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PLEASE NOTE:  These editions have been replaced by new, "remastered" editions with improved printing and lots of great bonus features*, which we are offering for sale HERE.

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By Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin
(with a little help along the way from Peter Milligan, Alan Grant, Andy Pritchett, Philip Bond, Phil Gascoine, and now... Ashley Wood!)
Titan Books
7" x 10" • 128 pages @ • full colour

The original run of the greatest two-dimensional counter-cultural heroine in the history of the Commonwealth is available between two covers once again.  Starting out as a featured attraction in the quasi-legendary,  British comics-n'-culture mag, Deadline, before being put into a four issue mini-series published by Dark Horse here in the States, and then on into a set of single-volume collections, much as the ones that have now been reissued, Tank Girl is an experience not to be missed.  Ultimately, she ended up in Hollywood in a movie that -- of course -- didn't do the character justice; but at least they tried.

If you sold your originals and have regretted it ever since, if you always wanted to read it but never got around to it, or you know someone who's day would be brightened by a visit from the woman warrior from down-under, your day is has arrived.


The Cream of Tank GirlThe Cream of Tank Girl
by Jaime Hewlett and Alan Martin
This is a great big and beautiful hardcover volume that will be a guaranteed treat for any and all Tank Girl true believers.  Its primary achievement is to recreate the bonhomie of the good ol' days back at Deadline UK, where Tank Girl was the toast of the town and fun was the word of the hour.  Most if not all of the fabulous Tank Girl covers are here, along with most of the Hewlett work that was produced for its pages that never made it into any of the Tank Girl collections.  Also included are a select scattering of photos
carefully calibrated to give readers that "you-are-there" feeling.  And speaking of feelings, a distinct feeling -- almost a  tangy taste -- of "we're never going to grow up and you can't make us" thoroughly permeates the proceedings here.  Bonus material includes a complete storyboard for an unproduced Tank Girl animation by Hewlett, along with the beginnings of what was to be Hewlett and Martin's follow-up to Tank Girl, "The 16s."  This was imagined as a Peanuts-like continuity strip, but it was, alas, not to be, and this volume closes out with a look at what might have been.
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PLEASE NOTE: For sale to mature lasses & lads only (A contradiction in terms, we know.  But isn't that what Tank Girl's all about?)

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