Top Shelf, that spunky young upstart from Georgia, is publishing a unique blend of independent comics work from North America, the UK , Australia, and New Zealand.  We're pleased to be able to offer their trade publications at 15%- 20% below retail, as well as a selection of their comics for 10% off.

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by Jeffrey Brown
retail price - $10.00 - copaceticprice -  $8.50

by Jeffrey Brown
retail price - $14.95 - copaceticprice -  $12.70

I Am Going To Be Small
by Jeffrey Brown
retail price - $5.00 - copaceticprice -  $4.50

Be A Man
by Jeffrey Brown
retail price - $3.00 - copaceticprice -  $2.70

by Jeffrey Brown
retail price - $12.95 - copaceticprice -  $11.00

Miniature Sulk
by Jeffrey Brown
retail price - $8.00 - copaceticprice -  $6.80

aeiou (any easy intimacy)
by Jeffrey Brown
retail price - $12.00 - copaceticprice -  $10.00

Every Girl Is the End of the World for Me
by Jeffrey Brown
retail price - $8.00 - copaceticprice -  $6.80

I Am Going To Be Small (GIANT 384-page edition)
by Jeffrey Brown
retail price - $14.00 - copaceticprice -  $11.90

A Complete Lowlife
by Ed Brubaker
retail price - $12.95 - copaceticprice -  $9.70

Alec: How to Be an Artist
by Eddie Campbell
retail price - $13.95 - copaceticprice -  $11.85

Alec: The King Canute Crowd
by Eddie Campbell
retail price - $14.50 - copaceticprice - $12.30

Alec: Three Piece Suit
by Eddie Campbell
retail price - $14.95 - copaceticprice -  $12.70

Tales of Woodsman Pete
by Lilli Carré
retail price - $7.00  copacetic price - $5.95

Grandpa and Julie: Shark Hunters
by Jeff Czekaj
retail price - $14.95 - copacetic price -  $12.70

Abe: Wrong for all the Right Reasons
by Glenn Dakin - retail price - $14.95 - copacetic price -  $8.95 ¡special!

The Soap Lady (hardcover)
by René French - retail price - $19.95 - copacetic price - $15.95

The Ticking (hardcover)
by Rene French
retail price - $19.95 - copaceticprice -  $16.95

by Matt Kindt & Jason Hall - retail price - $14.95 - copacetic price - $11.95

Banks Eubanks
by Tom Hart - retail price - $9.95 - copacetic price -  $7.95

Collected Hutch Owen - Volume 1
by Tom Hart - retail price - $14.95 - copacetic price -  $8.95 ¡special!

Daydream Lullabies: Billy Dogma
by Dean Haspiel - retail price - $7.95 - copacetic price -  $6.75

The Octopi and the Ocean
by Dan James - retail price - $6.95 - copacetic price -  $5.55

What a Long Strange Strip It's Been (a K Chronicles compendium)
by Keith Knight
A little bit Harvey Kurtzman and a little bit Jules Feiffer mix together with an urban black sensibility to create The K Chronicles, a one of a kind satirical strip that ran (still runs?) in and a bunch of indy weeklies.  This volume collects strips charting the dawn of our new millenium.  David Eggers has this to say:  "[Keith Knight] deals with so many issues with both gravitas and such a light touch, while never missing a chance at a cheap laugh.  This is the work of a master."
by Keith Knight - retail price - $12.95 - copacetic price -  $11.00

American Elf: The Collected Sketchbook Diaries of James Kochalka, October 26, 1998 to December 31, 2003
By James Kochalka
with an introduction by Moby (in comics form!)
THUD!  That's the sound this book makes when dropped under the tree.  It's a big, fat book, and it will take awhile to go through it. This volume collects all four of the original sketchbook diaries, PLUS a whole extra year, AND has a bonus 32 page (16 in the front, and 16 in the back) color supplement of all new material.  The Sketchbook Diaries are a unique work and this collection is a great value.  To learn more, visit our Kochalka Sketchbook Diary Page.  Over the past five years James Kochalka's Sketchbook Diary -- apearing as American Elf on the web -- has been quietly creating a revolution in the daily comic strip form every bit as important as that of Schulz's Peanuts  fifty years earlier.  Really.
retail price - $29.95  copacetic price - $25.00

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Three Fingers
by Rich Koslowski
retail price -$14.95 copacetic price - $11.95

Speechless oversize hardcover
by Peter Kuper
retail price -$19.95 copacetic price - $12.95 ¡special!

by Josué Menjivar - retail price - $12.95 - copacetic price -$9.95

Big Clay Pot
by Scott Mills - retail price - $12.95 - copacetic price - $4.95 ¡special!

by Scott Mills - retail price - $15.95 - copacetic price - $12.75

From Hell
by Alan Moore & Eddie Campbell - retail price - $35.00 - copaceticprice - $29.75
A Disease of Language
Disease of Languageby Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell
When this book first came in, it sold out before we had a chance to list it here, but now we've restocked and would like to bring your attention to this spiffy hardcover volume that collects several unique works reuniting the team that brought us From Hell, one of the most challenging graphic novels ever produced.  The feature attractions here are the The Birth Caul and Snakes and Ladders. Both of these works originated as performance pieces (!) by Alan Moore that were then released as CD recordings.  These CDs were then transcribed and transformed by Eddie Campbell, making for comics unlike anything you've ever seen.  Supplementing these works are a lengthy interview with Alan Moore conducted by Eddie Campbell, and a set of preliminary drawings by Eddie Campbell for Snakes and Ladders.  This work really deserves a look.
retail price - $19.99  copacetic price - $17.99

  Lost Girls
The Lost Girls

by Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie
"For more than a century, Alice, Wendy and Dorothy have been our guides through the Wonderland, Neverland and Land of Oz of our childhoods. Now like us, these three lost girls have grown up and are ready to guide us again, this time through the realms of our sexual awakening and fulfillment."  So states publisher Top Shelf in their announcement of the release of this much anticipated work, over a decade in the making.  ADULTS ONLY.
retail price - $75.00  copacetic price - $60.00

Voice of the Fire (note: this is a novel)
by Alan Moore
retail price - $26.95 - copacetic price - $21.55

Box Office Poison
by Alex Robinson
retail price - $29.95 - copacetic price - $23.95

BOP: More Box Office Poison
by Alex Robinson
retail price - $9.95 - copacetic price - $7.95

by Alex Robinson
retail price - $19.95 - copaceticprice -  $14.95 ¡special!


by Andy Runton
Owly finally finds a permanent home in the first Owly trade paperback from Top Shelf.  This 160 page volume offers newcomers a chance to find out what buyers of the self-published (and Top Shelf distributed) Owly minis have been discovering over the last year:  Owly is one of the cutest and most endearing characters existing in that ephemeral reality constructed in lines on paper.  The two Owly adventures herein collected -- The Way Home and The Bittersweet Summer -- are related entirely in pictures; but while the characters that populate the similarly pantomimic work of Jason and Kriek (see below) tend to delve a bit into the shadows of the human psyche, Runton's Owly -- ironically, considering the animal that is his name sake -- is of an indefatigably bright disposition and never fails to direct his feet to the sunny side of the street.  This is one strip that is guaranteed to chase those blues away.  It's only a matter of time until the Owly plush dolls start rolling off the production lines.   Hmm,  wonder where we'll put ours...
retail price - $10.00  copacetic price - $8.95

Owly - Just a Little BlueOwly: Just a Little Blue
by Andy Runton
Owly's back in this his second full-length graphic outing.  Just a Little Bit Blue is basically a parable of
Christian charity in the guise of a cute funny animal comic, and it successfully accomplishes its task.  As with all Owly comics, there is no dialogue or narration.  The only text appears in a sign that's tacked on the wall of a shop visited by Owly during the course of the narrative; for the remainder of the story, the visuals alone are relied upon to carry the story forward -- although there is an occasional recourse to communication through symbols and eidetic recollection.  Many comics claim to be "suitable for all ages," but Owly really and truly is:  any child old enough to hold a book can get something out of this, and we'd be hard pressed to imagine any parent anywhere on the planet who could find something to object to in this comic book.
retail price - $10.00  copacetic price - $8.95

Owly: Flying Lessons
by Andy Runton
retail price - $10.00  copacetic price - $8.95

Hey Mister: After School Special
by Pete Sickman-Garner - retail price - $7.95 - copacetic price - $ 6.35

Hey Mister: Celebrity Roast
by Pete Sickman-Garner - retail price - $9.95 - copacetic price - $ 7.95

Hey Mister! The Fall CollectionHey, Mister: The Fall Collection
by Pete Sickman-Garner
You want funny?  Look no further:  This book will make you laugh.  Like Peter Bagge's Hate, but smarter and more brutal in its judgments on this dysfunctional society of ours, and with a distinctive flavor all its own, this is a comic for people who see past the façade as a matter of course.  Hey, Mister takes sarcasm to new heights.  It makes us think of the Monty Python episode, the "Piranha Brothers," in which a fearful and trembling thug played by Michael Palin relates how Doug Piranha was the most terrifying gangster he had ever encountered because of the deft manner in which, "he used... sarcasm." And the bitterness, oh, the bitterness!  The Fall Collection is the Guernica of bitterness.  This volume is without doubt the best (and, sadly, the last; at least to date) Hey, Mister collection.  Work-a-day America has never been stripped so completely naked as in these pages.
retail price - $12.95  copacetic price - $9.95

Creature Tech
by Doug TenNapel
retail price - $14.95
copacetic price - $12.70

Good-Bye Chunky Rice
by Craig Thompson - retail price - $14.95 - copacetic price -  $12.70

Blankets by Craig Thompson
The Big Book -- comics-wise -- of 2003?  Probably.  One thing is for certain:  Blankets is a job well done.  It is a work that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of the degree of their familiarity with the comics medium.  This is a great book to share with people who aren't familiar with and/or don't understand the appeal of comics, as well as those who still associate comics only with superheroes.  That said, it is nevertheless true that appreciation of this work will be heightened by those whose intimacy with comics is greater as Thompson really demonstrates a studied mastery of the medium.  All in all, Blankets is a tresure, and worthy of the general recognition it has received as the most significant major work of comics since Chris Ware's Jimmy Corrigan, The Smartest Kid on Earth.
retail price - $29.95 copacetic price - $25.47

Carnet de VoyageCarnet de Voyage: Travel Journal, Volume One
by Craig Thompson
Well, this book is much more that we hoped for when first hearing of it.  It's an impressive 224 page softcover trade.  The cover has French flaps and is printed on a nice textured stock.  It's the contents, however, that are the real surprise.  Carnet de Voyage is a finely balanced blend of journal and sketchbook that -- importantly -- manages to successfully integrate comics into the mix.  Looks good!
retail price - $14.95  copacetic price - $12.70

Conversation 1Conversation
by Craig Thompson and James Kochalka
Speak of the devil!  Here they are again:  Kochalka and Thompson.  This time, however, they present their first ever collaboration; and it's an interesting one.  In forty-eight 5" x 5" pages -- each co-written and co-drawn by both Kochalka and Thompson --  Conversation discovers yet another use for comics:  that of carrying on the classical form of the dialogue, in the tradition of Socrates and Confucius.  While the level of the dialogue in Conversation might not quite reach the hallowed heights of the founders of the form, it nevertheless represents a successful translation of the form's essentials, and provides a glimpse of what comics can  bring to the table.  Recommended!
retail price - $4.95  copacetic price - $4.44

Conversations 2Conversation #2
by Jeffrey Brown & James Kochalka
The follow up to last year's Conversation between Kochalka and Craig Thompson, this time around it's a veritable clash of the titans as Brown and Kochalka square off and then go around and around round after round on the subject of a life of comics as work as a job as a meaning of life in comics.  The question of whether comics are more properly defined as shit or vomit is parsed as well, with Kochalka and Brown taking up opposite positions on the matter.  It's clear that Kochalka  dominates the debate, but Brown gets in a few good ones in this combination pen & ink slug fest/Socratic dialogue.  It's a good idea for a comic book and so far so good.  We're looking forward to the next installment.
retail price - $4.95  copacetic price - $4.44


Top Shelf #1
This series edited by Brett Warnock has been running for over a decade and is well worth looking into.  We still have a few copies left of this inaugural issue.
1994 • 32 pages • B & W
retail price - $4.95 copacetic price - $4.45

Top Shelfr 5Top Shelf #5
This series edited by Brett Warnock has been running for over a decade and is well worth looking into.  There are many early works by now familiar creators, along with rare outings by lesser lights that rarely got a chance to shine.  Each volume is an excellent value.  This issue includes the work of Frankie Sirk of Hobo Mojo Productions, Dylan Williams, Dave Lasky, James Kochalka (a one-pager), Jennifer Daydreamer, and many others.  The highlight is the excellent "Closing Time," by Rich Tommaso.
1997 • 80 pages • B & W
retail price - $6.95 copacetic price - $5.55

Top Shelf 6Top Shelf #6
Another super deal, this issue features plenty of really prime early work by the likes of Pete Sickman-Garner, Matt Madden, Frankie Sirk, James Kochalka, Craig Thompson, Marc Bell, Warren Craighead and many more.  This is a great place to see what these guys' early work looked like.
1998 • 80 pages • B & W
retail price - $6.95 copacetic price - $5.55

Top Shelf 7
Top Shelf on Parade
More fabulous early outings here by Ron Rege, Jr., Jason Little & Myla Goldberg, Shannon Wheeler, Pat Moriarty, Dean Haspiel, Fawn G., Sam Henderson, Rich Tommaso and more.
1999 • 96 pages • B & W, 16 pages Duo-Tone (Blue) & 16 pages Duo-Tone (yellow)
retail price - $6.95 copacetic price - $5.55

Top Shelf 8Top Shelf Under the Big Top (#8) 
Brett takes it to the next level with this one.  A big 176 pages, including 16 pages in full color by the Israeli comics collective, Actus Tragicus , and lots of duo-tone, Top Shelf Under the Big Top ranges far and wide.  Highlights include a 32-page multi-part epic comic-within-a-comic by Josh Simmons, "Operation Blue Dream" by Mack White and "Standard Deviation" by Jeff Johnson.  There's also more early work by Craig Thompson, Dylan Williams, Jeff Levine,  Marc Bell, Dean Haspiel, Matt Madden and more!
2000 • 176 pages • B & W, duo-tone & full color
retail price - $14.95 copacetic price - $7.95  ¡special!

Top Shelf 9Top Shelf Asks the Big Questions(#9)
And we saved the best for last: This 336 page anthology  is one of the best ever assembled.  It has a little bit of everything.  Highlights include a Peanuts tribute featuring Ivan Brunetti, Chris Ware, and Seth, among others; a 40-page supplement of Swiss comics; a full-color story by Alan Moore and Melinda Gibbee that was originally done for one of the ABC titles, but that DC refused to run;  and our personal favorite, the 22-page mini-epic, “The Screen Door Slams” by Kevin Quigley.  Also included is work by James Kochalka, Renee French, Jason, a long piece by Mack White that might just be the most enjoyable work he has ever penned, and many, many others.  Full color French-fold covers by Tomer Hanuka enclose this mighty tome that is now available at a truly awesome discount.
retail price - $24.95 copacetic price - $19.95

Actus Tragicus Box (#5) - retail price - $31.95 - copacetic price - $25.55

Happy End
by Actus Tragicus
retail price $21.95 - copacetic price - $17.55


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