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Taschen Cinema Series
•Federico Fellini     •Alfred Hitchcock     •Stanley Kubrick

What promises to be an exciting new series gets off to a great start with these three volumes devoted to three of the greatest directors in the history of film.  Each 192 page, 8" x 10"flexi-covered  volume contains a biography, a filmography, and delves into each of the director's classic films.  What sets these volumes apart from the countless other volumes devoted to these same directors, however, is the amazing abundance of fantastic images each contains:  from classic film stills to never before seen behind-the-scenes photos, to rare family and personal snapshots, these books offer a  real treat. A highlight is the inclusion of several pages of shots from the famous deleted original ending to Dr. Strangelove that involved a gigantic free-for-all cream-pie fight in the War Room.

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Prime Time Animation:
Television animation and American Culture
edited by Carol A Stabile and Mark Harrison
From The Flintstones to The Simpsons, this 12-essay volume explores prime time made-for-television animation, from its early heyday in the 1960s through to its resurgence in the 1990s.  Topics addressed include:  the relation between earlier made-for- cinema animation and the later made-for-tv product; the role of animation in the businesses of broadcast and cable television networks; the links between animated characters and brand image; and the perspectives of various fan communities on their beloved programs and characters.  Worthy of note: co-editor Harrison is a former Ph.D. candidate at the University of Pittsburgh, and, before relocating to Indiana to teach, was an occasional Copacetic Customer.
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The Place of the Audience:
Cultural Geographies of Film Consumption
by Mark Jancovich and Lucy Faire, with Sarah Stubbings
This may seem like an arcane topic, but it isn't.  It's all about how and where and when and with whom you watch movies shapes your experience of the film you are watching as well as its meaning and significance.  Covering the history of film consumption from the earliest screenings, up through the DVD renting present, this volume offers much on a topic that has heretofore been largely ignored.
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A Long Hard Look at 'Psycho'
by Raymond Durgnat
Yes, here it is:  an entire 250 page treatise accompanied by over 150 film stills devoted entirely to mining what may very well be the richest film text in history: Psycho.  The summation of the long career of one of the world's most distinguished film critics, A Long Hard Look itself  deserves a long hard look.
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And here's a classic that we neglected to bring to your attention earlier:

revised edition
Not only is this without doubt the greatest and most important interview in the history of cinema studies -- of Alfred Hitchcock by fan-turned-pro Francois Truffaut --  but it lays a strong claim to being the single greatest interview ever published, regardless of subject or topic.  This oversize trade paperback edition runs 366 pages and is chock-a-block with film stills and frame blow-ups, as well as behind the scenes photos.  The bulk of this book consists of a transcription of interviews that were completes during 1962.  There is, in addition, a follow-up interview from 1967 as well as a section written by Truffaut shortly after Hitchcock's death in 1980 that covers Hitchcock's last films. 

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Finally, don't forget to explore our offering of the truly spectacular BFI Film Classics Series.

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