Thor®: Godstorm
a three-issue limited series

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If you're one of those people who scan the comics racks and can't help but think, "They sure don't make comics like they used to,"  then you must have missed the three issue series, Thor : Godstorm.  Magisterially written by Kurt Busiek, with its stunning scenes magnificently penciled by Steve Rude and complemented by the stately and assured inks of Mike Royer, all shown in their best light by the pan-tone extravaganza provided by colorist Greg Wright and bolted into place by letterer John Costanza, this tale of Asgard and Midgard has every hallmark of the classic Lee-Kirby era Thors and then some.  While the caveat must be stated that several aspects of the gender roles embodied in this series, for better and for worse, are for all practical purposes no longer with us, the sense of patrimonial tradition provided by not just the stories themselves, but also by the manner in which they are conveyed, will be most comforting and encouraging indeed to the soul of any long suffering comics fan.  No comic book series in recent memory does such a fine job of conveying the meaning and importance of the continuity of values through generations as Thor : Godstorm.  Heroic fantasy simply doesn't get any better than this.

Each issue is 32 pages long, printed on glossy stock with NO ADS, and sandwiched between heavy cardstock covers. The retail price for each issue is $3.50.  The Copacetic Price - $3.15@, or the entire three-issue set for $8.95.

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