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On August 1, 2001 we purchased a collection of over 2600 comics from the original owner.  With the exception of a hundred or so comics dating from the early 1950s, the entirety of this collection dates from 1955 to 1961.  There were great runs of practically every children's comic book title published during this period.  While as of this writing (20 June 2005) more than half of the collection has been sold, the other half remains for sale and continues to represent a great opportunity and an excellent value.  Despite the fact that the 2005-2006 Overstreet Price Guide has now been released, we have kept the prices on this collection strictly based on the 2001-2002 edition of Overstreet -- at what are now four year old prices.

Every comic has been carefully graded in strict accordance with Overstreet standards.  The majority of the comics in this collection have great eye appeal.  Nevertheless, most of the comics have received grades in the VG range.  The reason for this is edge browning.  More than half of the comics in this collection exhibit inside front cover and/or inside back cover edge browning.  In the vast majority of these cases it is between 1/4" and 1".  Somewhere between 10% and 20% of the books exhibit front cover and/or back cover edge browning, in almost all cases between 1/8" and 3/8".  The interior pages of the entire collection remain, with a few duly noted exceptions, supple and ranging in color from white to tan, with the majority in the cream to light tan range.  Many, but far from all, of the books exhibit interior pages with with a slight darkening towards one or more of the edges.  To be sure, there are quite a few comics that managed to hold up under close scrutiny and stay in the Fine to Mint range, but these are the exceptions rather than the rule.  In addition there are, naturally, many comics lacking in eye appeal that receive the same grade that a first glance would indicate.

All comics in this collection have been individually paged and are guaranteed complete.

Comics from different publishers used different paper stocks and printing processes and as a result the reaction of the paper to storage conditions varies between comics from different comics publishers.  In general, the Dell comics in this collection seem to have held up best, but there are cases among the Dells where spine splitting, or hints of it, have occurred. These cases are, of course, duly noted and taken into account during the grading process.

I have over 25 years experience grading comic books and believe that the comics in this collection-- as well as all other collectibles sold by the Copacetic Comics Company-- have been scrupulously graded and fairly priced.  Should you, however, be unhappy with any of the books you receive for any reason, there is no need to fret as satisfaction is guaranteed on all orders (click here for details).

All books in the collection have been gently cleaned and placed in 2 mil Mylite sleeves along with acid-free 24 mil backs (with 3% calcium buffer); both manufactured by E. Gerber Products.

Should you have any questions, whether about the collection as a whole, about a particular book or books, or about store policy or any other concern you may have, please do not hesitate to get in touch by email or telephone.   I will be happy to assist you.


Bill Boichel

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