Dec 20, 2013 Cop+ 3.2.0 Officially Released

Works on IPCop 2.0.3-2.0.6  Possibly on later releases in the IPCop 2.0.x series.
Fixed incompatibility with update accelerator on ipcop 2.0.3
Removed ipcop 1.4.x suppport.
Got rid of false "error" messages when downloading blacklists.
Minor bug fixes.

Mar 8, 2011 Cop+ 3.1.0 Officially Released

Works on IPCop 1.9.16 and probably IPCop 2.0 when released. Also works on IPCop 1.4.15 or later.
Various usability improvements to the GUI.
Changes made to "noblacklist" list are put into effect immediately.

Aug 12, 2009 Cop+ 3.0.2 Officially Released

Fixed the carriage return bug in the GUI causing DG to ignore some config settings.
Latest version of Dansguardian
The "noblacklist" feature now works properly. Domains you put in the noblacklist file will be stripped from any blacklists you are currently using during the download process.
Log viewer improved. You can see who is using the Bypass function and for what pages.
Ident and other authentication methods are off by default. GUI allows you to turn them on. This avoids the problem with windows firewall causing sloooow web browsing.

June 26, 2009 Cop+ 3.0.1 Officially Released

A major rewrite, including Much newer version of Dansguardian, support for three filter groups and compatibility with Advanced Proxy addon.

Jan 8, 2008  Cop+ 2.2 Build 3 Officially Released

- Bugfix -- Some settings couldn't be changed from the GUI due to file permissions.
You should uninstall Cop+ 2.2 build 2 and install build 3
or you can fix it manually at the console. Do these 2 commands:
chown -R nobody:nobody /var/ipcop/proxy/*
chown -R nobody:nobody /etc/dansguardian

Jan 2, 2008  Cop+ 2.2 Build 2 Officially Released - Compatible with ipcop 1.4.15 and later. (but not earlier versions!)

- Same as RC1 except:
    * fixed bug where Dansguardian sometimes didn't restart after a blacklist download
    * Changed blacklist randomizing function so it uses less memory and runs much faster
  (Cop+ 2.2 Build 1 was never publicly released, in case you were wondering)

Dec 3, 2007  Cop+ 2.2 release Candidate 1 Released

Cop+ 2.2 is a minor upgrade with bugfixes. Still using Dansguardian
Features added:
- Compatible with ipcop 1.4.15 and later. (but not earlier versions!)
- Blacklists are randomized upon downloading. (Dansguardian wasn't restarting with the latest sorted Blacklists from
- Now Compatible with Update Accelerator (
- For folks using web authentication feature, sites in the Dansguardian exception site list are now allowed out for everyone without username/password.
- minor bug fixes including the problem with some Dansguardian configuration changes not taking effect upon restarting Dansguardian.

July 20, 2005  Build 1 of Cop+ 2.1 Released

- Dansguardian restart method improved. Restarts of the content filter are now transparent to the users or a very brief interruption. (Initial startup of DG after installing or IPCop reboot is still 10+minutes on a 300Mhz machine.)
- Improved Filtering of Google images and cached pages using Philip Pearce's DG patch
- Improved Dansguardian Phraselists thanks to Fernand Jonker
- Fixed problem with duplicating iptables rules on Dial-up or PPPoE internet connections
- Minor Dansguardian Log viewer improvements & bug fixes.

April 29, 2005   Build 2 of Cop+ 2.0 released

Replaced uninstall program. The uninstall program in the beta and build1 of Cop+ 2.0 was corrupting

April 26 2005 - Cop+ 2.0 for IPCop 1.4.4 and later released

Includes DG
No longer includes autoupdates or ad blocking with hosts file entries
Dec 20 2004 - Update 1 build2 is on sourceforge. It fixes the following:
   Cop+ will reapply itself after IPCop patches are installed. You only need to reboot IPCop after installing the IPCop 1.4.x upgrade.
    All the ad servers (6930 of them!) will appear now if you use IPCop GUI Services > Edit Hosts.
    Autoupdates now works.It will apply ipcop patches as well as future Cop+ updates automatically if you leave it turned on.
    The Content filter log posix bug is fixed
    The Dansguardian Log will now rotate.
    The Dansguardian config files are now included in IPCop backups. You can restore them if you need to do a reinstall.
    Fixed minor security issue in dansguardian log viewer.