Truer Than True Romance
by Jeanne Martinet
w/ the aid of the classic DC romance comics bullpen

This book is a very funny send-up of the classic DC romance comics (from the late '50s through the  '60s, along with one or two from the '70s thrown in for good measure).  What Ms. Martinet does in this book is take a selection of classic DC comics romance stories and remove the original dialogue and replace it with updated dialogue of her own.  The real thrill for many, however, will be just to gape at the classic comics art.  This is the exact material that Roy Lichtenstein drew from in his giant ben-day dotted canvases that were basically blow-ups of archetypical panels.  There's some great art here, and it is given the deluxe treatment in this high quality 8" x 11" collection.  While purists will doubtless object, the added layer of the dialogue being rewritten to reflect contemporary sensibilities without in any way altering the actual visual narrative of the images and their arrangement make the revisiting of these classic comics a multi-faceted pleasure.  It's really quite a bit of fun to follow the new narrative unfold within the classic conventions; you really don't know where it's going, or how it's going to end.  One of the best examples of dialogue substitution we've ever come across.  Makes a great gift to the right person capable of appreciating the humor.  

To check it out it more detail, including a few sample pages, visit the DC hosted hype page.

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