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As someone who has been grading comics for over 25 years I am personally more comfortable employing letter grades as opposed to the more recent trend toward numerical grades.  The primary reason for this is that I associate letter grades with reading, collecting and treasuring comics while I associate number grades with investing and speculating in comics.  Be that as it may, it is only my opinion-- and a highly subjective one at that.  I can certainly understand others feeling differently and see the value in the numerical grading system and so am here providing a key whereby you may convert my letter grades to their numerical equivalents.

letter number
M 10.00
M- 9.9375
NM/M 9.875
NM+ 9.75
NM 9.5
NM- 9.25
VF/NM 9.00
VF+ 8.50
VF 8.00
VF- 7.50
F/VF 7.00
F+ 6.50
F 6.00
F- 5.50
VG/F 5.00
VG+ 4.50
VG 4.00
VG- 3.50
G/VG 3.00
G+ 2.50
G 2.00
G- 1.67
f - G 1.33
f 1.00
p - f 0.50
p 0.00
And for any of you who might be novices to comics collecting, here's a key to the letter grades in plain English:
M Mint
NM Near Mint
VF Very Fine
F Fine
VG Very Good
G Good
f fair
p poor

As to a detailed explanation of these grades, I would refer anyone who would like a greater understanding to read the section on grading that is contained in every edition of the Overstreet Price Guide, which is available at practically any comic book store in America.  Copies of this edition (2001-2002) are available from the Copacetic Comics Company for $12.00 postpaid.  You can order a copy over the  phone or by email.  We accept all major credit cards.


All books are priced strict Overstreet Price Guide, based on the 2001-2002 edition.

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