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New for May 2018

LAAB0LAAB Magazine #0
by Ronald Wimberly, et al
Ronald Wimberly & Co.'s LAAB Magazine is here! This GIGANTIC broadsheet – spreads measure a whopping 23" x 32"! – and it's is divided into three sections, just like a newspaper - unlocks social strictures and unpacks social structures employing Black/ness and (its) representation as key and signifier.  This issue presents readers with the LAAB manifesto and includes interviews with Alexandra Bell, Trenton Doyle Hancock and Saul WIlliams.  Then there are some excellent illuminated essays – primarily by Wimberly  –  that are both eye-opening and consciousness-expanding (don't allow yourself to be intimidated by the giant expanses of type; these essays are well worth your time and all efforts expended in their absorption will be amply rewarded).  And, last but far from least, a big pile of amazing GIANT-SIZE comics by Ron Wimberly!  RECOMMENDED!
retail price - $17.00  copacetic price - $15.25

by Nick Drnaso
The most critically lauded graphic novel of the year has arrived!  It's garnered so much praise from so much top talent, anything we might have to add would seem superfluous.  Chris Ware:  "Some middle-aged colleagues and I believe literary comics fiction is possible without resorting to fantastical heroics, however, and the youngest and finest exemplar, 28-year-old Nick Drnaso, offers a new book to possibly top us all: Sabrina, about a missing woman, a video and the unspeakable possibilities of our contemporary mitigated reality."  Zadie Smith:  "Nick Drnaso's Sabrina is the best book – in any medium – I have read about our current moment.  It is a masterpiece, beautifully written and drawn, possessing all the political power of polemic and yet simultaneously all the delicacy of truly great art.  It scared me,  I loved it."  Adrian Tomine:  "Nick Drnaso is one the most ambitious singular cartoonists to emerge in recent years, and his dedication to novelistic fiction is an inspiration.  Incisive, chilling, and completely unpredictable, Sabrina demonstrates the inexplicable power of comics at their best."  Jonathan Lethem:  "Sabrina is startling. Drnaso's formal ingenuity and confidence is matched by the acuity and depth of the story's awareness of who and where we are right now."  'Nuff said.
retail price - $27.95  copacetic price - $25.00

Here are the four latest titles to make their way across the pond (aka The Atlantic Ocean) from the London to Pittsburgh:
Forcefield     GB3     Escape 3     Fukushima

World in the Forcefield by Alexander Tucker  retail price - $15.00  copacetic price - $13.75
Generous Bosom #3
by Conor Stechschulte
retail price - $22.50  copacetic price - $20.00
Escape to the Unfinished #3 by Dash Shaw
retail price - $12.50  copacetic price - $10.75
Fukushima Devil Fish by Susumu Katsumata
 retail price - $34.99  copacetic price - $33.75

A Western World

by Michael DeForge
A Western World
 is the latest collection from the unstoppable, indefatigable Michael DeForge that collects fifteen short comics, some of which previously appeared in recent issues of his one-man anthology, Lose and in Breakdown Press's two (instantly sold out) issues of On Topics, some in anthologies like Kramers Ergot and Island, some were self-published minis, and a few appear here for the first time (right?).  DeForge continues to explore his concerns with the Western paradigm that takes as a given the technological domination of nature.  These explorations are effected through a series of choreographed collisions between biological functions and scientific consciousness, alongside those between animal desires and political constructs – with human sexuality employed as the proscenium stage cum primary battlefield.  The work collected in this volume forges a comics consciousness for our times. 
retail price - $22.95  copacetic price - $20.00



by Jessica Campbell
The creator of the witty (and popular! and fun!) Hot or Not returns with an equally witty (and fun!) 120 page saga of self discovery disguised as space exploration that we hope will turn out to be every bit as popular.
retail price - $12.00  copacetic price - $10.75


Soft X-Ray Mindhunters

by A. Degen
Finally, the massive oversize full color science fiction adventure by A. Degen that we've all been waiting for! Soft X-Ray Mindhunters will knock your socks off with it's page after page (392 in all!) of open, free-flowing, vibrantly colored comics that will take readers on a journey to the center of the mind.  And this is only part one!  Here's the lowdown from the publisher, Koyama Press: "The Mindhunters release prisoners from the shackles of others’ dreams.  The servants confined to the virtual mind palaces of despotic dreamers have found their furies in the form of the Mindhunters: masked vigilantes who burgle brainpower. Pop and ancient culture collide in searing colour in this melange of Astro Boy and Attic tragedy."
retail price - $29.95  copacetic price - $25.75



by Fiona Smyth
 is a massive 368 page tome collecting over thirty year's worth of Fiona Smyth's unique, sexy, and hallucinatory comics ouevre.  Going all the way back to her days at the Ontario College of Art, through her '80s and '90s work published by Vortex and Drawn and Quarterly, in anthologies like D& Q's flagship title, jam-books like Diva with Ellen Forney and Dame Darcy, and Fabulous Babes with Maurice Vellekoop and Roxana Bikadoroff, and, of course, her solo title, Nocturnal Emissions.  But it doesn't stop there!  Somnabulance continues on through to the present, collecting plenty of new work, including some that even the Copacetic cognoscenti had never seen before!  Make sure to give this one the once over next time you're in the shop.
retail price - $29.95  copacetic price - $25.75

Winter's Cosmos
by Michael Comeau
Winter's Cosmos
 is a 300 page experimental hybrid work of photo-collage/comics.  It integrates a dizzying series of collages composed of posed, original photographs, found photos, historical/public domain book illustrations and newspaper and magazine clippings of all sorts into a hand drawn comics narrative complete with word balloons and narration employing a wide variety of mechanical fonts along with hand lettering.  In sort, this isn't your father's comic book.  As for the narrative it presents, Koyama states:  "In the tradition of 2001: A Space Odyssey and Silent Running, this genre-bending photo and comics hybrid presents the final years of a mission to seed a planet in a distant constellation and the failings of both human and artificial psyches in the face of the vastness of space."
retail price - $20.00  copacetic price - $16.75


The Ideal Copy
by Ben Sears
Another Double+ Adventure from Ben Sears!  The Ideal Copy is an 88 page, full color, budget priced, all-ages romp in the tradition of TinTin:  "The fix is in as the Double+ gang try to counter crooked counterfeiters from the inside! Plus Man and Hank have been blacklisted and have replaced treasure hunting with job-hunting, before landing a catering job at a swank hotel. But trouble doesn’t wait for hors d’oeuvres as the boys find themselves with a main course of counterfeiting crooks to crack!"
retail price - $12.00  copacetic price - $10.75

AkissiAkissi: Tales of Mischief
by Marguerite Abouet & Mathieu Sapin
The sub-title does not lie:  this book is indeed chock full of tales of mischief.   In fact, there are 21 full color 6 page comics featuring Akissi & Co. getting into all sorts of trouble, both in their home stomping grounds in the Yopougon neighborhood of Abidjan in Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) and out in the country at Akissi's nan and granpap's rural digs, where the natural world plays a larger part in the shenanigans.  These are kids comics par excellence; think Dennis the Menace without the hyperbole.  In Akissi, the world of childhood comes alive on the page:  the zany antics, the interactions of children with their parents and peers, the leaps of both faith and logic.  The childhood experiences represented here  – while full of wonderful details specific to time and place – is universal in its core essence.  RECOMMENDED!  (It is worth noting here that while this book is indeed "kid friendly" and the general tone and mode are entirely appropriate for children, the specifics of the childhood on display – which occasionally involve bodily parasites, children putting themselves in potentially dangerous situations, and at times seemingly lax parental oversight – may strike some parents as worrisome.  But, thinking back to the adventures of Dennis the Menace and, say, Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck, when kids roamed wild and occasionally entirely free of parental supervision, will remind readers that while the specifics of childhood vary both over time and from place to place, kids will be kids!
retail price - $14.95  copacetic price - $13.75


Mean Girls Club: Pink Dawn
by Ryan Heshka
Get out your nail polish, the Mean Girls Club graphic novel has arrived!  Pink Dawn is a 100 page hardcover (debossed, no less) printed (in Poland) in black and white and shocking pink (naturellement!), on flat off-white stock.  Hold onto your hats – it's going to be a wild ride.
retail price - $20.95  copacetic price - $17.75

Alack Sinner: The Age of Disenchantment
by Jose Munoz & Carlos Sampayo
It doesn't get any better than this, folks.  Over 300 pages of black and white comics intensity courtesy of the one-of-a-kind-pair of Argentines-in-exile, José Muñoz and Carolos Sampayo.  To the best of our knowledge, the stories that populate this volume had not been translated into English before appearing here; almost certainly not the two 21st century stories, the existence of which we were not even aware.  Alack Sinner: The Age of Disenchantment offers valuable perspectives on the United States, social, political and psychological, that you'll be hard pressed to find elsewhere in comics.  And we don't even know where to begin on singing the praises of the art of José Muñoz, but we will say that the 300+ pages you'll find here include some of the very best work of his career.    Basically: buy this book!
retail price - $29.99  copacetic price - $25.00

The New World: Comics from Mauretania

by Chris Reynolds
The comics that the Welsh-born, England-based cartoonist, Chris Reynolds has been publishing, beginning in the mid-80s, as/in Mauretania Comics are a primary source of the rich but obscure tributary of self-consciously enigmatic work.  Stateside readers of the early issues of Eric Haven's Tales to Demolish and well as Michael Kupperberg's Tales to Thrizzle will immediately sense a kindred spirit when they encounter Reynolds's work in these pages, which predates most if not all of Haven and Kupperberg's comics work.  Now, at long last North American readers have an easily accessible – and sumptuously produced and designed (by Seth, no less) – hardcover collection of the key texts of the Reynolds oevure.  Ed Park (co-founder of Believer Magazine) gets readers up to speed with his perspicacious introductory essay.  Another fine volume from New York Review Comics!
retail price - $34.95  copacetic price - $29.75

And, here are a couple of potential summer reads...



by Mark Whitaker
Inspired by his discovery of the Teenie Harris Archives at the Carnegie Museum of Art, renowned journalist and media executive, Mark Whitaker – whose grandparents were Pittsburghers during the Teenie Harris era – delved deep into the history of Black Pittsburgh, and Smoketown is the result.  Get an idea of what to expect from the preface, available online here, courtesy of The Paris Review.
retail price - $30.00  copacetic price - $26.75


Theory of Bastards
by Audrey Schulman
The Kirkus Reviews quote was enough to pique our interest: "Theory of Bastards is a deeply unusual, psychologically astute novel about technology and survival, sex and love,  If Philip K. Dick and Ann Patchett wrote a collaborative novel it might look like this.  Beguiling, irreverent, and full of heart."  Need more?  Here's Michael Dirda's review from The Washington Post.
retail price - $18.00  copacetic price - $15.75

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New for April 2018

DSHCDSSCThe Dragon Slayer: Folktales from Latin America
by Jaime Hernandez
In the 40 full-color pages of The Dragon Slayer, Jaime Hernandez puts his finely honed comics-making chops into service on behalf of transmitting three classic Latin American folktales to comics readers of all ages. Within these pages the reader will encounter a king, a prince, a mysterious old woman, a dragon, a giant, magic talismans, romantically inclined talking animals, a sleepy but clever boy, hard working ants, and, especially, smart, strong and savvy women (along with a few not so).  Together, these various casts of characters provide a window onto the wider world(s) of folktales and impart easily grasped moral lessons on the value of kindness, steadfastness, diligence, and cleverness (and more!) along with exposing the risks of vanity and literal mindedness (among others).  Something about the light airy drawings and full vibrant colors (along with the occasional talking animal) is reminiscent of classic cartoons of the 1940s and '50s. ToonBooks has posted a nice preview on their page for this book, HEREso you can get an idea of what we're talking about.  Available in both hardcover and softcover editions.  The editions are identical in content; the only differences are slightly different cover designs (the all yellow is the softcover), and the fact that the hardcover edition is sturdily constructed for years of use, and includes vibrant endpapers based on Aztec designs.  Either way, it's an all-new collection of comics by Jaime Hernandez!  What more do you need to know?  Let's hope that there's more to come!
hardcover - retail price - $16.99  copacetic price - $15.00
softcover - retail price - $9.99  copacetic price - $9.50

Street Angel Mega-Pack-Special
by Jim Rugg & Brian Maruca
The first week in May brings a big FOUR Street Angel publications* by Rugg & Maruca, and we're selling them together as a single package – at a great price!  Street Angel Goes to Juvie hardcover original graphic novel ($19.99 retail price) <•> Image Firsts: Street Angel – After School Kung-Fu Special (signed copies!) <•> Image FCBD : Street Angel's Dog (all new – and, oh yeah: these will be signed copies) <•> Street Angel, Vol. 2 #1, Lineart Draft 01 - 01/02/15; 2nd Edition (2018) - exclusive!  (and also signed!) ||| This Street Angel Mega-Pack includes all four of the above, including the exclusive, Jim Rugg produced limited edition Lineart Draft.  All for one amazing price!  We've created a Mega-Pack Showcase Page HERE.  Check it out!  PLEASE NOTE:  There are only a limited number of these Mega-Packs available.  * (items are NOT shown at scale in the listing photo, where we gave extra emphasis to the Lineart Draft edition, which is, in actuality, roughly the same size as the FCBD comic book, which it was the first draft for.)
copacetic price - $28.75


Young Frances
by Hartley Lin (Ethan Rillly)
At long last, a book edition – and a swell hardcover, no less – collecting Ethan Rilly's excellent Pope Hats series.  Only, it turns out, Ethan Rilly is really... Hartley Lin*!  So, now we have Young Frances by Hartley Lin.  A finely crafted tale of young urbanites navigating the worlds of work and life as they come of age in 21st century North America.  Recommended.  Don't want to take our word for it?  Then how about these words from someone whose opinion is worth paying attention to:  "Young Frances is a meditation on work and meaning.  Its depiction of corporate culture and the finesse required to exist within it feels unlike anything I've read in comics." – Jillian Tamaki  •  Still not convinced? Then make your own mind up by checking out this PDF preview. || *(of which, Ethan Rilly is an anagram)
retail price - $19.99  copacetic price - $16.75


The Dangerous Journey
by Tove Jansson
Tove Jansson's 1970 picture book, The Dangerous Journey is back in print, courtesy of D & Q. In a departure, Jansson executed this work entirely in watercolor, not her accustomed medium. Perhaps deciding to make the creation of this particular work a bit of a dangerous (or, at least, challenging) journey for herself, as an artist, and so match form and content.
retail price - $16.99  copacetic price - $15.00

Moebius Library: The Art of Edena
by Moebius
This 200 page, full size hardcover volume is primarily what the title indicates.  From thumbnail breakdowns to idea sketches and on through to profoundly beautiful fully realized illustrations of related to the themes and characters of the Edena Cycle, this book is filled with amazing art.  But there's more:  there are also comics that were not included in The World of Edena.  Some are variations on sequences that you've seen before (presuming that you've already read the aforementioned World of Edna [if not, what are you waiting for?]), others are new, and only tangentially related – but from the same period – such as two pieces related to visiting Naples.  Suffice it to say, if you're a Moebius fan, this is essential; if you're a fan of imaginative comics and illustration, this is recommended. Jean Giraud – aka Moebius – was in a class by himself.
retail price - $34.99  copacetic price - $29.75


Blackbird Days
by Manuele Fior
Blackbird Days
 presents readers with ten short comics by Manuele Fior, reproduced full up in this 9" x 12" hardcover, translated into English (from the Italian original, by Jaime RIchards), and published for the first time in North America.  Fior dazzles with a virtuoso display of his talents in the wide range of styles and mediums that are on display here. 
retail price - $22.99  copacetic price - $18.75


Now #3
edited by Eric Reynolds; contributions by Noah Van Sciver, Ben Passmore, Dash Shaw, Eleanor Davis, Anne Simon, Jason T. Miles, Marcello Quintanilha, Anna Haifisch, Keren Katz, Roberta Scomparsa, et al
The latest Now is here and it looks like another winner!  120 pages of great comics from North America and Europe  – and perhaps elsewhere, as well (not sure) – all making their North American debuts, regardless.  Arguably the greatest value in comics going.  The fact that both of the first two issues have sold out is certainly a strong point in favor of this argument. Don't miss out on this one!
retail price - $9.99  copacetic price - $8.75


Drew Friedman's Chosen People

by Drew Friedman
Drew Friedman's Chosen People has at last arrived!  Over 100 finely rendered new portraits by the master.  The alphabetized arrangement of the portraits makes for some interesting juxtapositions!  "Drew Friedman is the unchallenged living master of the art of caricature, pushing it far beyond the centuries-old trick of clever physiognomic exaggeration and social skewering into a new, almost biological realm; his portraits and drawings have a lucidity that's unsettlingly scientific, as if Honoré Daumier, Ivan Albright, and a forensic doctor were all guiding his hand." –– Chris Ware.
retail price - $19.99  copacetic price - $16.75

IIThe Idiot
by Sami Alwani
When despair hits, when ennui gets you down, it's art to the rescue... or not.  Drawn employing an extreme clear line style throughout, in an unvarying 12-square-panel grid, in The Idiot  it is the art itself that is the ultimate embodiment (reflection?) of the central theme of the work, that of a detached, machine-like process of art creation.  Alwani, in so doing, has created a comics fable of Marx's dictum of the worker being alienated from their own labor under capitalism.  Alwani's protagonist artist struggles to reclaim his connection to his self and to regain control of the direction of his being... but is this even possible?  Yes, you can read this entire work online (here, if you must know), but that's not really the same, is it? And won't doing so further the reader's (you, perhaps, in this instance) alienation from their own self, by submitting to the über-capitalism of the increasingly omnipotent digital realm?  Whereas, by purchasing the physical work, the reader (again, perhaps, you) connects with the artist (by a mere one degree of separation, should you purchase it from Copacetic, as we received our copies directly from Alwani) and the physical world you both inhabit?  Think about it... and decide for yourself. 
retail price - $8.00  copacetic price - $8.00


Be Prepared
by Vera Brosgol
Finally, something new from Vera Brosgol!  Her Anya's Ghost has been a mainstay of the Copacetic comics for younger readers shelf since its 2011 release. Now we have Be Prepared, her memoir of being nine (almost ten!) years old at (a Russian Orthodox) summer camp.  256 duo-toned (in green, naturally; by Alec Longstreth, no less) pages filled with the challenges that come with the territory of being different – and thus often excluded; of being an immigrant transplant in America.  Readers will bond with Vera as she works to overcome obstacles as well as her feelings of awkwardness and assert herself and her talents.  Just in time for summer!
retail price - $12.99  copacetic price - $11.75


The King of Birds
by Alexander Utkin
The King of Birds
 is the first in what we hope will be a long running series of Gamayun Tales, based on traditional Russian Folk Tales.  Gamayun is a figure from Slavic mythology that embodies wisdom and knowledge, traditionally represented as a giant bird with a woman's head.  The King of Birds contains six interconnected tales, introduced by Gamayun in the mode of The Crypt Keeper – just more wise,  less scary.  Alexander Utkin's full color art is a wonder, and makes every page a pleasure to behold.  This is a volume that can – and will – be enjoyed by all ages.
retail price - $16.99  copacetic price - $15.00


The Largesse of the Sea Maiden
by Denis Johnson
The final collection of stories from the literary champion of the down-and-out-but-still-worth-your-while.  Here's a Guardian review – by fellow traveler, Geoff Dyer, no less.  And, here's the title story, from its original appearance in The New Yorker.
retail price - $27.00  copacetic price - $23.75

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New for March 2018

GD1X-Men: Grand Design (Marvel Treasury Edition)
by Ed Piskor
With X-Men: Grand Design, Ed Piskor may be the first creator in the history of Marvel Comics to have completely created a comics series "from soup to nuts."  Piskor has written, pencilled, inked, lettered, colored and designed this entire series (not including, of course, the reprint of the original X-Men #1 by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee [which he did re-color, however, in PiskorColor™] which is included here as the Official Treasury Edition Bonus).  X-Men: Grand Design is a giant connect-the-dots (metaphorically speaking) that creates a single stand-alone portrait of the history of the X-Men.  It is a task for which Piskor – having honed his chops on the four-volume Hip Hop Family Tree saga, published over the last four years by Fantagraphics – is eminently suited.  And it is a task that he originated and assigned himself (as, more or less, an existentialist project) and then only subsequently brought to Marvel for them to sign off on – or not.  Of course, not being fools, the powers that be at Marvel knew a good thing when they saw it, and signed on to Piskor's project, and the rest is history (still in-the-making!).  Here, in this Treasury Edition format, Piskor's project is presented as it was meant to be seen.  These pages are bursting with energetic and innovative cartooning.  Piskor's decision to set the page/paper tone as an off-white to cream newsprint enables the most singular visual innovation of the series:  the use of white as a color, for dramatic effect.  Time and again, the reader feels the impact of the white flashing out of the paper to highlight a scene or, especially, illuminate a power's action:  Magneto's forcefield; Iceman's chill surfaces; and other exhibitions of mutant power.  The bright white >pops< here on these pages in a way it hasn't ever before, and accentuates the uncanny at the core of the X-Men's appeal.  And, best of all, this oversize Treasury Edition – which is, clearly, how it is meant to be read – is only the first of three, so there's plenty more to look forward to!
tail price - $29.99  copacetic price - $25.75

Yellow Negroes and Other Imaginary Creatures

by Yvan Alagbé
Born in Paris and spending part of his youth in West Africa, Alagbé went on to become a significant contributor to the French comics scene, but has remained largely unknown in the USA – until now!  In addition to producing his graphically bold and narratively original comics, Alagbé co-founded  – with Olivier Marboeuf – the influential graphics/comics magazine Le Cheval sans Tête ("The Headless Horse"), the publishing house Amok and the publishing group Fréon.  In addition to its titular centerpiece, this collection presents five other original tales, each with its own unique approach. Nice!
retail price - $22.99  copacetic price - $20.00


From Lone Mountain
by John Porcellino
Finally, a new book collection of John Porcellino's legendary King-Cat Comics & Stories.  From Lone Mountain collects King-Cat #s 62 through 68, in which readers will experience love, married life, death, cats, travel and Zen – among much else.  Plus, there is plenty of bonus material, including new short comics, sketches, copious notes on the stories, and... an index of titles!  302 pages in all!  Anyone unfamiliar with John P.'s ouevre, should take a moment to take in the PDF preview provided by this book's publisher – HERE.
retail price - $22.95  copacetic price - $20.00


The Prince and the Dressmaker
by Jen Wang
Jen Wang's lush linework, sumptuous colors and sweeping layouts are out in full force in,The Prince and the Dressmaker, her latest graphic novel.  A fun, fantasy filled historical drama set in 19th century Paris, this smartly packaged 275 page work will engage all interested readers, but will be found especially appealling by those in the tween and early teen years. Check out a few spreads on this featurette at GirlsTweenFashion.
retail price - $16.99  copacetic price - $15.25


Follow the Leader #4
by Jonas Goonface
HOT OFF THE PRESS! It's the fourth issue of life lived on the streets and outside the law; kids vs. gangsters; community vs. money.  It all happens here.  These are great comics!  Those who don't already know this will quickly agree once they starting reading this series, which you can do HERE!
retail price - $8.00  copacetic price - $7.00


Not My Small Diary #19
by Delaine Derry Green
Not My Small Diary
, for the uninitiated, is a long running auto-bio/memoir comics anthology that brings together a large host of small press comics makers.  Each issue focuses on a specific theme.   This 104 page digest size issue has as its theme “Unexplained Events”.   43 creators* share their TRUE tales of the strange and mysterious!  There are UFOs, ghosts, curses, superstitions, coincidences too strange to believe, and more.  *Here's the list:  Carrie McNinch, Peter Conrad, Noel Franklin, David Lasky, Jason Martin, Kelly Froh, Jenny Zervakis, Donna Barr, Max Clotfelter, Andrew Goldfarb, Colleen Frakes, Mark Campos, Rob Kirby, Ben Horak, Joe Decie, Asher Craw, Missy Kulik, Misun Oh, Rachel Scheer, Simon Mackie, Charles Brubaker, Graeme McNee, George Erling, Elmore Buzzizyk, Chad Woody, Brad Foster, Lee J. Green, Jason Young, Liz Prince, J.T. Yost, Andrew Willmore, Jim Siergey, Patty Leidy, Pete Wentzell, James Burns, Fafá Jaepelt, John Porcellino, Micah Liesenfeld, MariNaomi, Kevin Van Hyning, Roberta Gregory, Mike Kraiger & Adam Pasion!
retail price - $7.00  copacetic price - $7.00


Grixly #42
by Nate McDonough
In the latest issue of Grixly, chef McDonough serves up a piping hot plate piled high with comics treats – over twenty different varieties of short comics:  talking to dad; going to Starbucks with mom; (not) smoking weed; cucumbers; poison ivy; Marvel movies; roommates; weddings; Jehovah's Witnesses; police; and, of course, the horror of it all.  In black & white, with full color, foldout centerfold.   Limited to 200 pint-size copies.  Still only $2!
retail price - $2.00  copacetic price - $2.00


We Ate Wonder Bread

by Nicole Hollander
A hybrid prose/graphic/comics memoir of growing up in Chicago in a bygone era unencumbered by dates (but we'd say that it's roughly twenty years prior to Emil Ferris's recently fictionalized Chicago childhood), We Ate Wonder Bread will transport readers back to their own childhoods, when parents were larger than life, adults were mysteries, the world was filled with wonder, and each day held a new surprise.

Introduction by Alison Bechdel
retail price - $22.99  copacetic price - $20.00

Donald Duck: "The Lost Peg Leg Mine"
by Carl Barks
Here we have Volume 18 in The Carl Barks Library. Fantagraphics' 15-year project to collect the entirety of Barks's Disney duck work in a 30-volume matched set, is now just shy of the halfway mark, as, while this is indeed Volume 18, it is only the 14th volume Fantagraphics has published, as they have yet to publish the first four volumes in the series, saving these early classic volumes for when the time is right.  This volume is the second which is entirely taken up by classic 10-pagers.  The twist this time around is that one of them, the titular "Lost Peg Leg Mine" in not from an issue of Walt Disney Comics and Stories, but rather an issue of Donald Duck (#52).  Was it originally slated for WDC&S and then switched over to DD?  Who knows! (This possibility is not touched upon in the notes).  Regardless, we have 17 consecutive Barks mini-masterworks here, all from 1956 & 1957.  Hi-jinx, laughs and adventure await!
retail price - $29.99  copacetic price - $25.75

"Cap" Stubbs and Tippie
by Edwina Dumm

TippieHere's the eleventh volume in the Library of American Comics Essentials, an ongoing series collecting full year (or more!) runs of classic daily comic strips, in stunning full back-in-the-day size (meaning waaay bigger than daily strips are printed today), on high quality newsprint; together making for the perfect æsthetic reading experience.  This 386 page, 4 1/2" x 11 1/2" hardcover collects the daily strips of "Cap" Stubbs an Tippie than originally ran from February 1, 1945 through April 4, 1946.  The fun starts with an in-depth 13-page illustrated introduction by none other than Caitlin McGurk of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, titled, "'My Land!': Edwina Dumm's Pioneering Life in Comics."
retail price - $29.99  copacetic price - $26.75


Is Diss a System?
by Milt Gross
SALE! This is a swellegant hardcover from New York University Press – complete with translucent dust jacket and 50 page introduction by Ari Kelman, an American Studies prof at UC Davis.  This book is mostly composed of Gross's prose humor, replete with Yiddish dialect (that will likely remind some readers of Krazy Kat's – or "ket's" – dialogue) but there are over a hundred cartoons and/or comics scattered throughout this volumes 300 pages, making for a great introduction to this multifaceted talent.
retail price - $35.00  copacetic price - $11.75

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New for February 2018

WhyWhy Art?
by Eleanor Davis
In her Fantagraphics follow-up to How to Be Happy, Davis opts for a similarly archly refractive title.  Why Art? (Fourth Edition) does not present an expository answer to the question its title poses, but it does, like its forerunner, embody a through-composed approach to its subject that could be construed to do so.  It is a highly personal and idiosyncratic approach, savvy yet bittersweet, and one that takes a surprising – and intriguing – twist that longtime comics readers will recognize as a thematic recapitulation of the late-'50s/early-'60s work of Steve Ditko(!).  The book's signal achievement is to present an examination of Art from the perspective of Comics.  This tacking maneuver is hinted at right at the start, in Davis's suggestive decision to employ an inverse of the color scheme of the Greek urns of classical antiquity (sandstone orange figures on black, as opposed to the classical black figures on a sandstone orange field).  These urns can be considered as ur comics due to their depictions of sequential/narrative actions, thus bringing the question of the relationship of Comics and Art to the dawn of Western tradition.  And this questioning continues through the work's narrative of comics as art imitating life imitating art imitating life, ad infinitum.  After a century in which the old world of Art colonized, appropriated, co-opted and exploited the natural resources of the world of Comics, Why Art?  turns the tables and, taking a distinctly new world (aka American) stance, incorporates Art as a key linguistic unit within an egalitarian and democratic language system constituted by Comics (while, in must be said, nevertheless also maintaining an apocalyptic teleology largely derived from Judeo-Christian tradition [see Steve Ditko]).  It's about time.

retail price - $14.99  copacetic price - $12.75

JazzTotal Jazz

by Blutch
We were excited enough by this book's publication that we ordered it – from France – in it's original French language release (resulting in us charging more than twice as much as we are for this North American release!).  While, of course, there have been comics about jazz in the past – some of the best of which, intriguingly, have also originated in Europe – in Total Jazz, Blutch, comics master that he is, has done more than most to bring the spirit of jazz to its representation in comics form; working towards translating the jazz ethos of improvisation within formal compositions into the language of comics.  While many of the short pieces collected here are brief anecdotes with varying degrees of both sly and straightforward humor, there is a variability in their representational modes that, again, embodies the jazz spirit of experimentation and risk taking. Taken together as a whole, Total Jazz is a comics milestone.
retail price - $19.99  copacetic price - $17.75


Inside Moebius, Part 1
by Moebius
It's here!  The North American debut – and the first time in English – of Moebius's meta-comics work in which he explores the realm of consciousness through comics interactions with his own comics creations.  How are representational modes related to forms of consciousness?  It's time to find out, with Moebius as our guide...
retail price - $34.95  copacetic price - $29.75


Compulsive Comics
by Eric Haven
All Eric Haven's early, hard-to-find classics have at last been collected in Compulsive Comics, just released by Fantagraphics. In the pages of this 144 page flexi-bound compendium readers will be treated to the entirety of the first three issues of Tales To Demolish, The Aviatrix one-shot, the ultra-rare Ultralone mini-comic and the never-before-published "The Accuser"!  These tales are tailor made for long suffering old school comics readers who want the joy of the form of the classic genre tales of yore along with a knowing laugh at themselves for their predilections. 
retail price - $19.99  copacetic price - $17.75

BrazenBrazen: Rebel Ladies Who Rocked the World
by Pénélope Bagieu; translated into English by Montana Kane.
Pénélope Bagieu's Brazen is a collection of 29 comics biographies originally created for the French newspaper, Le Monde.  Employing a clear concise line and limited but playful color palette, for the most part within a well thought out nine-panel grid layout, Bagieu's work is eminently readable, and one finishes this 300 page volume ready for more.  Each of these pithy bios is informative and fun, pulling off the coveted accomplishment of entertaining while educating.  In other words, they're great comics!  And, as an added bonus, each bio is topped off with a celebratory double-page splash illustration.  All wrapped up in a great package for a great price!  Among those rebel ladies whose lives and achievments are featured are Tove Jansson, Josephine Baker, Delia Akely, Betty Davis, Nelly Bly, Hedy Lamarr, Temple Grandin, Las Mariposas, The Shaggs(!), and twenty others who, while perhaps less well known, have achievements and life-stories that are every bit as engaging.  The stories here are so engaging that they will, in many instances, leave readers curious to learn more about their subjects (which particular subjects are likely to be different for each reader).  In fact, we fully expect these brief bios to inspire more than one full-length comics biography.  Read a quickie interview with Bagieu on The Nerdist, HERE.
tail price - $17.95  copacetic price - $15.75

Red Colored Elegy
by Seiichi Hayashi
Finally!  A new – and very improved – edition of Seiichi Hayashi's manga masterpiece of alienation has been releasesd by Drawn and quarterly.  This new edition has a nice heft and feel, and the design has been slightly tweaked for a mild aesthetic improvement, but the big change is the addition of a 60 page, illustrated essay by manga/gekiga/Garo scholar, Ryan Homberg.  The inclusion of this essay will enable all readers to better situate Hayashi's work in manga history and better appreciate his achievements.  As Red Colored Elegy is over 45 years old, and Hayashi's work is far from typical manga fare, Holmberg's essay is a crucial improvement to this book, which we reviewed upon its original release, HERE.  Recommended.
retail price - $22.95  copacetic price - $20.00

Black Comix Returns
edited by Damian Duffy & John Jennings
Black Comix Returns
 is a giant-size celebration of black comics, primarily, if not wholly, made in North America. This massive, oversized, full color, 200 page hardcover showcases an amazing variety of work ranging from epic heroic fantasy to intimate personal reflection that incorporates plenty of astute social observations and savvy political commentary along the way.  The contributors to this volume are far too numerous to list them all here, but include many artists whose work Copacetic regulars will be familiar with, such as Keith Knight, Ben Passmore, Whit Taylor and Ron Wimberly, along with plenty of new talents to discover here for the first time!
retail price - $29.95  copacetic price - $25.75

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New for January 2018

Angels and Magpies

by Jaime Hernandez
Anyone who has yet to experience the masterpieces collected in this hefty, budget-priced volume now has the chance to start the new year off with a deepened appreciation of the human condition – and the expressive capacities of comics.  Angels and Magpies,  the latest in the uniform softcover edition of Love and Rockets, brings together the meta-comics masterwork, God and Science and the unparalleled presentation of the processes of character formation, fate and destiny that is The Love Bunglers, in which readers are offered the opportunity to gaze into their own souls through the mirror of Maggie Chascarrillo.  PLUS:  the hard to find story, "La Maggie la Loca / Gold Diggers of 1969", from the long out of print Love and Rockets v.2 #20! 
retail price - $19.99  copacetic price - $15.99


Love and Rockets: Volume IV #4
by Gilbert & Jaime Hernandez
And then, you can keep going strong and carry on with the latest issue of the World's Greatest Comics Magazine, as the new Love and Rockets is here!  It's the flashback issue as we head back into the halcyon days of yore with Maggie & Hopey and Pipo and Carmen (and Manuel and Luba and...).  Plus more!
retail price - $4.99  copacetic price - $4.44


The Green Hand and Other Stories

by Nicole Claveloux; introduction by Daniel Clowes
Nicole Claveloux's amazing work has at long last been collected stateside, in this full-size hardcover volume from New York Review Comics.  Long time comics readers may be familiar with her work from the earlier issues of Heavy Metal.  Regardless of whether you've ever seen her work or not (and we suspect that for most, it's not) be prepared to have your socks knocked off, as these pieces really make an impact when taken all together here.  This power packed selection has been put together by Daniel Clowes – who also designed the book and penned the introduction (it's safe to say he is a fan).  We posted a few interior shots on Instagram, HERE.  Check it out!
retail price - $24.95  copacetic price - $21.75


Mister Morgen

by Igor Hofbauer
Croatian comics superstar, Igor Hofbauer at last makes it to North America, courtesy of Canadian comics publisher, Conundrum.  Soviet-era-inflected design and motifs seamlessly integrate with  with dreamlike, dystopian narratives.  Charles Burns meets Aleksandr Rodchenko  Check it out.
retail price - $24.95  copacetic price - $21.75


Now #2

by Eric Reynolds, Dash Shaw, Fabio Zimbres, Ariel Lopez V., et al
The second issue of Now has arrived, poppin' full with a great variety of fresh comics!  Edited by Eric Reynolds, it includes a new story by Dash Shaw along with South American cartoonists Ariel Lopez V. and Fabio Zimbres; Spanish cartoonist Conxita Herrero: Canadian artist and musician Nick Thorburn (of the bands Unicorns and Islands); Finnish cartoonist Tommi Musturi;  Sammy Harkham, Joshua Cotter, Graham Chaffee, Anuj Shrestha, Andrice Arp, and it all comes to a close with a full color one-pager by Joseph Remnant that's an instant classic!
retail price - $9.99  copacetic price - $8.75

HDB4Hot Dog Beach #4
by Lale Westvind
They're back!  Mop & Fuzz, along with Mr. Biznass, Wendy and Jazzy Milkman have returned for a 25 page, high-octane epic of wo/man and ma/chine.  These are highly kinetic comics that leap straight off the page.  Designed to discombobulate your langauge processors, the lines on paper that make up Hot Dog Beach will hotwire your brain, pry it away from your internet-connected devices and plug it right back into your body where it belongs.  Feel the vibrations.... Don't miss it!
retail price - $6.00  copacetic price - $5.00


Comix Skool USA #10

by Kevin Huizenga
#10 is the food issue... Just kidding!  This sumptuous image gracing this full color cover printed on cardstock is more likely meant to symbolize the multi-course feast of comics knowledge that awaits readers within. There's plenty of intellectually nutritious food for thought in these 32 pages that are chock full of instructive images & texts.  Dig in!
tail price - $5.00  copacetic price - $5.00


No Better Words
by Carolyn Nowak
Here's a super-sexy 28 page full color comic book created with consummate cartooning craft that provides a full-bodied expression of unapologetic female desire, and its navigation in the era of smart phones and Uber (but some things never change...).
tail price - $5.00  copacetic price - $4.50


Dalston Monsterzz
by Dilraj Mann
Dilraj Mann's Dalston Monsterzz is a super snazzy A4 size full color hardcover published by NoBrow press and printed on nice flat white FSC stock in Latvia. Set in East London in the not-too-distant future, it concerns age-old themes of friendship, love, corruption, power and... monsters!  Definitely worth a look.  Imagine a young Paul Pope supplied with the latest in comics making technology, and inspired after nightclubbing in London, and you'll have an inkling as to what's going on in this stylish, culturally savvy fantasy adventure.  We got our copies a bit ahead of schedule, and posted a few pics on Instagram, HERE, so take a look.
retail price - $19.99  copacetic price - $17.75


The Lie and How We Told It
by Tommi Parrish
Tommi Parrish has been producing handmade, self-published and small press comics and now here's their Fantagraphics debut graphic novel.  The work presented in this full size hardcover takes an intriguing visual approach to couching its narrative of relationships and social groups, employing an alternating black & white "clear line" presentation, with lush, fully painted color.  Worth a look.  For now, check out this new interview with Parrish, just up on TCJ, HERE.
retail price - $24.99  copacetic price - $21.75


My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea - DVD
Directed by Dash Shaw
For anyone who has yet to hear, yes, it's true:  Dash Shaw has made a feature-length animation that is now available on DVD – and it is now in stock at Copacetic! (there is also a Blu-Ray, but we don't have that as of yet).  Here's the Guardian Review.
retail price - $16.99  copacetic price - $13.75


Transformers vs. G.I. Joe: The Quintessential Collection
by Tom Scioli
Transformers and GI Joe each – and together – get a mythic makeover in Tom Scioli's epic re-envisioning. This massive hardcover collects all 13 issues of his IDW series, including all covers and variants, PLUS the all new Transformers vs. G. I. Joe: The Movie Adaptation and TONS of bonus material, to make it THE definitive edition of this made-in-Pittsburgh mythos.
retail price - $49.99  copacetic price - $42.75


The Master Race and Other Stories
by Bernie Krigstein
Finally, B. Krigstein gets the Fantagraphics EC auteur treatment.  This hardcover collection presents his most significant work for EC, including the masterful and immensely influential title story; all in black and white.
retail price - $29.99  copacetic price - $25.75


R. Crumb: From the Underground to Genesis
by R. Crumb, Todd Hignite
In case anyone needs a reminder of R. CRUMB's genius, here's an English language edition – essay by Todd Hignite – of the catalogue of his recent exhibition at the Musée d'Art moderne de la Ville de Paris. While acknowledging that not all R. Crumb is for everyone and that some of his work appears highly problematic in the light of today, there is no disputing his genius.  There are tons of great reproductions of original art, including rarely – if not never before – seen alternative covers, sketchbook drawings, and more, in this oversize hardcover edition.
retail price - $49.99  copacetic price - $42.75

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