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New for August 2016

Z1Z2Zona #1, 2 & 3
edited by Frank Santoro
We've finally negotiated an allotment of this new, unique, handcrafted series from Comics Workbook that is put together right here in Pittsburgh.  The premiere issue features a hand pulled silkscreened cover printed -- on both sides! -- in red and black, with an added yellow layer on the front cover only, on heavy stock.  In the first issue you'll find four ten-page B & W stories (each with their own "cover" -- or frontice piece, in the case of Frank Santoro):  untitled by Frank Santoro; "a resting place" by Harry Moyer; "Homesick" by Gabriella Tito; and "Drongo Culture" by Jack Brougham.  Each of these stories takes its own approach to the form, and each is rewarding.  The new-to-us talent of Jack Brougham, with his innovative use of the grid and solid chops displayed in "Drongo Culture" was a particular treat.  Comics Workbook switches things up with the second issue. Here we have a single, full-length comics piece that looks just like something that you would find in a comics workbook.  In the twenty-two, full color pages that make up this issue, Frank Santoro has prepared what is in effect a "behind-the-scenes" look at the Comics Workbook techniques (pat. pend.) that employ a limited color palette to convey mass and spatial relations, and in combination with more traditional blackline, character and action.  It is a demonstration of the visual shorthand underlying completed comics that you normally don't get to see, one that efficiently transitions visual ideas onto paper so that they can then subsequently be built up into a finished product.  This issue will be of primary interest to practicing comickers, story-board artists, and the like; to get an idea of how to visualize narrative progressions.  The third issue of Zona returns to the format of the first -- but with a twist.  As with Zona #1, #3 contains four ten-page stories by four different artists, each with its own "cover", making for 44 pages of art total. Z3The issue leads off with "Gulls" by Kurt Ankeny in full color, followed by "Alabaster Trees" by Jacqueline Huskisson, "Caught in the Light" by Paddy Lynch and finishing up with "Guilt Came Along" by Tyler Landry, all in black and white.  Huskisson and Lynch work with the official Comics Workbook grids, with Huskisson mixing it up between 9-panel and 8-panel grids, while Lynch sticks with the 8-panel grid throughout, while Ankeny and Landry both opt for the three-tieir page, with Ankeny keeping the center tier of each page as a single, full-width panel, and breaking up the top ad bottom tiers into two or three panels, respectively, for a 3-1-2 beat, while Landry holds it steady throughout with a straight run of three panel pages.  If the issue has a theme, it appears to be relationships -- but there is quite a breadth to the variety of interpretations on this theme on display in the pages of this issue.  And then there's the cover. The special twist to this issue is that each cover is an original piece hand drawn in black and blue marker (with occasional red fine-line marker highlights) by Frank Santoro.  Here too we have variations on a theme, but the theme is formal:  each cover is a head shot of varying degrees of abstraction; the latest batch are armor-like, bearing a fleeting resemblance to Iron Man, but each is a unique, original drawing.  Nice!  Each issue in the series is hand signed and numbered by Frank Santoro.  All three issues have been produced in a limited edition of 100.  Don't miss out! 
retail price - $20.00@  copacetic price - $20.00@

E5Epoxy #5

by John Pham
Now, while we're on the topic of hand crafted comics, is the ideal time to bring to the forefront this work by one of the masters of the handmade comic book, John Pham.
  Epoxy #5 shows Mr. Pham hitting new heights of intricacy in production execution.  This is actually three magazines in one:  1) a 20-page 8" x 10.5" issue of Epoxy, into which is bound 2) a 40-page 4.5" x 6.25" issue of Jay & Kay and 3) a 16-page 3" x 4" issue of Cool Magazine (into which, in turn, is bound a tiny poster and two other super-tiny inserts; whew!).  All are handmade, state of the art risograph printed employing the Phamicomic Color Process™ that can be found nowhere else.  Amazing!
retail price - $18.00  copacetic price - $18.00

DH Double-Head Tour; Tornar and Riparna
by Lale Westvind
It looks like we might as well stop beating around the bush and come right out and proclaim this "Handmade Comics Month" here at Copacetic, as here's yet another handmade wonder.  Risographed in purple ink on pink paper, with a hand screened two color cover printed on heavy cream cardstock, this is a tale found in “the museum of epics, in the city of memory.”  We are led to it by our intrepid guide, Lale Westvind, who takes us there through a very labyrinthine path indeed, one which crosses cities, continents, oceans and interstellar space – as well as psychic dimensions – and employs all manner of vehicular transport from race car to star ship, from surf board to monster truck, from beast back to energy wave:  whether it’s running from or running to, it’s all about getting from point A to point B, whatever it takes.  The actual vehicles here, however, are symbol and metaphor, rendered in a turbo-charged, quasi-draughtsman-like manner that is stylistically located in the vicinity of the somewhat obscure neighborhood of C.F. meets Fletcher Hanks.  The tale related in “Double-Head; Torvar & Riparna” is one of two souls meeting on the spirit plane while their corporal beings remain trapped in the material world, the struggles their meeting entail, and their search for refuge and, ultimately, sanctuary.  The challenge is how to convey the immaterial aspects of their spiritual correspondence onto the material plane so that it may be communicated here – and, crucially, perhaps enable readers to be transported by this communication to the spirit plane in turn, and share in this archetypal epic in the city of memory and so engage in a bit of spiritual correspondence themselves.  Readers will of necessity need to actively participate in this process in order to maintain the necessary ideational thrust to meet the required psychic escape velocity to achieve spiritual lift-off. 
retail price - $8.00  copacetic price - $8.00

SAAJ Street Angel: Alcatraz, Jr. -- Busted!!! 
by Jim Rugg & Brian Maruca
OK, one more.  This one's not only handmade, but made in Pittsburgh to boot!  Street Angel finds herself behind bars (but not for long, if we know our Street Angel) in this, her latest adventure.  Never one to shy away from a formal challenge, Rugg here has also "imprisoned" Street Angel formally in a series of grids – 4-panel, 6-panel (horizontal and vertical), 8-panel, 9-panel and even 12-panel – before "busting out" in a series of frenetic splashes and pages with borderless panels which convey Street Angel to her hard won freedom.  This is a comic book to enjoy first and then study later, to see how it's done. 32 full-color, digest-size pages of rock-'em-sock-'em action and hi-jinx humor are to be had here in this hand made, hand numbered, hand signed edition of 300 copies.  (And we hope all Copacetic customers are hep to the homage that this issue's cover is paying!)
retail price - $10.00  copacetic price - $10.00

SL Summerland
by Paloma Dawkins
Summerland is a unique piece of comics work, one which turns the typical creative hierarchy on its head, with the coloring in the dominant position, followed by the inking, then penciling, and with the scripting tacked on almost an afterthought.  The boldly inked lines are minimal yet effective in delineating the scene, and to brace the colors and let them do their stuff, and what they do here is something new.  In the pages of Summerland, Ms. Dawkins has improvised an innovative approach to color, one in which she "plays" the color scheme using tone clusters and chords, rather than the normative approach of hitting single notes and then combining them, and she does so to great harmonic effect.  It is difficult to describe the sensation that viewing these pages makes other than to say there is an immediate impression of being surrounded by color.  The tonal proximity of the wall-to-wall colors vibrate the optic nerves in ways that will serve to shatter more than one preconception about comics coloring.  We recommend that readers simply let go of their narrative processors and immerse themselves in absorbing this comic book, so as to savor the optical experience.  Here, in Summerland it's the story that's the background.
retail price - $9.00  copacetic price - $7.75

We All Wish for Deadly Force
by Leela Corman
This 88 page collection of short works by Ms. Corman is the first or her works -- that we are aware of, at least -- that is printed in full color.  It's great to reaching out in many new directions, artistic as well as thematic.  The stories here range all over the map -- both physical and emotional --  and present windows on worlds that most readers will be new to.  The stories contain personal, historical, mythical and political themes, with a special focus on Egyptian life, and all strive for empathy with their subjects.
retail price - $10.00  copacetic price - $8.50


<>by Melissa Mendes
This 160 page softcover collects the entirety of the fifteen issue Oily Comics run of Melissa Mendes's charming series that manages to effectively capture key emotional notes from both childhood and parenting.  Lou shows the inner child remaining in the parent while simultaneously revealing that inner child being channeled through the parent to the next generation; reemerging; regeneration.
retail price - $15.00  copacetic price - $13.75

King-Cat Comics and Stories #76
by John Porcellino
After his major narrative forays in The Hospital Suite and King-Cat #75's epic ode to Maisie Kukoc, John P. is in a reflective mode here.  Small snippets of walks, dreams, memories and recollections of comics-making are mixed with seasonal thoughts and interspersed with an epic selection of letters-to-the-editor, many of which specifically reference places, locations and/or experiences shared with and/or related to John P.'s own life.  Taken together these ingredients provide readers with a sense of the community that has built up around King-Cat over the quarter-century of it's existence, with John's life, art and work at it's center.
retail price - $5.00  copacetic price - $5.00

CB57Cometbus #57
by Aaron Cometbus
Cometbus 57, which is, going by the illustration on the inside front cover, the 35th anniversary issue(!), is devoted to... interviews with NYC cartoonists (and other comics industry professionals)!  Within this issues 100 pages you will find interviews with Gabrielle Bell, Robin Enrico, Jeffrey Lewis, Julia Wertz, Bill Kartalopoulos, Gary Panter, Adrian Tomine, Ben Katchor, Paul Levitz, Drew Friedman, Karen Green, Gabe Fowler, Kim Deitch & Al Jaffee!  While these interviews are not illustrated with examples of the artists' work, as is so often the case, each interview is accompanied by a portrait of the interviewee by Nate Powell (March[see below!], etc..) and the issue's comics-style wrap around cover is by Jeffrey Lewis.  Hot off the press!
retail price - $5.00  copacetic price - $5.00


Warp Wish Comix
by Nate Ward
From off the streets of Cleveland comes... the inaugural issue of Warp Wish Comix!  24, full color, magazine-size pages jammed with frenzied renderings of inner space turned inside-out and outer space turned outside in.  Think of the detailed stipplings of Basil Wolverton via Drew Friedman grafted onto a comics-universe co-created by Kaz and Dave Cooper, and you'll begin to have some idea what to expect.
retail price - $5.00  copacetic price - $5.00

March: Book Three
by John Lewis, Nate Powell & Andrew Aydin
The culminating volume in the celebrated trilogy recounting Congressman John Lewis's experiences on the front lines of the civl rights movement is the most substantial, running 246 pages.  In the pages of this third volume we experience events in Jackson, Mississippi and Selma, Alabama, as well as the 1964 Democratic Party Convention and the signing of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.  During these years, Congressman Lewis served as the Chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and was a key participant in the events recounted here.  Nate Powell's powerful visuals, inspired by the events depicted in combination with his own inner convictions, will serve to inspire readers in turn. 
retail price - $19.95  copacetic price - $17.77

YO The Osamu Tezuka Story
by Toshio Ban; translated and with an introduction by  Frederik Schodt
This manga biography of the great Osamu Tezuka runs close to 900 pages.  It's a giant red brick of a book -- talk about heft! Created by Toshio Ban under the aegis of Tezuka Productions, work on this began shortly after Tezuka's death in 1989.  Originally published in eight-page installments that ran in one of Japan's top manga weeklies for two years before being collected (more than once) and published in book form in Japan.  Finally, with the aid of some funding, it is at last being published in North America in a translation by the west's foremost Tezuka authority, Frederik Schodt, who has also penned an introduction for this edition.  This looks like a must read, it's just going to be matter of budgeting in the time; maybe reading it eight pages a week, to replicate the experience of reading it as it was originally released will be the way to go...
retail price - $29.95  copacetic price - $25.75

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New for July 2016

HHFTv4HHFTb2Hip Hop Family Tree, Book Four: 1984-1985
Hip Hop Family Tree 1983-1985 Gift Box Set

by Ed Piskor
The fourth volume of the now legendary Hip Hop Family Tree saga has arrived!  Hip Hop enters a new era with this volume as Salt-N-Pepa make the scene as does the rapper's rapper, Rakim.  Also, the era-defining  Def Jam records is launched and hip hop's center of gravity shifts westward as we are introduced to Dr. Dre and Will Smith, and Hollywood finally gets wind of it and starts to  cash in with films like Breakin’Breakin’ 2 Electric BoogalooBeat Street, and Krush Groove.  AND, for the gift box crowd, the second massive Hip Hop Family Tree Box Set has also arrived.  This time around there is no bonus exculisve -- BUT, the price is ten dollars less than the first box, SO the third and fourth volumes can be purchased together for less than apart -- and with this durable, shelfworthy slipcase thrown in!
HHFTbook4 - retail price - $27.99  copacetic price - $23.75
HHFT 1983-1985 GBS - retail price - $49.99  copacetic price - $43.75

SZ Silhouette Zine
by Jim Rugg & Jasen Lex
This hand-made piece was created by Jim Rugg and Jasen Lex for CSA PGH (Community Supported Art Pittsburgh) in 2014 in a limited, signed edition of 50 copies. It runs forty full color pages, sports a laser-cut, black card-stock cover (courtesy Lizzee Solomon of the Tech Shop), and comes with a 4 page booklet providing artist and publication information in a modified MLA style. SPECIAL NOTE: Each copy includes an original pen and ink silhouette, hand drawn by Jim Rugg! Through an arrangement with CSA PGH, Copacetic has been provided with nine copies which we are now making available here through this ONE TIME OFFER.  Anyone interested in requesting a specific silhouette drawing may email us at: copacetic at copacetic dot biz at the time of placing your order (or include the choice in a note while checking out through PayPal; if that is an option, which it should be). We encourage anyone so inclined to send us a first, second and third choice to improve the chance of snagging a drawing to your liking. While we cannot guarantee any choices, we do promise to match drawings on a first come first served basis, based on the time of payment.  We have provided a gallery of all nine of Jim Rugg's silhouette drawings (about half of which remain at the time of posting this listing) on ello, HERE.
copacetic price - $60.00

Other Selves #1
by Theo Ellsworth
Yes!  Believe it or not, according to Mr. Ellsworth, this 68-page mini-comic is but the first issue in a "mini-series" projected to run a whopping nine issues!  We got these straight from the source, and each comes signed with a micro sketch!  FUN!
retail price - $4.00  copacetic price - $4.00

SPSomeone Please Have Sex With Me
by Gina Wynbrandt
Gina Wynbrandt is back with her first book-length collection.  Here in glorious pink and blue are five terrific tawdry tales of girls going so wrong they arrive at right.  Included here are "One Less Lonely GIrl", "Tiger Beat Exclusive", "Manhunt", and the title track, "Someone Please Have Sex with Me" along with the republication of Ms. Wynbrandt's 2dCloud debut, "Big Pussy."  140 pages in all.  Lisa Hanawalt raves, "It's impossible not to fall in love with this hilarious minx as she lunges across the page, nostrils flared, hurling herself into increasingly ridiculous romantic misadventures.  Bow down to Gina as she explores what it means to be horny as hell!"
retail price - $17.95  copacetic price - $15.25

TJ Turning Japanese
by Marinaomi
Turning Japanese delivers 200+ pages of comics reportage cum memoir that depicts a personal period of an Asian-American-Californian's  intercultural experiences first in San Jose, then in Japan that lead, eventually, to transcultural understandings.  Marinaomi has in these pages created a work that's both entertaining and educational!  <>And one that has received plaudits from those best placed to make them, including Yumi Sakugawa:  "It is a tremendous blessing to read anything that comes from a skillful graphic memoirist like MariNaomi.  In Turning Japanese,   her unflinching honesty, open heart and hard-earned wisdom challenges us to embrace the unexpected detours that unfold in our own lives. The empty spaces in her minimalist artwork contain many wells of unspoken feelings that linger with you long after you finish reading her book." <>And Jason Shiga:  "The best comic about being Asian American in Japan. Like Fun Home and Persepolis, ,Turning Japanese is at once modest and grand. MariNaomi is a master of the small, intimate moments that build to a surprisingly emotional climax."
retail price - $24.99  copacetic price - $21.75

DN5 Do Not Disturb My Waking Dream #5
by Laura Park
The fifth installment of Ms. Park's popular series has arrived!  This one is filled with short, reflective narrative pieces that showcase her pithy, understated humor.  Weighing in at a mere 12 pages, the high quality of the work here will leave the reader wanting MORE!  Let's hope the next issue is already in the works.
retail price - $5.00  copacetic price - $4.00

by Andrew Burkholder
ITDN is 2d Cloud's 2016 follow-up to Burkholder's 2015 Qviet collection, yes, but the work it contains is all from 2010 to 2014, so it is actually a prequel of sorts.  The ten pieces in ITDN  reveal Burkholder as a relentless experimenter, taking different -- even opposing -- approaches to creating comics communications -- although all are focused on the inherent power of line to delineate thought -- and then heading with each in one direction after another, to discover where they may lead, which readers of Qviet already know. However, after finishing ITDN, readers will likely suspect that whatever Burkholder releases in 2017 will be something else altogether, as he is likely to keep tinkering...
retail price - $22.99  copacetic price - $20.00

AC1 AltComics #1
This 16 page risograph magazine edited by Blaise Larmee -- with Jake Terrell lending a helping hand -- is completely devoted to interviews with women comics creators in their 20s who live(d) and/or work(ed) in the NYC area:  Aidan Koch, Lala Albert, Leah Wishnia, Sab and Nou, who drew the cover for this issue.  Each of the interviews is illustrated, both with drawings by and photos of (most of) the creators.  Eschewing the standard physical magazine format, this issue is simply 8 sheets of heavy, white 7 1/2" x 10" paper, printed in blue on both sides (with red added on the front cover sheet) with a single staple through the top left corner.  Laid back in approach, this little mag nevertheless yields some engaging results.
retail price - $5.00  copacetic price - $4.50

Hellbound Lifestyle
by Alabaster Pizzo & Kaeleigh Forsyth
Here's the latest from the Retrofit / Big Planet publishing group.  Freshly flush from their recent Kickstarter funding round, they are now able to up their publsihing ante with an enhanced product line, to which fact this release amply attests. And here are the details:  "Kaeleigh Forsyth wryly observed and recorded the weird moments of her life in private notes on her phone, and now her friend Alabaster Pizzo has illustrated these secret thoughts in hilarious detail." | 72 color pages, 7x9 inches (178x229 mm), softcover perfect bound graphic novel.
retail price - $10.00  copacetic price - $8.75

ECElf Cat in Love
by James Kochalka
Retrofit / Big Planet is back! with this, their first ever hardcover release by the comicker that launched the Retrofit line nearly five years ago with Fungus, the one and only James Kochalka.  Here's the dope on his latest:  "When the incredibly conceited Elf Cat goes on a quest for the Ice Sword with his magical friend Tennis Ball, they will face dragons, magical hot dogs, snowflake princesses, and confront their feelings! If you find love in many places, can you see it when it is right in front of you?" | 100 black & white pages, 5.5x8.5 inches (140x216 mm), our first HARDCOVER graphic novel. | And, it's already garnered all these reviews!

Paste Magazine 
Broken Frontier 
The Comics Journal 
Optical Sloth 
Viaggio nello Scriptorium

And, to celebrate the return of Retrofit, we're offering this one at a get reaquianted special price!
retail price - $15.00  copacetic price - $10.00

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New for June 2016

Hot Dog Taste Test

by Lisa Hanawalt

Summer officially begins now, with the release of Lisa Hanawalt's Hot Dog Taste Test!  This flexi-like hardcover volume delivers 180 pages of Ms. Hanawalt's full color comics mayhem.  Nothing is spared:  shopping, cooking, eating, farting -- it's all here!  Along with birds, corporate iconography, horses, picnics, travel and more.  In addition to comics, there are reproductions of sculptures, photographs, watercolors and hybrid combintations of all of the above.  It's a crazy hodgepodge of energetic, sillly and highly satiric humor.
retail price - $22.99  copacetic price - $20.00

SASir Alfred
by Tim Hensley
Hold onto your hats, Sir Alfred (apocryphally listed as "No. 3") is a comics fetishist's dream.  This is a beautifully printed, massively sized -- 10" x 13" -- full color comic book designed to look like a golden age National Periodical Publication (only bigger!), that has been painstakingly produced in a limited, signed & numbered edtion of 1000 copies.  It includes a giclée print and a letterpressed coaster (who will be the first to dare to actually employ this item in its designed capacity?), and comes pre-packaed in a mylar sleeve.  And it's about the life and career of that painstaking perfectionsist, Alfred Hitchcock, making for a perfect match!  So, put on your smoking jacket, pour yourself a cognac, and enjoy!
retail price - $25.00  copacetic price - $25.00

Frontier #12: Kelly Kwang
by Kelly Kwang
Youth in Decline sez:  ""Who Were the Space Youth Cadets?" Left in cosmic loneliness, they burned brightly until the void became too immense and they coalesced into its infinity. Earth forgot, but they did exist, and this is my proof.  This fascinating issue features a mix of illustration, comics, apparel, murals, and photography to tell the story of the SYC. 32 pages, Full-color and B+W.  <> Kelly K is an illustrator and cartoonist who spends half her time in Toronto and the other half on the net. She roots 4the universe and is rooting 4u too."  Brandon Graham fans might want to check this out...
retail price - $8.00  copacetic price - $7.25

Dream Tube
by Rebekka Dunlop
Ms. Dunlop has delivered a great batch of all new comics here in Dream Tube, and publisher, Youth in Decline has put them all together in a thoughful and aesthetically pleasing package that perfectly suits her work. Midnight blue ink on heavy cream/off-white newsprint is just the right call here and lends the comics an inviting feel.  Those readers who feel at home with the works of Michael DeForge, Patrick Kyle, Jillian Tamaki, Sam Alden, et al are likely to welcome the work they find in the 114 pages of comics presented here.
retail price - $12.95  copacetic price - $12.00

LL Low Light
by Tristan Wright
The level of artistry achieved in 32-page, magazine-size, black & white comic book from the previously-unkown-to-us comics maker Tristan Wright knocked our socks off when we first opened it up.  While the story itself has a strong Miyazaki flavor, the artwork created to convey it put us in mind of the glory days of French science fiction and fantasy comics of the 1970s, with, of course, Moebius at its center.  We are confident that anyone reading this will join us in looking forward to seeing what comes next from this talent.  And you won't have to wait as long as, as we received this several months ago, but then sold out here at the shop before managing to post it here.  Now that we have received a restock that we can offer here, online Copacetic customers have a chance to glom onto a copy themselves.  In the meantime, anyone and everyone that feels intrigued by our comments can do themselves the favor of taking the time to check out the very generous batch of comics Mr. Wright has posted online HERE (the first post, "Late Night Special", presents the first 12 pages of Low Light #1).
retail price - $8.00  copacetic price - $8.00


Some Towers
by Vincent Fritz
Coming to Copacetic from Germany, and employing a format of extreme verticality -- 4" x 12" -- Some Towers lives up to its name.  It presents 32 pages, each with its own strip stack, each made up of four square panels.  Printed on eight different colors of heavy paper stock, Fritz pays with sequence and series in this bit of formal funnies.
retail price - $6.00  copacetic price - $6.00

BT The Beauty Theorem
by Benjamin Urkowitz
Funky and fascinating, Benjamin Urkowitz's The Beauty Theorem is a horizontally formatted two-color risograph comic book that forges its own, unique visual language to negotiate a rapprochement between categories that are often at odds -- or at least have difficulties working in coördinating between each other:  aesthetics and mathematics, on the one hand, and scientific bodies and government finance on the other.  Quite an ambitious agenda for a 36-page, handmade, self-published, small batch (limited to 200 copies, so don't snooze on this one) comic book!  Urkowitz rises to the challenge by producing some highly original comics that appear to stand as a career high, from the Copacetic vantage point.
retail price - $5.00  copacetic price - $5.00

by Yaa Gyasi
Homegoing starts out in 18th century Ghana and follows two half sisters and their descendents to the new world and through the centuries and up to the present day in this widely heralded novel that is sure to be one of the major works of 2016.  Here links to just three of the many glowing reviews this work has already garnered in
The New York Times
The Wall Street Journal
retail price - $26.95  copacetic price - $22.75

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New for May 2016

higbone Highbone Theater
by Joe Daly
Imagine, if you will, a very Charles Burnsian narrative in which dream and reality, imagination and perception, delusion and conception, fiction, fantasy and rumination are all inextricably bound together into an irreducible mass.  Then imagine it featuring a cast that centers on Arnold Schwarzenegger-esque Freak Brothers rendered in the manner of Burns imitating Fletcher Hanks, with the setting -- landscapes and dreamscapes -- courtesy of  Jim Woodring.  Then imagine that the protagonist works with Reid Fleming, only at a paper factory instead of an industrial dairy, and that here Reid Fleming is, in addition to being an over-the-top renegade, an off-the-rails paranoid delusional conspiracy theorist.  All the while keeping in mind the entire time that this story is set -- at least those parts that can be construed to take place within the physical realm -- in South Africa, yet is somehow related to the events of 9/11, and that the artwork switches back and forth between black and white and full color, as called for by the narrative.  Now you have some idea what to expect in the 570 pages of Highbone Theater, the latest and greatest work by the creator of Dungeon Quest and The Red Monkey Double Happiness Book, and more.  Anyone looking to escape their lives and plunge into a fully formed -- and completely outrageous -- comics universe need look no further.
retail price - $34.99  copacetic price - $29.75

Dis Disquiet
by Noah Van Sciver
More Noah Van Sciver!  Here's the second book collection -- the first in hardcover! -- of Noah Van Sciver's short work.  After a two-page intro, Disquiet gets off to a great start with Noah's mini-masterpiece, "The Lizard Laughed", originally publiahsed as a riso mini by Oily Comics.  It then goes on to collect a varietry of works that had previously appeared in Blammo, along with "The Death of Elijah Lovejoy", which appears here in color for the first time, as does "Untitled" which had previously seen the light of day only in a small run mini, and a few other short pieces as well.  The two color works that close out the volume, "Night Shift" and "About the Artist" were both new to us here at Copacetic.   136 pages in all.  Debossed cover!

LeP Le Poulet du Dimanche
by Sylvie Fontaine
French comics creator, Sylvie Fontaine is a seasoned veteran of the form, but is not widely known in the English speaking world.   Le Poulet du Dimanche (which translates as "Sunday Chicken," and presumably has a French colloquial meaning that is lost in translation) could go a ways in helping to rectify this situation, as all the work herein collected are wordless pantomime comics in which no translation is necessary (the sole exception to this is the introduction by Jean Giraud [better known as Moebius]).  And these are great comics, exhibiting a strong synthetic streak, as Fontaine's work incorporates the likes of Marc Bell, Jean Debuffet, Fiona Smyth, Jim Woodring, and Moebius himself -- especially in some of the lengthy series of transformation comics, which is one of this volume's highlights -- along with that of many others.  This is not to say her work is derivative.  It takes what it needs from its influences and welds them to her own æsthetic, using each as called for.  Her work ranges from delicate to detailed to bold to ruddily expressionistic -- sometimes all in a single piece!  This full-size 120 page French-flapped (but of course!) edition is an entertaining collection of engrossing comics as well as an excellent introduction to Ms. Fontaine's work.  Check it out!
retail price - $19.99  copacetic price - $17.77

The End of a Fence
by Roman Muradov
Roman Muradov hits a career high with this smart little book.  The End of a Fence is the first long form book in the new kuš! mono series, and gets it off to a great start!  We actually first got this in a few months back, but sold out (twice!) in the shop before finally getting a restock that we could list here.  Take a moment now to take advantage of the magic of the internet by clicking HERE for a nice preview.  | Format A6 (10cm x 15 cm / 4" x 6"), 100 pages, full-color, perfect bound, printed on FSC certified paper. |
retail price - $12.00  copacetic price - $12.00

BCBoy's Club
by Matt Furie
The long dry spell has ended.  Matt Furie's pæan to roomfulls of young men out of their minds on drugshas at last been collected into this compact softcover edition.  Keeping the dimensions of the original comic books in which these stories originally appeared, this Fantagraphics edition prints the strips in a multicolored series of monochrome pages, the color changes between which serve to demarcate their divisions.  The opening intro and closing outro pages are printed in green; the first section (which we are thinking corresponds to the first issue of the series, but can no longer recall -- anyone know for sure?) is printed in blue; the second in a mustard sienna; and the third in plum mahogany (no black & white here!).  176 pages of non-stop stoner-funnies in all.  In comics lineage, the Boy's Club comics are more or less the link between the Ben Jones / Paper Rad BJ and tha Dogs-era work and Simon Hanselmann's Megg, Mogg & Owl strips that are defining our present disaffection (but you already knew that).
retail price - $19.99  copacetic price - $17.77

M Momento!
by Matias San Juan
The hype line at the top of this comic book lays it right out: "stories for the (now old) 90s kid in all of us."  Anyone pining for another shot of those finely crafted, pen & ink comics that probe the youth counter culture while prodding society's underbelly and occasionally broaching taboo subjects will find six doses here in the 34 pages of Momento!   Fans of the early Clowes in particular (which is actually from the '80s) will find their buttons being pushed here in stories like "Barry! My Imaginary Friend" and "Night of the Roamer".  The heavy satire of "Bitrilin's Dream" and "A Hungry Artist" may put readers in mind of the repressed anger of the first few issues of Ivan Brunetti's Schizo.  As the issue comes to a close, things veer towards the Peter Bagge worldview, becoming increasingly cynical and jaded in the encroaching darkness of "Switcheroo" and the finale, "The World Passed You By."   All of this is not to say, however, that the comics here are lacking in originality.  San Juan certainly has his own personal vision -- hey, he lives and works in Buenos Aires, so he is definitely drawing on different life experiences than the aforementioned americanos del Norte -- and in Momento! it springs upon those us who are encountering it here for the first time already fully formed.  Thanks should go out to the fine folks at Kilgore for bringing these fine comics across the equator!
retail price - $5.00  copacetic price - $5.00

FL1 Follow the Leader #1
by Jonas McLuggage
Jonas's long-in-the-works online comics series, Follow the Leader at last sees the light of day as an actual, honest-to-gosh comic book, and it's a real beaut!  36 pages of knock-your-socks off drawing and coloring power this strange tale that puts an all-new twist on the kids vs. the powers-that-be theme. Only 200 signed and numbered copies printed.  Don't miss this destined-to-be-a-collectors'-item, Made-in-Pittsburgh comic book!  These won't be around forever...
retail price - $8.00  copacetic price - $8.00

G35 Grixly #35
by Nate McDonough
The new Grixly has arrived!  This time around Nate delivers "The Batman Strikes!" "Cooking with Grixly," "Dogs of the Future," "Grixly on a Trip," "The Pizza Dumpster," and plenty more besides.  There's a lot stuffed into this issue's 24 pages.  All for a mere $2.75.  Grixly -- Your Best Comics Value™.
retail price - $2.75  copacetic price - $2.75

DDBBDonald Duck: "Terror of the Beagle Boys"
by Carl Barks
The latest volume in The Carl Barks Library has arrived.  This time around we have three full length Donald Duck clasic adventures.  First up is "Dangerous Disguise",  which is notable for featuring characters -- all, intriguingly, spies, with most of the "screen time" devoted to one femme fatale -- that are rendered as a normative human figure, while all around her are ducks; a rarity with Barks.  Next up is "No Such Varmit", a  classic travel adventure story that riffs on the Loch Ness monster myth.  And then we have "In Old California", another unique tale in the Barks ouevre, in which Donald and his nephews travel back in time to 1848, courtesy of some "herbs" given to them by an indian medicine man.  Barks packs a lot into this story:  wealth, class, ethnicity, gender roles, and of course, good and evil, right and wrong, and their relations to beauty and ugliness.  This story features Barks's only employment of cameo insets that we can think of.  It also has some of his most packed compositions, both within individual panels and through individual pages; you really feel him struggling to pack it all into the 28 pages allotted.  It is also unique (so far) to The Carl Barks Library in that it is the first full length tale to be colored by someone other than series colorist Rich Tommaso.  "In Old California!" was colored by Joseph Robert Cowles -- to good effect, we should make clear -- and it stands out for its relatively subdued hues of generally darker tones than what readers have become accustomed to with Tommaso.  Then, we have a batch of eleven classic ten-pagers, including the title track, the most significant of which is that keystone of Barksian economics that has been dubbed, "A Financial Fable."  Here Barks explicitly lays out a central pillar of what he has as Uncle Scrooge's underlying understanding cum philosophy of money as labor and thrift as the means of its preservation and extension. While this is of course and of necessity a greatly simplified (and hugely reductive) take on a highly complex subject, for a ten-page story originally created for a ten cent comic book, it stands alone in its presentation of the function of money in a capitalist society.  Wrapping things up we have an eight-pager featuring Grandma Duck, Daisy Duck, Gus Goose and Black Pete (!) in a rare cross-over from the Mickey Mouse universe wherein he is normally found. This story was additionally unusual in that it was originally published in an issue of Walt Disney's Comics & Stories that already had a Barks ten-pager, giving those lucky 1951 readers the rare treat of getting two Barks stories in one issue.  This volume concludes with the now traditional assembly of story notes, cover reporductions and bibiliographical details.  Recommended!
retail price - $29.99  copacetic price - $25.00

B3 Barnaby, Volume Three: 1946-1947
by Crockett Johnson
The oft' delayed and long awaited third volume of Crockett Johnson's classic one-of-a-kind strip has finally arrived!  Between these covers is collected all the strips published from 1 January 1946 through 31 December 1947by  Also on hand are a forward by Jeff Smith, an essay by Nathalie op de Beeck, "Notes on a Haunted Childhood," an afterword, "Escape Artist?" by Philip Nel – who also contributed notes to historically dated allusions that are peppered throughout the strips  – and, finally, early comics histgorian,  Coulton  Waugh's appreciation of Barnaby that originally appeared in The Comics, which was published in 1947. 
retail price - $39.99  copacetic price - $33.99

JP The Jazz of Physics
by Stephon Alexander
The first book by Brown University physics professor, Stephon Alexander, The Jazz of Physics has one of the most alluring sub-titles in memory:  The Secret Link Between Music and the Structure of the Universe. Hard to top, right?  It certainly worked on us here at Copacetic.  This book has also received accolades from the likes of Brian Eno and Jaron Lanier.   Here's a page on The Creators Project that includes an interview with Alexander and experimental music producer, Rioux, the official video that arose of their chance collaboration and an embedded TED Talk by ALexander, for anyone who's interested in learning more and/or getting a head start on the topics contained in The Jazz of Physics.
retail price - $27.50  copacetic price - $24.75


Listen, Liberal!
by Thomas Frank
Another call to action from a founding editor of The Baffler and author of What's the Matter with Kansas. Check out this interview with Frank on In These Times.
retail price - $27.00  copacetic price - $23.75


The Sympathizer
by Viet Thanh Nguyen
The winner of this year's Pulitzer Prize for Fiction has also garnered many other accolades boldly confronts the multiple and conflicting strands of history that continue to define the legacies of Vietnam and the Vietnam War.  Reviewed at The New York Times, The Guardian UK, and around the world.
retail price - $16.00  copacetic price - $14.44

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New for April 2016

KE9 Kramers Ergot #9
edited by Sammy Harkham
Featuring the work of John Pham, Lale Westvind, Noel Freibert, Julia Gfrörer, Dash Shaw, Anya Davidson, Patrick Kyle, Marc Bell, Antoine Cosse, Gabrielle Bell, Alex Schubert, Archer Prewitt, Ben Jones and many more, the ninth volume in this epoch-making anthology harkens back to the look, feel and heft of the fourth, which was the volume that put Kramers on the map, and is still the sentimental favorite at Copacetic.  
Here we have a highly informed selection of 288 pages of comics that draws on Harkham's knowledge of and connections with the contemporary comics making community.  The work he has assembled here displays a full spectrum of the amazing variety of what the form is capable of expressing.  Miss at your own peril!

retail price - $45.00  copacetic price - $38.25


Megg & Mogg in Amsterdam
by Simon Hanselmann
The wait is over!  The latest from Simon Hanselmann has arrived.  More mayhem from Megg and Mogg (and Owl and Werewolf Jones and assorted innocent bystanders) are back in this 160 page full color hardcover that collects several dozen strips including St. Owl's Bay, all of his strips to date, and new, previously unpublished strips created especailly for this volume.
retail price - $19.99  copacetic price - $15.75

Mary Wept Over the Feet of Jesus
by Chester Brown
Chester heads off into the desert of scriptural interpretation... There is definitely some solid comics storytelling going on here in Chester's (anti-)Reader's Digest condensations of Old Testament tales that lead into his speculative riffs on the Gospels.  Drawn & Quarterly has put together an attractive hardcover edition that shows off Chester's four-panel grid to good effect.  That said, an inordinate portion of the book is devoted to notes that defend the positions that are taken here, revealing the book as being intended as a polemic, which is unfortunate.  Anyone limiting their reading to the comics alone, will get an engaging read along with a morsel or two of food for thought.  Anyone who dives into the notes will find themselves in the world of self-justifying scriptural interpretation, which is best left alone, should one like to maintain a copacetic mien.  Hree's hoping that Chester has worked it out of his system with this and that we can look forward to some less self-justifying fare in the future. 

tail price - $21.95  copacetic price - $18.75

5,000 km per second

by Manuele Fior
Winner of both the grand prize at the Lucca Comics Festival and the award for best album at the Angoulême Comics Festival -- in 2010 and 2011 -- respectively, 5,000 km per second at long last makes its English language debut in this hardcover edition from Fantagraphics.  Fior is an accomplished watercolorist who here employs a finely nuanced color palette in telling the story of a complex young love that is also the story of growing up as if follows its protagonists' across the years and across the continent of Europe and into Egypt in a series of gradual shifts and abrupt jumps. 
retail price - $22.99  copacetic price - $20.00


by Blutch
The second volume in the New York Review's just launched line of comics also happens to be only the second work by the major league Bande Dessinée creator, Blutch to be translated into English and pubished in North America.  In Peplum, Blutch uses comics to take on a raft of ideas, notions, dreams and conceits that have acreted around the historical memory of ancient Rome and weaves them together in a pen and ink tapestry that brings with it a host of fresh perspectives. 
retail price - $24.99  copacetic price - $21.75

Igort The Ukrainian and Russian Notebooks
by Igort
This 364 page work records Igort's visits to the Ukraine and Russia itowards the end of the first decade of the 21st Century, but the bulk of the work is devoted to retelling the tales of those he meets of their experiences in these countires during the 20th.  More than one octegenarian is able to recall the horrifying days of the Stalin's enforced starvations during the 1930s as well as the equally barbaric incursions and depredations of the Nazis during the Second World War.  Hearing these stories, one has to marvel that their tellers were able to survive that which they recount.  There is much more on hand here than this, of course, but it is those tales which are so outside of the experience of those who lived their lives here in the New World of the Americas that burn themselves strongest into the mind's 
eye.  Igort, who will be known to many a Copacetic customer for his masterful work in Baobab, which was a part of the Ignatz line of graphic albums that he himself presided over, stretches out here and employs a wide range of expressive drawing, portraiture, illustration, and, of course, comics in recounting these many tales.  We highly recommend this work to anyone ready, willing and able to learn more of how life was lived in the Old World on the other side of the Iron Curtain, even before the curtain had been drawn as well as after it had been taken down. 
tail price - $28.00  copacetic price - $25.00


by Brecht Evens
More luscious watercolor comics from the master.  Evens spreads out in this massive horizontally formatted hardcover.  Panther is a visually dazzling tour de force!  Check out the first few rows on this Google image page to get an idea of what you're in for.
retail price - $26.95  copacetic price - $23.75


by Joann Sfar
This comics bio of the Bulgarian emigre painter, Jules Pascin, who became a key member of the vital early 20th century Montparnassian art scene in Paris has at long last been translated into English and published in North America.  An ideal subject for Joann Sfar, who shows a great deal of affection for his subject in each of this hardcover's 186 pages; seeing him as a precursor figure to his own career in present day Paris, perhaps? 
retail price - $24.95  copacetic price - $21.75

Don't Come In Here
by Patrick Kyle
Patrick Kyle provides fair warning:  Don't Come In Here is a challenge to received notions of normative perception in the form of 264 pages of comics which delineate an absurd com(a)partmentalized alienation. The chronicle of an isolated existence in which the protagonist is immersed in a feedback loop of computer-mediated consciousness that renders the reality of his(?) surroundings indeterminate.  We can be sure that it is happening, just not what, exactly.  Perhaps we never have been, perhaps we've been kidding ourselves all along, and only now are beginning to realize this...
retail price - $14.99  copacetic price - $13.75

ANC After Nothing Comes
by Aidan Koch
After Nothing Comes collects several of Ms. Koch's out-of-print, self-published zines.  Koyama Press has striven to capture the look and feel of the originals within the limitations of a standard collection.  The rrepresentation of each zine reproduces the tone of the original paper stock to provide readers with the next-best-thing to getting their hands on the zines themselves (which, at this point, would be no mean feat).  Originally published between 2008 and 2014, these six works, taken together, provide an excellent introduction to her work.  Koch is concerned with evoking specific states of mind and visually connecting / correlating them with their triggers.  In some cases, the trigger is an absence -- or loss -- making its visual representation a special kind challenge.  It is, on the evidence of her work published here and elsewhere, apparently the kind of challenge that appeals to Koch and one that fits well with her spare, occasionally elegaic style.  Precise pencil drawings mix with flowing ink washes and the occasional frenetic bit of brushwork and all gradually tends towards a grappling with emptiness and how to represent emotional balance in spatial compositions indicating a temporality that is struggling against a current flowing from the future.
tail price - $20.00  copacetic price - $16.75


From Now On
by Malachi Ward
Finally -- a one-stop collection of Malachi Ward comics has arrived!  From Now On collects a lucky 13 of Ward's short pieces -- ten that originally appeared in a wide array of anthologies, along with three new stories appearing here for the first time (to the best of our knowledge).  140 pages of far out science fiction comics in black & white and full color fill this this nicely printed, reasonably priced, full size softcover edition.
retail price - $14.99  copacetic price - $12.75

The Complete Peanuts, Volume 25: 1999-2000P1999
by Charles Schulz
Here it is:  the final (>sob!<) Peanuts strips by Charles M. Schulz, the last of which, the final Sunday page, originally appeared on the same day as Schulz's obituary, as he passed on from this world (and doubtless onto the Sphere of True Comics) the day before its publication.  The editors cleverly filled out what would have otherwise been a slim volume by bookending the conclusion of Peanuts with the complete collection of Schulz's precursor strip to Peanuts, L'il Folks.  And, to top it all off, this volume is introduced by none other than the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama!  A fitting finale.
retail price - $29.99  copacetic price - $25.00

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