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Taking Out the Trash/
Trash Talking (DVD)

Tomorrow's TV today!  Clear your mind and get ready to wrap it around this DVD of Paper Rad video zaniness that just came in.  The "Pittsburgh, PA/Northampton, MA collective that has bubbled under the elastic waistline of the world’s slacks for over a decade" presents
"This DVD that includes lots of ephemera filling every color on the PANTONE wheel, but also including the recurring Alfe character in a brand new (never aired) TV Pilot. Also included will be the ultimate PAPER RAD “Guide to CD-ROMS” - essential knowledge for jammers everywhere. 60 minutes in all!"  If you don't have any idea what we're talking about here, but think it sounds kind of interesting, you might want to check out the trash talking trailer on YouTube.  Paper Rad, on DVD.  'Nuff said.  Well, maybe not -- we can't help but add: it's a deal!

retail price - $15.98 
price - sold out (SORRY!)

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