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New for September 2016

LD Libby's Dad
by Eleanor Davis
Never one to rest on her laurels, Ms. Davis has once again headed out into new territory, thematic as well as technical, in this 40 page, full color comic book.  Superficially the tale of an all-girl suburban sleep over pool party at the home of the divorced father of one of the girls – the titular character – Libby's Dad is a multilayered and multileveled tale of the porous border between innocence and ignorance.  Set firmly in the present, Davis pithily portrays contemporary mores and cogently addresses contemporary concerns in her presentation of both story and setting, yet manages to evoke timeless narratives that echo – albeit indirectly – biblical themes, specifically that of the Garden of Eden and the fear of an angry and wrathful God.  Davis accomplished these evocations in large part through the visuals, in her choices of what is depicted as well as the manner, materials and mode through which she she realized these depictions.  Her primary choice was to execute Libby's Dad entirely in colored pencil, with no black line.  Complementing this was her decision to dispense with panel borders, which makes for organic amorphous panel-to-panel transitions within and between each page.  These traditional linguistic signs of the ink line and the panel border both serve limiting and controlling functions which are traditionally related to patriarchal values.  Davis’s decision to eliminate them paradoxically calls more attention to the theme of patriarchy, which is woven through the tale, by virtue of their absence, and simultaneously serves as a subtle and suggestive counterpoint, an allusion to the values that are excluded from the patriarchy, which is also directly referenced in an image of Libby’s mom.  Additionally, as the cover image amply illustrates, images of vegetation are a significant aspect of the diegesis and serve to create a pronounced garden motif which can – and should – be read here as a sign for the Garden of Eden.  It is an Eden that the girls in the story are, evidently, in no hurry to depart from.
retail price - $8.00  copacetic price - $7.25

GoF Garden of the Flesh
by Gilbert Hernandez
The etymological base-root of the word genesis is the Greek word for "be born or produced."  In Garden of the Flesh, a handy, 96-page, full color comic book with debossed leatherette cover, Gilbert Hernandez follows etymology and goes back to the base-root of genesis in his depiction of practices involved in bringing about "being born or produced," in his take on the first fifth of the book of Genesis (roughly 2: 7 through 9: 1).  He wants to remind readers just what the Lord means when s/he proclaims, "Be fruitful and multiply."  Doubtless, most readers will have their own ideas about this, and many will find themselves questioning the likeliness of the acts herein depicted, but most will just take it for what it's worth, knowing that that's what "artistic license" is all about, and that depictions of scriptural events have throughout history commonly reflected the then current norms of the society and culture which produced them, and that there is no reason to expect our era to be any different in this regard.  As our society and culture finds itself permeated with pornography at this historical juncture, it should come as no surprise to find that popping up in representations of scripture at this time.  And, any reader who has a difference of opinion is granted an Artistic License of their own by virtue of their residing in the USA, and so is welcome to go out and create, publish and disseminate their own particular point of view (as Chester Brown has done-- and he lives in Canada! – along with, of course, R. Crumb in his complete comics adaptation of the Book of Genesis, and Basil Wolverton, with his idiosyncratic take on aspects of both the Old and New Testaments, most notably the Book of Revelations re-imagined as a nuclear holocaust), should they feel strongly about it.  Here in this volume, readers have the option of exploring Gilbert Hernandez's point of view.  And, lest the meaning of what's in store here escape anyone reading this, please note that Garden of the Flesh is a publication intended for, and the sale of which is limited to, ADULTS ONLY. 
retail price - $12.95  copacetic price - $11.75

LDoF The Longest Day of the Future
by Lucas Varela
The power of images to communicate is amply demonstrated in the pages of The Longest Day of the Future.  Lucas Varela simultaneously constructs and communicates an entire future society predicated on a projected subsuming of national political systems into that of corporate business, one in which corporate icons dominate personal identity and brand loyalty trumps all.  This is accomplished entirely without words, in this 120 page full color pantomime graphic novel that was originally published in France.  There is more, of course, to this work than simply the construction of a future society.  There is also its deconstruction which is set in motion by a crash-landed alien and his very special briefcase...  Fans of Jason's savvy genre tales are sure to enjoy Varela's creation, as are any who enjoy savoring the communicative power of images in sequence.
retail price - $24.95  copacetic price - $21.75

retail price - $12.00  copacetic price - $12.00


Arab of the Future, Volume 2

by Riad Sattouf
The second volume in the eye-opening Arab of the Future graphic memoir of growing up in the Middle East and Europe has arrived.  Riad Sattouf created a gripping portrait of his early years in Syria and Libya in the first volume.  We imagine we're not alone in looking forward to digging in to this second volume...
retail price - $26.00  copacetic price - $22.75


by Dash Shaw
Here's the hardcover edition of Dash Shaw's take on this contemporary phenomena.  This volume collects all extant Cosplayers stories from Cosplayers #1 & #2 along with the story that appeared as the second half of Hip Hop Family Tree "Three-In-One",  which was, more or less, #3,  and combines them into an integrated whole that includes a brand new story wherein the protagonists flirt with "the big time" (you can probably guess how it turns out, but we're not going to tell you!).  Suffice it to say that the latest from Dash Shaw has arrived.
retail price - $22.99  copacetic price - $20.00


Real Deal Comix
by Lawrence "Raw Dog" Hubbard & H.P. "R.D. Bone" McElwee
Back in 1990 when the first issue of Real Deal Comix was released on the world, who thought that the day would come when it would be collected in a deluxe hardcover volume complete with debossed, gold foil logo?  Well, arrive it has and we have it!  Real Deal Comix has just been collected by Fantagraphics in this 160- page edition which collects all issues from the original 1990s run, and a new story prepared especially for this volume, along with a couple of previously unpublished rarities and an interview with Lawrence "Raw Dog" Hubbard, himself!
retail price - $29.99  copacetic price - $25.75

CN Cheap Novelties
by Ben Katchor
YES! The book that announced Ben Katchor's special genius to the world, Cheap Novelties is at long last back in print in this fabulous hardcover edition from Drawn & Quarterly that will go quite nicely on the shelf next to Katchor's other great works, such as Julius Knipl, Real Estate PHotographer, The Beauty Supply District, and The Cardboard Valise.  Katchor has the uncanny ability to use comics to reveal the past that lies latent in the present, how the lost can be found right in front of your eyes if you only look at it... just so.  These revelations are made possible by the inherent qualities of the comics medium, and, of course, by Katchor's deep understanding of the capacities of these qualities to work on the memory and the imagination of the reader, to mix and blend the two and so synthesize a unique "reality" that, in some important ways, is more real, than that perceived solely by the senses.  
retail price - $22.95  copacetic price - $20.00

KK34 LOAC Essentials Presents: Krazy Kat 1934 - The Complete Dailies
by George Herriman
OK, here's a treat:  the complete run of Krazy Kat dailies from 1934, reproduced full size, on high quality newsprint, in a chunky, horizontally formatted hardcover volume from IDW's Library of American Comics Essentials series.  This is the same format as the two Baron Bean collections that IDW released over the last couple years, that we know at least a few Copacetic customers picked up.  Recommended!  <>HC • B&W • 328 pages • 12″ x 4.25″
retail price - $29.99  copacetic price - $26.75


I'm Supposed to Protect You from All This
by Nadja Spiegelman
Who knew?  The daughter of Art Spiegelman and Francois Mouly has penned a memoir about her relationship with her mom -- and her mom's relationship with her mom, and how it all fits together.
retail price - $27.00  copacetic price - $23.75


Born to Run
by Bruce Springsteen
Yeah, yeah, we know:  You already bought it; you pre-ordered it the second you heard it was coming out.  We put this up for the one person who didn't know about it.   Now you know!
retail price - $32.50  copacetic price - $28.75

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New for August 2016

Z1Z2Zona #1, 2 & 3
edited by Frank Santoro
We've finally negotiated an allotment of this new, unique, handcrafted series from Comics Workbook that is put together right here in Pittsburgh.  The premiere issue features a hand pulled silkscreened cover printed -- on both sides! -- in red and black, with an added yellow layer on the front cover only, on heavy stock.  In the first issue you'll find four ten-page B & W stories (each with their own "cover" -- or frontice piece, in the case of Frank Santoro):  untitled by Frank Santoro; "a resting place" by Harry Moyer; "Homesick" by Gabriella Tito; and "Drongo Culture" by Jack Brougham.  Each of these stories takes its own approach to the form, and each is rewarding.  The new-to-us talent of Jack Brougham, with his innovative use of the grid and solid chops displayed in "Drongo Culture" was a particular treat.  Comics Workbook switches things up with the second issue. Here we have a single, full-length comics piece that looks just like something that you would find in a comics workbook.  In the twenty-two, full color pages that make up this issue, Frank Santoro has prepared what is in effect a "behind-the-scenes" look at the Comics Workbook techniques (pat. pend.) that employ a limited color palette to convey mass and spatial relations, and in combination with more traditional blackline, character and action.  It is a demonstration of the visual shorthand underlying completed comics that you normally don't get to see, one that efficiently transitions visual ideas onto paper so that they can then subsequently be built up into a finished product.  This issue will be of primary interest to practicing comickers, story-board artists, and the like; to get an idea of how to visualize narrative progressions.  The third issue of Zona returns to the format of the first -- but with a twist.  As with Zona #1, #3 contains four ten-page stories by four different artists, each with its own "cover", making for 44 pages of art total. Z3The issue leads off with "Gulls" by Kurt Ankeny in full color, followed by "Alabaster Trees" by Jacqueline Huskisson, "Caught in the Light" by Paddy Lynch and finishing up with "Guilt Came Along" by Tyler Landry, all in black and white.  Huskisson and Lynch work with the official Comics Workbook grids, with Huskisson mixing it up between 9-panel and 8-panel grids, while Lynch sticks with the 8-panel grid throughout, while Ankeny and Landry both opt for the three-tieir page, with Ankeny keeping the center tier of each page as a single, full-width panel, and breaking up the top ad bottom tiers into two or three panels, respectively, for a 3-1-2 beat, while Landry holds it steady throughout with a straight run of three panel pages.  If the issue has a theme, it appears to be relationships -- but there is quite a breadth to the variety of interpretations on this theme on display in the pages of this issue.  And then there's the cover. The special twist to this issue is that each cover is an original piece hand drawn in black and blue marker (with occasional red fine-line marker highlights) by Frank Santoro.  Here too we have variations on a theme, but the theme is formal:  each cover is a head shot of varying degrees of abstraction; the latest batch are armor-like, bearing a fleeting resemblance to Iron Man, but each is a unique, original drawing.  Nice!  Each issue in the series is hand signed and numbered by Frank Santoro.  All three issues have been produced in a limited edition of 100.  Don't miss out! 
retail price - $20.00@  copacetic price - $20.00@

E5Epoxy #5

by John Pham
Now, while we're on the topic of hand crafted comics, is the ideal time to bring to the forefront this work by one of the masters of the handmade comic book, John Pham.
  Epoxy #5 shows Mr. Pham hitting new heights of intricacy in production execution.  This is actually three magazines in one:  1) a 20-page 8" x 10.5" issue of Epoxy, into which is bound 2) a 40-page 4.5" x 6.25" issue of Jay & Kay and 3) a 16-page 3" x 4" issue of Cool Magazine (into which, in turn, is bound a tiny poster and two other super-tiny inserts; whew!).  All are handmade, state of the art risograph printed employing the Phamicomic Color Process™ that can be found nowhere else.  Amazing!
retail price - $18.00  copacetic price - $18.00

DH Double-Head Tour; Tornar and Riparna
by Lale Westvind
It looks like we might as well stop beating around the bush and come right out and proclaim this "Handmade Comics Month" here at Copacetic, as here's yet another handmade wonder.  Risographed in purple ink on pink paper, with a hand screened two color cover printed on heavy cream cardstock, this is a tale found in “the museum of epics, in the city of memory.”  We are led to it by our intrepid guide, Lale Westvind, who takes us there through a very labyrinthine path indeed, one which crosses cities, continents, oceans and interstellar space – as well as psychic dimensions – and employs all manner of vehicular transport from race car to star ship, from surf board to monster truck, from beast back to energy wave:  whether it’s running from or running to, it’s all about getting from point A to point B, whatever it takes.  The actual vehicles here, however, are symbol and metaphor, rendered in a turbo-charged, quasi-draughtsman-like manner that is stylistically located in the vicinity of the somewhat obscure neighborhood of C.F. meets Fletcher Hanks.  The tale related in “Double-Head; Torvar & Riparna” is one of two souls meeting on the spirit plane while their corporal beings remain trapped in the material world, the struggles their meeting entail, and their search for refuge and, ultimately, sanctuary.  The challenge is how to convey the immaterial aspects of their spiritual correspondence onto the material plane so that it may be communicated here – and, crucially, perhaps enable readers to be transported by this communication to the spirit plane in turn, and share in this archetypal epic in the city of memory and so engage in a bit of spiritual correspondence themselves.  Readers will of necessity need to actively participate in this process in order to maintain the necessary ideational thrust to meet the required psychic escape velocity to achieve spiritual lift-off. 
retail price - $8.00  copacetic price - $8.00

SAAJ Street Angel: Alcatraz, Jr. -- Busted!!! 
by Jim Rugg & Brian Maruca
OK, one more.  This one's not only handmade, but made in Pittsburgh to boot!  Street Angel finds herself behind bars (but not for long, if we know our Street Angel) in this, her latest adventure.  Never one to shy away from a formal challenge, Rugg here has also "imprisoned" Street Angel formally in a series of grids – 4-panel, 6-panel (horizontal and vertical), 8-panel, 9-panel and even 12-panel – before "busting out" in a series of frenetic splashes and pages with borderless panels which convey Street Angel to her hard won freedom.  This is a comic book to enjoy first and then study later, to see how it's done. 32 full-color, digest-size pages of rock-'em-sock-'em action and hi-jinx humor are to be had here in this hand made, hand numbered, hand signed edition of 300 copies.  (And we hope all Copacetic customers are hep to the homage that this issue's cover is paying!)
retail price - $10.00  copacetic price - $10.00

SL Summerland
by Paloma Dawkins
Summerland is a unique piece of comics work, one which turns the typical creative hierarchy on its head, with the coloring in the dominant position, followed by the inking, then penciling, and with the scripting tacked on almost an afterthought.  The boldly inked lines are minimal yet effective in delineating the scene, and to brace the colors and let them do their stuff, and what they do here is something new.  In the pages of Summerland, Ms. Dawkins has improvised an innovative approach to color, one in which she "plays" the color scheme using tone clusters and chords, rather than the normative approach of hitting single notes and then combining them, and she does so to great harmonic effect.  It is difficult to describe the sensation that viewing these pages makes other than to say there is an immediate impression of being surrounded by color.  The tonal proximity of the wall-to-wall colors vibrate the optic nerves in ways that will serve to shatter more than one preconception about comics coloring.  We recommend that readers simply let go of their narrative processors and immerse themselves in absorbing this comic book, so as to savor the optical experience.  Here, in Summerland it's the story that's the background.
retail price - $9.00  copacetic price - $7.75

We All Wish for Deadly Force
by Leela Corman
This 88 page collection of short works by Ms. Corman is the first or her works -- that we are aware of, at least -- that is printed in full color.  It's great to reaching out in many new directions, artistic as well as thematic.  The stories here range all over the map -- both physical and emotional --  and present windows on worlds that most readers will be new to.  The stories contain personal, historical, mythical and political themes, with a special focus on Egyptian life, and all strive for empathy with their subjects.
retail price - $10.00  copacetic price - $8.50


<>by Melissa Mendes
This 160 page softcover collects the entirety of the fifteen issue Oily Comics run of Melissa Mendes's charming series that manages to effectively capture key emotional notes from both childhood and parenting.  Lou shows the inner child remaining in the parent while simultaneously revealing that inner child being channeled through the parent to the next generation; reemerging; regeneration.
retail price - $15.00  copacetic price - $13.75

King-Cat Comics and Stories #76
by John Porcellino
After his major narrative forays in The Hospital Suite and King-Cat #75's epic ode to Maisie Kukoc, John P. is in a reflective mode here.  Small snippets of walks, dreams, memories and recollections of comics-making are mixed with seasonal thoughts and interspersed with an epic selection of letters-to-the-editor, many of which specifically reference places, locations and/or experiences shared with and/or related to John P.'s own life.  Taken together these ingredients provide readers with a sense of the community that has built up around King-Cat over the quarter-century of it's existence, with John's life, art and work at it's center.
retail price - $5.00  copacetic price - $5.00

CB57Cometbus #57
by Aaron Cometbus
Cometbus 57, which is, going by the illustration on the inside front cover, the 35th anniversary issue(!), is devoted to... interviews with NYC cartoonists (and other comics industry professionals)!  Within this issues 100 pages you will find interviews with Gabrielle Bell, Robin Enrico, Jeffrey Lewis, Julia Wertz, Bill Kartalopoulos, Gary Panter, Adrian Tomine, Ben Katchor, Paul Levitz, Drew Friedman, Karen Green, Gabe Fowler, Kim Deitch & Al Jaffee!  While these interviews are not illustrated with examples of the artists' work, as is so often the case, each interview is accompanied by a portrait of the interviewee by Nate Powell (March[see below!], etc..) and the issue's comics-style wrap around cover is by Jeffrey Lewis.  Hot off the press!
retail price - $5.00  copacetic price - $5.00


Warp Wish Comix
by Nate Ward
From off the streets of Cleveland comes... the inaugural issue of Warp Wish Comix!  24, full color, magazine-size pages jammed with frenzied renderings of inner space turned inside-out and outer space turned outside in.  Think of the detailed stipplings of Basil Wolverton via Drew Friedman grafted onto a comics-universe co-created by Kaz and Dave Cooper, and you'll begin to have some idea what to expect.
retail price - $5.00  copacetic price - $5.00

March: Book Three
by John Lewis, Nate Powell & Andrew Aydin
The culminating volume in the celebrated trilogy recounting Congressman John Lewis's experiences on the front lines of the civl rights movement is the most substantial, running 246 pages.  In the pages of this third volume we experience events in Jackson, Mississippi and Selma, Alabama, as well as the 1964 Democratic Party Convention and the signing of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.  During these years, Congressman Lewis served as the Chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and was a key participant in the events recounted here.  Nate Powell's powerful visuals, inspired by the events depicted in combination with his own inner convictions, will serve to inspire readers in turn. 
retail price - $19.95  copacetic price - $17.77

YO The Osamu Tezuka Story
by Toshio Ban; translated and with an introduction by  Frederik Schodt
This manga biography of the great Osamu Tezuka runs close to 900 pages.  It's a giant red brick of a book -- talk about heft! Created by Toshio Ban under the aegis of Tezuka Productions, work on this began shortly after Tezuka's death in 1989.  Originally published in eight-page installments that ran in one of Japan's top manga weeklies for two years before being collected (more than once) and published in book form in Japan.  Finally, with the aid of some funding, it is at last being published in North America in a translation by the west's foremost Tezuka authority, Frederik Schodt, who has also penned an introduction for this edition.  This looks like a must read, it's just going to be matter of budgeting in the time; maybe reading it eight pages a week, to replicate the experience of reading it as it was originally released will be the way to go...
retail price - $29.95  copacetic price - $25.75

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New for July 2016

HHFTv4HHFTb2Hip Hop Family Tree, Book Four: 1984-1985
Hip Hop Family Tree 1983-1985 Gift Box Set

by Ed Piskor
The fourth volume of the now legendary Hip Hop Family Tree saga has arrived!  Hip Hop enters a new era with this volume as Salt-N-Pepa make the scene as does the rapper's rapper, Rakim.  Also, the era-defining  Def Jam records is launched and hip hop's center of gravity shifts westward as we are introduced to Dr. Dre and Will Smith, and Hollywood finally gets wind of it and starts to  cash in with films like Breakin’Breakin’ 2 Electric BoogalooBeat Street, and Krush Groove.  AND, for the gift box crowd, the second massive Hip Hop Family Tree Box Set has also arrived.  This time around there is no bonus exculisve -- BUT, the price is ten dollars less than the first box, SO the third and fourth volumes can be purchased together for less than apart -- and with this durable, shelfworthy slipcase thrown in!
HHFTbook4 - retail price - $27.99  copacetic price - $23.75
HHFT 1983-1985 GBS - retail price - $49.99  copacetic price - $43.75

SZ Silhouette Zine
by Jim Rugg & Jasen Lex
This hand-made piece was created by Jim Rugg and Jasen Lex for CSA PGH (Community Supported Art Pittsburgh) in 2014 in a limited, signed edition of 50 copies. It runs forty full color pages, sports a laser-cut, black card-stock cover (courtesy Lizzee Solomon of the Tech Shop), and comes with a 4 page booklet providing artist and publication information in a modified MLA style. SPECIAL NOTE: Each copy includes an original pen and ink silhouette, hand drawn by Jim Rugg! Through an arrangement with CSA PGH, Copacetic has been provided with nine copies which we are now making available here through this ONE TIME OFFER.  Anyone interested in requesting a specific silhouette drawing may email us at: copacetic at copacetic dot biz at the time of placing your order (or include the choice in a note while checking out through PayPal; if that is an option, which it should be). We encourage anyone so inclined to send us a first, second and third choice to improve the chance of snagging a drawing to your liking. While we cannot guarantee any choices, we do promise to match drawings on a first come first served basis, based on the time of payment.  We have provided a gallery of all nine of Jim Rugg's silhouette drawings (about half of which remain at the time of posting this listing) on ello, HERE.
copacetic price - $60.00

Other Selves #1
by Theo Ellsworth
Yes!  Believe it or not, according to Mr. Ellsworth, this 68-page mini-comic is but the first issue in a "mini-series" projected to run a whopping nine issues!  We got these straight from the source, and each comes signed with a micro sketch!  FUN!
retail price - $4.00  copacetic price - $4.00

SPSomeone Please Have Sex With Me
by Gina Wynbrandt
Gina Wynbrandt is back with her first book-length collection.  Here in glorious pink and blue are five terrific tawdry tales of girls going so wrong they arrive at right.  Included here are "One Less Lonely GIrl", "Tiger Beat Exclusive", "Manhunt", and the title track, "Someone Please Have Sex with Me" along with the republication of Ms. Wynbrandt's 2dCloud debut, "Big Pussy."  140 pages in all.  Lisa Hanawalt raves, "It's impossible not to fall in love with this hilarious minx as she lunges across the page, nostrils flared, hurling herself into increasingly ridiculous romantic misadventures.  Bow down to Gina as she explores what it means to be horny as hell!"
retail price - $17.95  copacetic price - $15.25

TJ Turning Japanese
by Marinaomi
Turning Japanese delivers 200+ pages of comics reportage cum memoir that depicts a personal period of an Asian-American-Californian's  intercultural experiences first in San Jose, then in Japan that lead, eventually, to transcultural understandings.  Marinaomi has in these pages created a work that's both entertaining and educational!  <>And one that has received plaudits from those best placed to make them, including Yumi Sakugawa:  "It is a tremendous blessing to read anything that comes from a skillful graphic memoirist like MariNaomi.  In Turning Japanese,   her unflinching honesty, open heart and hard-earned wisdom challenges us to embrace the unexpected detours that unfold in our own lives. The empty spaces in her minimalist artwork contain many wells of unspoken feelings that linger with you long after you finish reading her book." <>And Jason Shiga:  "The best comic about being Asian American in Japan. Like Fun Home and Persepolis, ,Turning Japanese is at once modest and grand. MariNaomi is a master of the small, intimate moments that build to a surprisingly emotional climax."
retail price - $24.99  copacetic price - $21.75

DN5 Do Not Disturb My Waking Dream #5
by Laura Park
The fifth installment of Ms. Park's popular series has arrived!  This one is filled with short, reflective narrative pieces that showcase her pithy, understated humor.  Weighing in at a mere 12 pages, the high quality of the work here will leave the reader wanting MORE!  Let's hope the next issue is already in the works.
retail price - $5.00  copacetic price - $4.00

by Andrew Burkholder
ITDN is 2d Cloud's 2016 follow-up to Burkholder's 2015 Qviet collection, yes, but the work it contains is all from 2010 to 2014, so it is actually a prequel of sorts.  The ten pieces in ITDN  reveal Burkholder as a relentless experimenter, taking different -- even opposing -- approaches to creating comics communications -- although all are focused on the inherent power of line to delineate thought -- and then heading with each in one direction after another, to discover where they may lead, which readers of Qviet already know. However, after finishing ITDN, readers will likely suspect that whatever Burkholder releases in 2017 will be something else altogether, as he is likely to keep tinkering...
retail price - $22.99  copacetic price - $20.00

AC1 AltComics #1
This 16 page risograph magazine edited by Blaise Larmee -- with Jake Terrell lending a helping hand -- is completely devoted to interviews with women comics creators in their 20s who live(d) and/or work(ed) in the NYC area:  Aidan Koch, Lala Albert, Leah Wishnia, Sab and Nou, who drew the cover for this issue.  Each of the interviews is illustrated, both with drawings by and photos of (most of) the creators.  Eschewing the standard physical magazine format, this issue is simply 8 sheets of heavy, white 7 1/2" x 10" paper, printed in blue on both sides (with red added on the front cover sheet) with a single staple through the top left corner.  Laid back in approach, this little mag nevertheless yields some engaging results.
retail price - $5.00  copacetic price - $4.50

Hellbound Lifestyle
by Alabaster Pizzo & Kaeleigh Forsyth
Here's the latest from the Retrofit / Big Planet publishing group.  Freshly flush from their recent Kickstarter funding round, they are now able to up their publsihing ante with an enhanced product line, to which fact this release amply attests. And here are the details:  "Kaeleigh Forsyth wryly observed and recorded the weird moments of her life in private notes on her phone, and now her friend Alabaster Pizzo has illustrated these secret thoughts in hilarious detail." | 72 color pages, 7x9 inches (178x229 mm), softcover perfect bound graphic novel.
retail price - $10.00  copacetic price - $8.75

ECElf Cat in Love
by James Kochalka
Retrofit / Big Planet is back! with this, their first ever hardcover release by the comicker that launched the Retrofit line nearly five years ago with Fungus, the one and only James Kochalka.  Here's the dope on his latest:  "When the incredibly conceited Elf Cat goes on a quest for the Ice Sword with his magical friend Tennis Ball, they will face dragons, magical hot dogs, snowflake princesses, and confront their feelings! If you find love in many places, can you see it when it is right in front of you?" | 100 black & white pages, 5.5x8.5 inches (140x216 mm), our first HARDCOVER graphic novel. | And, it's already garnered all these reviews!

Paste Magazine 
Broken Frontier 
The Comics Journal 
Optical Sloth 
Viaggio nello Scriptorium

And, to celebrate the return of Retrofit, we're offering this one at a get reaquianted special price!
retail price - $15.00  copacetic price - $10.00

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4Q 2010: October - December, New Arrivals
3Q 2010: July - September, New Arrivals

2Q 2010: April - June, New Arrivals
1Q 2010: January - March, New Arrivals

4Q 2009: October - December, New Arrivals
3Q 2009: July - September, New Arrivals
2Q 2009: April - June, New Arrivals
1Q 2009: January - March, New Arrivals

4Q 2008: October - December, New Arrivals
3Q 2008: July - September, New Arrivals
2Q 2008: April - June, New Arrivals
1Q 2008: January - March, New Arrivals

4Q 2007: October - December, New Arrivals
3Q 2007: July - September, New Arrivals
2Q 2007: April - June, New Arrivals
1Q 2007: January - March, New Arrivals

4Q 2006: October - December, New Arrivals
3Q 2006: July - September, New Arrivals
2Q 2006: April - June, New Arrivals
1Q 2006: January - March, New Arrivals

4Q 2005: October - December, New Arrivals
3Q 2005: July - September, New Arrivals

2Q 2005: April - June, New Arrivals
1Q 2005: January - March, New Arrivals

4Q 2004: October - December, New Arrivals
3Q 2004: July - September, New Arrivals
2Q 2004: April - June, New Arrivals
1Q 2004: January - March, New Arrivals

4Q 2003: October - December, New Arrivals
3Q 2003: July - September, New Arrivals
2Q 2003: April - June, New Arrivals
1Q 2003: January - March, New Arrivals

2002:       January - December New Arrivals

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