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by Gilbert Hernandez

Two years in the making , Gilbert H.'s all new graphic novel for Vertigo is an allegorical tale of a suburban teen who wills himself into a year long coma, waking up a year later unchanged except that he is now the anti-Flash -- the world's slowest teen; the embodiment of sloth.

The publisher states that Sloth is a "surrealistic romantic drama in the spirit of David Lynch," but we rather hope that it will be in the spirit of Gilbert Hernandez, whose body of work is more than strong enough to stand on its own (of course, we realize that the publicist is operating on the doubtless true assumption that there remain comics readers out there who may not be familiar with Gilbert's work and that it is these readers that are being wooed; but still, this is GIlbert Hernandez we're talking about, one of the all time greats!) has a six page preview here (just click on the "next" tab to advance to the next page).

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