The Film Noir Classic
DVD Collection: Volume 1
featuring: (drum roll please...)
The Asphalt Jungle
Murder, My Sweet
The Set-Up
Gun Crazy
Out of the Past
(cymbol crash)

These are all classics, but both Gun Crazy and Out of the Past are in their own category, sin qua nons of noir.  Gun Crazy is the best of all the "Bonnie and Clyde" themed films which center on the relationship between sexual obsession and violence; and Out of the Past, well... Out of the Past is possibly the apotheosis of film noir.  It's the film that has it all and says all there is to say.  And what's more, it has Robert Mitchum's finest role (or should we say, roles).

And the truly amazing thing about this box set is the price.  These DVDs will be sold individually for $19.95 each -- the standard Warner Brothers price -- but check out the price on this 5-DVD box! This is one of the greatest bargains in the short history of the DVD format.  Don't miss it!

Learn more about these films, and see the individual box art at this DVD Times page.

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