Or Else #4Or Else #4

by Kevin Huizenga

This issue of Or Else checks in at a big 100 pages.  It's squarebound and the page size is now "digest size," which is larger than the last two issues, which were "mini comic" size.  The theme this time around seems to be nature in society, a sort of turning of the tables.  One of the classic themes of literature has always been "man vs. nature."  But, in today's day and age, it seems, that this battle has been won, that it's "old hat." It's more like "nature vs. man" with nature as the challenger, or nature in the world of man, struggling for a place in a world gone man!  There is in this issue, as in all issues of Or Else, plenty of food for thought, a feast in fact!

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Learn more about Or Else and other work by Huizenga, here.

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