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Sturgeon White Moss # 1 - 6

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It's taken us a while to get around to importing this fine anthology series from London, England, and we apologize for our sloth in this regard, but we've finally taken the necessary steps and have secured a starter stock of the entire run, and plan on obtaining future issues as they are published.

This series features a host of alternative favorites that will be familiar to adventurous American comics readers, such as Marc Bell, Matt Broersma, Jeffrey Brown, Ivan Brunetti, Charles Burns (hmm, it seems the editors are partial to the letter B...), Dave Cooper, Sophie Crumb, Marcel Dzama, Tom Gauld, Jason, Xavier Robel and others.  In addition, many excellent talents who will be unfamiliar to most American readers are on hand as well.  Sturgeon White Moss is a rare treat for the comics cognoscenti.  Please keep in mind that each issue is a limited edition of 1000 copies, only a fraction of which make it stateside:  once they're gone, they're gone!

To see a bit more of what's on offer, visit the White Moss Press website.

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And if you're not one to mess about, and you're ready to take the plunge, we're offering the entire set of six for the price of five; i.e -- the last one's on us  copacetic set price - all six issues for $43.75

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