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The Skinny Puppy and related project FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is a document which (hopefully) provides the answers to all the common questions about Skinny Puppy and all of the various related projects. It also (again, hopefully) serves as a primer for Puppy newbies, and as a definitive source of information for die-hard fans. Skinny Puppy is the name in the title merely as a matter of convenience. The FAQ is intended to be a source of information for all projects involving cEvin Key, Nivek Ogre, and Dwayne Goettel. 

Please keep in mind that while I try to keep the information in the FAQ as accurate as possible, it is by no means to be considered an "official" source for Puppy info. If you do have anything you'd like to add, comment on, help out with, or just complain about, please e-mail me at .

All of the lyrics and sleeve graphics present on this page are copyright their respective authors and are merely reproduced by me. The text of 'the Skinny Puppy and related project FAQ' is written and maintained by Corey Goldberg (with noted sections by Nettwerk Productions). Page design and additional graphics by Corey Goldberg 

Thanks to and help from: 

Everyone thanked in the FAQ and reviews, SKUMM, the web ring, Sevorg, Kiwi Media for the Ogilvie font, FFreddy, Imminent, Drugg Pico, all other transcribers, Nettwerk and Nettweb, Varese Sarabande, cEvin Key for his generous assistance and info, and of course Skinny Puppy and all involved with it and the various other projects to which this page pays tribute. 

Extra special thanks to the authors of the lyrics: Nivek Ogre (thanks also for making the Process lyrics available), Al Nelson, Edward Ka-Spel, Mark Spybey, and Genesis P'Orridge. 

Dedicated to the life and music of Dwayne R. Goettel.

Corey Goldberg

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