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We've gone out of our way to highlight this series because we want to make sure that all of our customers are aware of it and so have the opportunity to take advantage of this tremendous value.

Produced on a semi-regular schedule in London, England, each of the Proper Records Box Sets contains four CDs and a booklet of 40 to 68 pages in length.  Each CD is packed to its limit, so every set holds close to five hours of music -- which in most cases translates to around 100 individual tracks.  And what music!  High quality mastering accompanies an extremely discerning selection of the finest recordings of popular music of the first half of the 20th Century.  While the focus is on Jazz -- and let’s face it:  that’s where the majority of the best music was being made (or at least recorded) during the period 1900 -1955 -- there is nevertheless quite a variety to choose from:  the great male and female vocalists, swing, blues, bluegrass, country & western, celtic, ska, gospel and more; with new additions coming every few months or so.  And everything is good, especially the price. Through the combination of employing several different sources and increasing our volume, we are currently able to offer each set for the copacetic price of only $29.75 per box!

Here’s an alphabetical list of all the boxes currently available for sale (parenthetical comments are ours):

SPECIAL NOTE:  You may now purchase Proper Boxes 1 through 134 directly over the web (payments through PayPal) from The Proper Box Zone at Copacetic 2.0., our new 24/7 eCommerce site.  We'll add the more recent Boxes as soon as we can.

PROPERBOX70  Roy Acuff   King of Country Music 
PROPERBOX157  Cannonball Adderly  'Dis Here' ¡NEW!
PROPERBOX24  Louis Armstrong    Satchmo in the Forties (THIS IS IT!)
PROPERBOX93  Louis Armstrong   King Louis  (ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY)
PROPERBOX67  Eddy Arnold   Eddy's Song
PROPERBOX57  Mildred Baily   Mrs. Swing
PROPERBOX84  Chet Baker   The Early Years
PROPERBOX19  Count Basie    The Count Basie Story
PROPERBOX18  Sidney Bechet     The Sidney Bechet Story (HOT!)
PROPERBOX66  Bix Beiderbecke   The Bix Beiderbecke Story
PROPERBOX121  Tony Bennett   Young Tony
PROPERBOX132  Art Blakey  The Prime Source
PROPERBOX112  Earl Bostic   The Earl Bostic Story
PROPERBOX86  Clifford Brown   Joy Spring 
PROPERBOX59  Milton Brown   Daddy of Western Swing
PROPERBOX90  Dave Brubeck   Time Was
PROPERBOX141  Cab Calloway & His Orchestra  This Is Hep
PROPERBOX127  The Carter Family   Country Folk 
PROPERBOX68  Benny Carter   The Music Master
PROPERBOX158  Serge Chaloff Boss Baritone ¡NEW!
PROPERBOX133  Ray Charles  The Way I Feel
PROPERBOX98  Charlie Christian   The Original Guitar Genius
PROPERBOX161  Sonny Clark  Sonny's Conception ¡NEW!
PROPERBOX120  Kenny Clarke   Klook's the Man
PROPERBOX31  Nat King Cole    Cool Cole, The King Cole Trio Story (MAX SUAVE)
PROPERBOX34  Bing Crosby    It's Easy To Remember
PROPERBOX17  Miles Davis    Young Miles
PROPERBOX105  Doris Day   Sentimental Journey
PROPERBOX138  Fats Domino  The King of New Oreleans Rock 'n' Roll 
PROPERBOX69  Roy Eldridge   Little Jazz Trumpet Giant
PROPERBOX25  Duke Ellington    Masterpieces, 1926-1949 (AWE INSPIRING)
PROPERBOX74  Ella Fitzgerald   Romance and Rhythm
PROPERBOX116  Ella Fitzgerald   Dearly Beloved
PROPERBOX107  Red Foley   Hillbilly Fever
PROPERBOX119  Lefty Frizzell   Give Me More, More, More
PROPERBOX62  Slim Gaillard   Laughing In Rhythm (VOUT OREENEE!)
PROPERBOX52  Stan Getz    The Sound
PROPERBOX30  Dizzy Gillespie     The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (TOP BOP)
PROPERBOX109  Benny Goodman   The Essential BG
PROPERBOX16  Dexter Gordon    Settin' The Pace
PROPERBOX55  Wardell Gray   The Wardell Gray Story
PROPERBOX115  Woodie Guthrie   Some Folk 
PROPERBOX118  Bill Haley   From Western Swing to Rock
PROPERBOX160  Joe Harriott  The Joe Harriot Story ¡NEW!
PROPERBOX117  Tubby Hayes   The Little Giant
PROPERBOX12  Lionel Hampton     The Lionel Hampton Story (JUMPIN')
PROPERBOX20  Wynonie Harris    Rockin' The Blues
PROPERBOX14  Coleman Hawkins    The BeBop Years
PROPERBOX15  Woody Herman    The Woody Herman Story
PROPERBOX58  Johnny Hodges   The Jeep is Jumpin'
PROPERBOX26  Billie Holiday    The Lady Sings (A REASON TO LIVE)
PROPERBOX111  John Lee Hooker   The Boogie Man
PROPERBOX63  The Hoosier Hot Shots   Everybody Stomp
PROPERBOX123  Lightin' Hopkins   Texas Thunderbolt
PROPERBOX154  Howlin' Wolf  The Best of (3 CD + DVD)
PROPERBOX106  Mahalia Jackson   Come to Jesus
PROPERBOX126  Milt Jackson   Bags of Soul
PROPERBOX49  Illinois Jaquet   The Illinois Jaquet Story
PROPERBOX81  Lonnie Johnson   The Original Guitar Wizard
PROPERBOX5    Spike Jones and his City Slickers    Strictly for Music Lovers
PROPERBOX47  Louis Jordan    Jivin' with Jordan
PROPERBOX13  Stan Kenton    The Stan Kenton Story
PROPERBOX1    Gene Krupa     The Gene Krupa Story (THE MAN!)
PROPERBOX148  Leadbelly The Definitive 
PROPERBOX45  Peggy Lee   The Peggy Lee Story
PROPERBOX108  Peggy Lee   Miss Wonderful 
PROPERBOX125  Jimmy Lunceford   Strictly Lunceford
PROPERBOX48  Machito and His Afro-Cubanos   Ritmo Caliente
PROPERBOX104  Dean Martin   Young Dino
PROPERBOX23  Glenn Miller     The Golden Years, 1938-1942
PROPERBOX77  Charlie Mingus   The Young Rebel
PROPERBOX101  Thelonious Monk   Monk's Moods
PROPERBOX113  Jelly Roll Morton   Doctor Jazz
PROPERBOX96  Gerry Mulligan   Jeru
PROPERBOX11  Fats Navarro    The Fats Navarro Story
PROPERBOX21  Anita O'Day     Young Anita (SASSY)
PROPERBOX46  Charlie Parker   Boss Bird (KLACTOVEESEDSTENE!)
PROPERBOX99  Charlie Parker   Chasin' the Bird
PROPERBOX151  Charlie Patton   The Definitive (3 CD + DVD)
PROPERBOX134  Les Paul & Mary Ford  In Perfect Harmony
PROPERBOX94  Oscar Peterson   Piano Power
PROPERBOX35  Edith Piaf    Love and Passion
PROPERBOX153 Charlie Poole  The Essential
PROPERBOX22  Bud Powell     Tempus Fugue-It (CLASSY)
PROPERBOX137  Elvis Presley  The Tupelo Mississippi Flash
PROPERBOX156  Louis Prima  Buono Sera  ¡NEW!
PROPERBOX53  Django Reinhardt    Swing de Paris
PROPERBOX92  Shorty Rogers  West Coast Jazz
PROPERBOX124  Sonny Rollins   Sax Symbol 
PROPERBOX131  Ronnie Scott  Boppin' with Scott
PROPERBOX159  Phil Seamen  Seamen's Mission ¡NEW!
PROPERBOX85  Artie Shaw    The Artie Shaw Story
PROPERBOX40  George Shearing    From Battersea to Broadway
PROPERBOX33  Frank Sinatra    All Or Nothing At All
PROPERBOX78  Bessie Smith   Chattanooga Gal
PROPERBOX139  Jimmy Smith  Electrifyin'
PROPERBOX87  Sons of the Pioneers   My Saddle Pals and I
PROPERBOX36  Jo Stafford    Yes Indeed!
PROPERBOX65  Sonny Stitt   Sax O' Bop
PROPERBOX130  Maxine Sullivan   It's Wonderful 
PROPERBOX60  Art Tatum   Piano Grand Master
PROPERBOX80  Jack Teagarden   Big "T"
PROPERBOX51  Sister Rosetta Tharpe   The Original Soul Sister
PROPERBOX73  Mel Torme   Jazz and Velvet
PROPERBOX64  Lennie Tristano   Intuition
PROPERBOX54  Ernest Tubb    The Texas Troubadour
PROPERBOX89  Big Joe Turner   Shout, Rattle and Roll
PROPERBOX155  Various Artists  Larkin's Jazz ¡NEW!
PROPERBOX150  Various Artists  Roots of Bob Dylan (3 CD + DVD) 
PROPERBOX149  Various Artists  Roots of Led Zeppelin (3 CD + DVD)
PROPERBOX147  Various Artists  Little Red Book of Protest Songs
(3 CD + DVD)
PROPERBOX146  Various Artists  Rare Rock 'n' Roll Rampage
PROPERBOX145  Various Artists  Little Walter and the Kings of the Blues Harmonica
PROPERBOX143  Various Artists  Rockin' Memphis
PROPERBOX142  Various Artists  Steelin' It: The Steel Guitar Story
PROPERBOX140  Various Artists  With My Little Ukelele In My Hand
PROPERBOX135  Various Artists  Rock 'n' Skiffle: Brit Beat Beginnings
PROPERBOX129  Vaious Artists   The Cosimo Matassa Story 
PROPERBOX128  Various Artists   Gypsy Jazz
PROPERBOX122  Various Artists   Classic Rockabilly
PROPERBOX114  Various Artists   Squeeze Me - The Jazz & Swing Accordian Story

PROPERBOX110  Various Artists   The Louisiana Hayride Story
PROPERBOX103  Various Artists   From Boppin' Hillbilly to Red Hot Rockabilly
PROPERBOX100  Various Artists   We're Gonna Rock, We're Gonna Roll

PROPERBOX95  Various Artists   Blazing Bluegrass
PROPERBOX91  Various Artists   Cajun Capers: Cajun Music 1928-1954 
PROPERBOX88  Various Artists   Jazz in Britain 1919 - 1950
PROPERBOX83  Various Artists   Stompinn' Singers & Western Swingers
PROPERBOX82  Various Artists   Jazz at the Philharmonic
PROPERBOX79  Various Artists   Doo-Wop Delight
PROPERBOX76  Various Artists   The Arranger's Touch
PROPERBOX75  Various Artists   Swinging Hollywood Hillbilly Cowboys
PROPERBOX72  Various Artists   Kings of Komedy
PROPERBOX61  Various Artists   The Big Horn
PROPERBOX56  Various Artists   Swing Tanzen Verboten: Swing & the Nazi Era
PROPERBOX50  Various Artists   Hillbilly Boogie (TWANGIN')
PROPERBOX44  Various Artists   The Dawn of Doo-Wop
PROPERBOX42  Various Artists   Good News: 100 Gospel Greats (GET THE SPIRIT!)
PROPERBOX29  Various Artists    Bluegrass Bonanza
PROPERBOX28  Various Artists    Gettin' Funky - The Birth Of New Orleans R&B
PROPERBOX10  Various Artists    Bebop Spoken Here (COOL, AS IN DEFINITIVE)
PROPERBOX9    Various Artists    Hittin' On All Six
PROPERBOX7    Various Artists    Broke, Black and Blue
PROPERBOX6    Various Artists    Doughboys, Playboys and Cowboys
PROPERBOX4    Various Artists    Deep Ska (DEEP)
PROPERBOX3    Various Artists    Farewell to Ireland
PROPERBOX2    Various Artists    The Engine Room (THE JAM!)
PROPERBOX27  Sarah Vaughan    Young Sassy
PROPERBOX41  Charlie Ventura   Bop for the People
PROPERBOX38  T-Bone Walker    The Original Source
PROPERBOX71  "Fats" Waller   Handful of Keys
PROPERBOX43  Dinah Washington   The Queen Sings
PROPERBOX102  Muddy Waters   King of Chicago Blues
PROPERBOX152  Muddy Waters  Steppin' Stone (3 CD + DVD)
PROPERBOX97  Chick Webb    Stomping at the Savoy
PROPERBOX37  Ben Webster    Big Ben
PROPERBOX39  Hank Williams    Hillbilly Hero
PROPERBOX32  Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys    Take Me Back To Tulsa
PROPERBOX8    Lester Young    The Lester Young Story

¡NEW! - The Proper Deluxe Box Set Series

As best we can tell, this series is simply a revival of the jewel-box format of the first 83 Proper Boxes.  In every way they are identical to the rest of the Proper Boxes (4 discs; 5+ hours; 48 - 64 page booklet; etc).  The boxes do display a seal, however, that states, "Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set."  So, perhaps, these boxes have smaller print runs than the standard Proper Boxes, and will not be kept available
, as the Proper Boxes (generally) are, but allowed to sell out.  We'll let you know if/when we find out more.  Here are the first of the "Deluxe" Boxes:

Proluxe 5001   Buddy Rich   Strike It Rich 

Proluxe 5002   Oscar Pettiford   Oscar Rides Again 


Proper Box Set Series:

copacetic price - $29.75

ordering info
SPECIAL NOTE:  You may now purchase Proper Boxes 1 through 134 directly over the web (payments through PayPal) from The Proper Box Zone at Copacetic 2.0., our new 24/7 eCommerce site.  We'll add the more recent Boxes as soon as we can. 

A Note on Availability: Every effort is being made to keep the entire Proper Box Series available for immediate shipping at all times.  However, from time to time temporary holes may appear in our stock.  Should it occur that you request a particular box which we are out of stock of at that moment, we will contact you as soon as it is back in stock.  Current stock status is listed below.

Actual Availability (we'll update this as often as possible) as of 30 November 2011:
All Proper Boxes are currently in stock except:   33, 38, 50, 56, 66, 71, 79, 81, 91, 98, 128 & 144

A SPECIAL UPDATE ON THE PROPER BOX SERIES FORMAT: Beginning with Proper Box 84, Proper Records adopted a new compact format for the Proper Box series.  In addition, each time a particular box sells out of stock, it will be reissued in this format (as about half have been so far).  This new format eschews the bulky, petro-chemical consuming jewel case and opts instead for an LP-style jacket to hold each of the four CDs (just so there's no confusion:  there are four LP-style jackets -- one for each disc).  The booklet design has not been affected, but it is 1/2" narrower than originally; however, the quality of paper stock has been improved and there has been, on average, an increased page count for the booklets, so rest assured that there is no skimping going on.   What we have here is a new and improved format that will provide you with the same amount of music with the same high quality and with equal if not superior support materials, but will use less resources to manufacture and -- importantly, as these are made in England -- cost less to ship, enabling us to continue to offer these at the same amazingly low price.  And, as an added bonus, they will take up less than half the space on your shelves at home!

UPDATE ON THE PROPER BOX SERIES FORMAT #2A:  Proper Box numbers 147 through 155 are slimmed down even further and – in most, but not all cases –  contain 3 CDs and 1 DVD instead of simply 4 CDs as had all previous boxes.  Begining with Proper Box 156, the format returns to the above format that it had beginning with Proper Box 84, with the notable exception that the booklets have – so far, since returning to this format with PB 156 – all been 20-24 pages each; leaner than previously.


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