.

'Skinny Puppy - Digital Brap

Brap was originally released in Europe without the multimedia portions and with a version of Left Handshake. The inclusion of this track was unauthorized and Brap was reissued as Digital Brap, now with the multimedia material that was on the North American version and without Left Handshake. For this issue, the typical digipak packaging was housed in a new box with some exclusive artwork by Dave McKean. Check out the cover of the box below, courtesy of 3v07U+10n4Ry.

Download - The Eyes of Stanley Pain / Sidewinder

These photographs were taken by Artmaker, who discovered the true Stanley Pain in Ye Olde Curiosity Shop in Seattle. Sylvester is the preserved corpse of a man who was shot in the desert. His resemblance to the face of the covers of The Eyes of Stanley Pain and Sidewinder is remarkable and it is most likely that Dave McKean used a photograph of him as source material. Note the similar teeth, the matching 'mole' beneath the left eye, the shape of the mustache, etc.

Skinny Puppy - Track 10

Artmaker discovered that this frontispiece of the comic book Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 10 (1991, Epic Comics) by artist John Rheaume (below, left) is the source of the image on Skinny Puppy's Track 10 (below, right).

ohGr - Welt

Welt was released in a limited edition of 2000 copies in a special package signed by Ogre. Ogre wrote a variety of different words and phrases in these, including a few special surprises like the doodle below courtesy of its owner, Scott Baker, and the scanner, Bill Piper.