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New for January 2016

CDGC Comics Dementia & Girl Crazy
by Gilbert Hernandez
And, to tide you over until the new series arrives, we have TWO new collections from the pen and mind of Gilbert Hernandez!   Enthusiasts, aficionados, completists and collectors will have special reason to celebrate the release of Comics Dementia.  Here, collected in a single volume, we have over 200 pages of GIlbert's wildest and wooliest comics, drawn together from hither and yon in the comics firmament.  Not for the faint of heart or weak of mind, the work here is where Gilbert cuts loose and lets you have it, right in the eyes!  So, hold onto your hats! 64 stories in all!  Then we are presented with a hardcover collection of what we believe – if memory serves – was Gilbert's first solo work away from the comfortable confines of Fantagraphics.  Girl Crazy was originally published as a three issue mini-series by Dark Horse in 1996, who is publishing it again here – twenty years later, if you can believe it!
Comics Dementia: 
retail price - $19.99  copacetic price - $15.99
Girl Crazy:   retail price - $17.99  copacetic price - $16.25

retail price - $8.00  copacetic price - $7.00

U5 Uptight #5
by Jordan Crane
112 pages of new Jordan Crane!?! Yes!  First up is a massive, 52 page installment of the "Keeping Two" saga, by far the longest yet, in which things go from bad to worse -- or do they?  "Keeping Two" is a bit of a self-reflexive work, in that it indicates its awareness that it is providing the reader with a distraction/relief/alternative narrative from/to their own lives by presenting a story in which the central protagonists are distracted from their lives by reading another story, and their experience of reading that story is experienced by the reader of "Keeping Two" as being equivalent in reality to the main "real" story; given an equal weight. Taking this approch implies an equivalency of experience between life as it is lived in the world and as it occurs on the page; both are positioned as equals in the life of the mind.  This is followed by a pitch perfect comics representation of a nightmare,"Wake Up".  This six-page mini-masterpiece, which originally appeared in Monster 2013, is amazingly effective, despite -- or perhaps because of -- its brevity, in capturing the off-kilter, symbol-laden helplessness of the bad dream that the dreamer inevitably struggles to awake from.    Next up is this issue's big surprise:  a 25 page science fiction tale, "The Dark Nothing," done up in black and white and purple tone (this is what the cover provides a taste of).  We don't want to give too much away about this one, but suffice it to say it's a story where things don't go as planned.  It provides a counter narrative to the heroic tales of derring-do that are so associated with space adventure.  This is the story that you don't hear.  In this it has something in common with some of Joseph Conrad's tales of the sea.  The issue wraps up with 26 pages of man-against-nature saga that easily doubles as a man-against-himself, "The Middle Nowhere."   Taking a step back from this story one sees it more as an allegory; intriguingly, an allegory that is open to multiple interpretations.  Looked at from one angle, it appears to be a representation of the moment of death, and the transmigration of a soul.  Looked at from the other side, it appears as though it were the story of an entire life, from the boredom of an isolated childhood through the crisis of adolescence which leads inevitabley to being "trapped" in a marriage before finally escaping either in death, or divorce -- it's up to the reader to decide!  Jordan Crane has been producing Uptight for over a decade now, and this issue is by far the most substantial. Uptight's focus is the unholy trinity of stress, anxiety and despair, yet the comics themselves clearly embody a struggle to overcome these.  For all the darkness that pervade these comics, Crane is on the side of the angels.  In pen and ink he grapples with his personal demons with great finesse and fine craftsmanship.  The work bears an undeniable imprint of Jaime Hernandez's pen and ink mastery, especially in the use of blacks (which one could argue originates with Toth, but let's not go there right now).  Crane is obviously a fan of Japanese comics, and so it is unsurprising that there is also very much of a manga feel to the unfolding of the respective dramas present here.  Jaime and Toth both follow Kirby in searching for the key moment to embody a scene, whereas while Crane strives to achieve this goal as well, he also follows the manga muse in his quest to unpack a moment, to find it in the connection bewteen a series of panels.  The final panel of "The Dark Nothing" can stand as synecdoche of this approach, as a series of dimly connected flashes occuring with near simultaneity on a ring of asteroids in space momentarily shine a light on the mysterious force that connects them, in a way analogous to Crane's intention in illuminating a moment in a closely observed and connected series of panels.  RECOMMENDED!
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retail price - $5.00  copacetic price - $5.00

retail price - $18.00  copacetic price - $15.00

DDC Ding Dong Circus
by Sasaki Maki; edited by Ryan Holmberg
Ryan Holmberg's series of collections of classic and avant-garde manga that he was producing for PictureBox has made an at least temporary home at Breakdown Press with the release of Ding Dong Circus.  This 256 page risograph collection presents, for the first time in English, the best of Sasaki Maki’s work.  Originally drawn for alt-manga super magazine Garo (with a couple drawn for other contemporaneous manga mags) between 1967 and 1974, the fifteen stories here follow Sasaki’s groundbreaking exploration of collage methods in comics storytelling, weaving through references to R&B, rock ‘n’ roll, the Vietnam War, Andy Warhol, the Summer of Love, the Beatles, British humour, and the wacky world of Japanese consumerism. Ding Dong Circus demonstrates what manga fans already knew: that in Sasaki Maki, Japan can claim not only a pioneer in experimental comics, but one of the world’s masters of Pop Art and a trenchant avant-garde critic of the Sixties.   BONUS:  Maki's autobiographical essay, "Still a Cartoonist", also in English for the first time.   Translator and editor Ryan Holmberg  published an extensive essay about Sasaki at The Comics Journal, which amply demonstrates both Maki's significance and importance as well as Holmberg's critical acumen.  And, we've posted a generous preview of the book on ello, HEREDon't miss this one!
retail price - $26.99  copacetic price - $25.75

II Invisible Ink: My Mother's Secret Love Affair with a Famous Cartoonist
by Bill Griffith
Bill Griffith, widlely heralded as a founding father of Underground comics and the later 20th century pop counter culture, primarily for his star creation, Zippy the Pinhead™,  but also for his pioneering editorial contributions to the important comix anthologies Young Lust and, with Art Spiegelman, Arcade, has here, in the pages of this 200 page graphic memoir, told the story that he has been keeping to himself all these many decades.  This one's got a title -- well, subtitle, anyway -- that pretty much doesn't hold back the punch line; what was the big surprise for the author is fate accompli for all readers going in.  Readers are provided with what may, in hindsight, be costrued to be the key formative event in Bill Griffith's early life.  The reason for this is that there is much more to Invisible Ink that just a tell-all auto-bio comic; by getting this out of the way at the outset, it allows readers to focus on the wider world that is on display here.  The setting is the real star here, not just the physical and concrete, but, espcecially, the cultiural evirons take center stage here in the shaping of a life and mind.  Invisible Ink is a detailed portrait, a vivid recreation, of a time and place that once was but is now no more.  John Kelly has written a detailed review of the work on his Spooky Comics blog, HERE.  SPECIAL NOTE:  Bill Griffith will be a special guest at PIX 2016, on Saturday 2 April 2016.
retail price - $29.99  copacetic price - $25.75

Cheech Wizard's Book of Me
by Vaughn Bode
This heavy-duty, oversize hardcover brings together the entirety of Vaughn Bodé's Cheech Wizard comics along with a nice selection of roughs and sketches, some never before published.  Also included are an additional forty page's of Cheech Wizard related work by Vaughn's son Mark, who very much carries on the tradition.  Nicely designed and printed on heavy flat white stock. 
retail price - $29.99  copacetic price - $25.75


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New for December 2015

by Michael DeForge
This is a 16 page, 11" x 17", full color (with a few in black & white) newspaper collection of posters for bands, comics, tours and more.  Added Bonus:  thee posters on the last three pages were done in collaboration with Patrick Kyle.  You may want to consider getting two:  one to bag and save; one to cut up and hang on your walls. 
retail price - $5.00  copacetic price - $5.00

SJFSpace Jellyfish
by Jesse Jacobs
This one is a 16 page horizontally formatted comic book rendered in Jacobs's patented duotone. It's laid out, and could be read, as a series of 16 3-panel comics.  Is it far out?  Yes.
retail price - $5.00  copacetic price - $5.00

by Charles Burns
Publisher, Pigeon Press sez:  "Incubation is a brand new unique sketchbook by Charles Burns in that it focuses on his color work. The images within were selectedby the artist from his notebooks from the period during the years when he was working on his Nit Nit trilogy (X’ed Out, The Hive, Sugar Skull). This booklet offers a first-time look into Burn’s color process with examples of his sketches, conceptual drawings, color studies, and notes, etc… all presented beautifully in full-color throughout."  We've provided an appetizing preview on ello, HERE.
retail price - $9.95  copacetic price - $9.95


sorry i can't come in on monday i'm really really sick
by Jane Mai
A gloomy greeting card of a comic book, this 16 page mini presents an illustrated diary of having a bad day.  Many will realte.  Let's hope that making this comic turned that frown upside-down
retail price - $3.00  copacetic price - $3.00

DP The Dharma Punks
by Ant Sang
This 416 page graphic novel was a big hit in its native New Zealand, and now at last arrives in North America courtesy of Canada's Conundrum Press, who has this to say about it:  "Set over one long night in Auckland New Zealand in 1994, a group of anarchist punks have hatched a plan to sabotage the opening of a multi-national fast-food restaurant by blowing it sky-high come opening day. Chopstick has been given the unenviable task of setting the bomb before the opening, but the night takes the first of many unexpected turns when he is separated from his accomplice. Chance encounters and events from his past conspire against him, forcing Chopstick to deal with more than just the mission at hand. Still reeling after the death of a close friend, and struggling to reconcile his spiritual path with his political actions, Chopstick’s journey is a meditation on life, love, friendship and the ghost of Kurt Cobain.  As the story unfolds, it becomes clear there is more at stake than was first realised, and the outcome of the night’s events will change all of their lives in ways they could never have imagined. Reminiscent of the drawing style of Paul Pope Sang’s compositions are insightful and sometimes breathtaking. But what lodges in the memory is the deep, heartfelt humanity that fills every page.  The Dharma Punks was originally published as a series of alternative comics which, at the height of its popularity, was outselling Spider-man and X-Men on New Zealand comic racks. Here it is collected for the first time for an international audience."<>  Introduction by Dylan Horrocks. 
retail price - $25.00  copacetic price - $22.22

New for November 2015

Crickets #5
by Sammy Harkham
It's here!  The latest chapter of "Blood of the Virgin", the epic saga set in the milleau of early-1970s B-movie making, where fantasy and reality blend together as individuial personal perogatives clash with each other as well as those of business and æsthetics, peer group and family and more, with everything, somehow, finding its way into the film, before being transmuted
into this comic book and ultimately into the readers' brains, inspiring further transmutations as the cycle starts all over again in an endless cycle of creative rebirth.  Crickets.
retail price - $7.00  copacetic price - $6.50

New Construction
by Sam Alden
NCThe follow up to last year's It Never Happened, New Construction features two new comics novellas, "Backyard" and "Household."  Each is tautly rendered in Alden's forceful pencil line.  New Construction is aptly titled in that it is put together diferently.  It is a bifurcated edition, with the first tale, "Backyard," being both tightly rendered and printed on a (relatively) bright cream colored stock, while the second, "Household" is far more loose and expressionistic in its rendering and is printed on a dull light gray newsprint.  It is worth noting here that the reproduction quality in New Construction is significantly superior to that of It Never Happened; the pencil work in both stories here is crisp and clear.  (We've posted a preview on ello, HERE, but the photos don't really do the work justice.)  The stories, however, are a bit darker, narratively speaking, dealing with the tensions beneath the surface in relationships of all stripes, and charting their roots to family dysfunctions.  Sam Alden consistently produces comics that seek to provide an æsthetic catharsis for emotional devastation.  The works in New Construction are confrontations with personal demons that take place in pencil on paper.
retail price - $17.95  copacetic price - $15.00

F10Frontier #10: Michael DeForge

by Michael DeForge
In "Sensitive Property", Micheal DeForge employs a minimalist approach to both text and art.  The visual component conjoins his clean line figures with blocks of primary colors employed to indicate space in a manner somewhat akin to Blexbolex, while the text is entirely in the form of the protagonist's narration of her actions.  The combined effect is one of extreme detachment and disassociation. The plot serves to connect the subterfuge of corporations, the economic power of the real estate market, and their combined cooption and subversion of radical dissent; its folding into the status quo.
retail price - $7.95  copacetic price - $7.50

by Jeremy Sorese
Wow!  Jeremy Sorese makes a big splash with his graphic novel debut.  Curveball is a lavishly produced 420 (!) page all-new, graphic novel.  It's a science fiction / romance epic set in a highly automated, robotics-heavy future in which all the scientific advances don't prevent people form being subject to the same foibles and fragilities as ever. The folks at NoBrow have done a great job in presenting Sorese's detailed pencil, ink & wash drawings together with flourescent orange (!) spot colors (which occasionally morph into full page overlays -- it's probably best that you check out the preview photos we posted HERE).  The book looks and feels great! -- and what's more, Nobrow has pulled off the hat trick of managing to bring this hefty tome to market, complete with the high quality printing and packaging that it is known for, at quite a reasonable price.  Fun!
retail price - $19.99  copacetic price - $17.77

Men's Feelings #2
by Ted May

OK, all you comics readers out of touch with your own feelings (you know who you are!), those of the male prersuasion -- the majority, no doubt -- are now offered respite, in the form the second jam-packed issue of Men's Feelings!  Ted May has done the heavy lifting for you, pulling back the psychic boulders one by one to reveal the quivering mass of male insecurites that lie within.  In these eleven tales, ranging in length from the single pagers, "Thank You," and "Good Night," to the epic, ironically titled 10-pager, "You Can Skip This One," Mr. May demonstrates his mastery of comics story-telling in the service of a higher calling -- that of puting men in touch with their feelings.  All for a fin!
retail price - $5.00  copacetic price - $5.00

Chain Mail Bikini: The Anthology of Women Gamers
edited by Hazel Newlevant
Starting out with an in-your-face cover illustration by Hellen Jo , Chain Mail Bikini features a fistful of comics by:  Amanda Scurti (Hey, Jana J!) Aatmaja Pandya (Travelogue) anna anthropy (Rise of the Video Game Zinesters) Anna Rose (Strange Paradise) Annie Mok (Rookie Magazine) Becca Hillburn (7" Kara) Buntoo (Q*Star) Caitlin Rose Boyle (An Itty Bitty Summoning) Carey Peitsch (Adventure Time: Marceline Gone Adrift) Diana Nock (Poorcraft) Elizabeth Simins (Bad at Games) Hazel Newlevant (If This Be Sin) Jade F. Lee (Lacrimancer) Jane Mai (Sunday in the Park with Boys) Jeremy Boydell (Self Care with Dog) June Vigants (Benny & Fritz) Kae Kelly-Colon (Make Your Death) Kate Craig (Heart of Ice) Katie Longua (Munchies) Kinoko Evans (The Epic of Gilgamesh) Kori Michele Handwerker (Prince of Cats webcomic) Laura Lannes (The Basil Plant) Liane PyperMaggie Siegel-Berele (Jesus Loves Lesbians, Too) Megan Brennan (Pencil Pup) merritt kopas (Videogames For Humans) Mia Schwartz (Strawberries) Miranda Harmon (System Upgrade) MK Reed (The Cute Girl Network) Molly Ostertag (Strong Female Protagonist) Natalie Dupille (The Feminist Bakery) Rachel Ordway (Art School Adventures) Sara Goetter (Boozle) Sarah Stern (Game Boss) Sarah Winifred Searle (Drawing Conclusions) Sera Stanton (Temi) Sophie Yanow (The War of Streets and Houses) and Yao Xiao (Baopu).  Whew!  Someone you know wants this one...
retail price - $20.00  copacetic price - $17.77

Irene #6
Weighing in at 214 black & white pages, and powered by a host of talented comics creators banded together under startlingly detailed covers by "d. w.", the sixth issue of Irene is one of the strongest anthologies of the season and may be the best volume yet in this impressive series.  Featuring a bushel of strong stories such as "Girl Town" by Carolyn Nowak, "Dreaming" by Tillie Walden, "You Come to a Strange Town" by Luke Howard and plenty more.  Irene is also pepered throughout with unique occasional art by the likes of Marc Bell, Leif Goldberg, Jai Granofsky and others, and including a 14 page excerpt of d.w.'s "Mountebank."  Be sure to give this one the once over. 
retail price - $15.00  copacetic price - $13.75


Dog City #4

And now, how about an anthology series with a Pittsburgh connection?  This time around, the Dog City team is focused on COLLABORATION.  Each of the seven works collected here is the result of a free for all process of collaboration between two creators.  Anything goes, and anything does in this 100+ page, B & W, perfeect bound anthology, as the work takes unexpected twists and turns.  Collaboration with another enables a creator to break out of their own familiar terrain and discover -- and, crucially, explore -- a new world.  Join in the discover, in Dog City #4!

W Walkabout
by Sally Ingraham
Marcel Proust felt that life's events were most truly experienced after the fact, in their recreation through memory, and created what many consider the greatest novel ever penned to back up his claim.  On a much more modest scale, Sally Ingraham has recalled and recreated some select moments of her own in Walkabout.  She recently relocated from Pittsburgh to Santa Fe, NM, at which remove she has reflected on her former environs in the form of this pictographic recreation of a walk, or walks -- there's quite a bit of ground covered in this issue's 72 pages, which have been hand sewn into a cozy, hand made comic book that may serve as a catalyst for readers' own memories of similar perambulations, like Proust's madeleine...
retail price - $8.00  copacetic price - $8.00

SP Space Punks
by Jonas McLuggage
Get ready for a fresh comics blast courtesy the recently-transplanted-to-Pittsburgh, Jonas McLuggage!  Space Punks lands you smack dab in the middle of a dynamic comics universe that will fix your comics jones; in seconds flat you will be blasted off out of your humdrum existence into the world of... Space Punks!  This 16 page comic book is beautifully printed -- right here in Pittsburgh -- on coated stock with an extra heayweight cover.  It is cover to cover comics; all killer, no filler.  It has been produced in a signed and numbered, limited edition of 100 copies.  As an added bonus, each comic includes a tasty original sketch on the back cover!  Check out our preview of this soon-to-be-collector's-item, HERE!
retail price - $8.00  copacetic price - $8.00

SATStreet Angel Twofer:  TrickRTreat + Xmas Special
by Jim Rugg & Brian Maruca
The holiday season has arrived, and now's your chance to celebrate it with Street Angel in this season-spanning Twofer Special Package containing BOTH the Halloween-themed Trick R Treat AND the Street Angel Xmas Special!  Both of these comics are compact 4 1/2" x 6 1/2" editions. Trick R Treat  (aka Ghost Monster) runs 20 pages in full color on glossy stock; Street Angel Xmas Special is a pink paper edition that runs 28 pages in black & white.  Both are action-packed, fun-filled comics adventures -- ninjas! reindeer! ghosts! --  that are sure to revive anyone's flagging holiday spirits.  Made in Pittsburgh!
retail price - $10.00  copacetic price - $10.00


There Is No Right Way To Meditate
by Yumi Sakugawa
The latest book by Yumi Sakugawa demonstrates once again how effective comics can be in communicating concepts and ideas. Here she imparts her hard won knowledge of not only the value of meditation, but also the importance of being open to new ways of thinking and how being less self critical can help achieve this.
retail price - $13.99  copacetic price - $12.75



Junji Ito's Cat Diary: Yon & Mu
by Junji Ito
AAIIIIIEEE!!!  Cats!  Junji Ito reveals the terrors of cat ownership in this manga diary that accomplishes the rare feat of being simultaneously chilling and hilarious.
retail price - $10.99  copacetic price - $9.99


The New Deal
by Jonathan Case
Jonathan Case delivers a sharp looking period piece.  Set in the Waldorf Astoria of the 1930s, The New Dea views the goings on there through the eyes of the staff, and in the process confronts -- albiet from a 21st century perspective -- race, class and gender relations and the preconceptions that go with them in this nice looking fast-paced graphic novel, that makes for a fun and diverting read.  Full size, black and white, hardcover edition.
retail price - $16.99  copacetic price - $15.25


Tunes Terms and Conditions: The Unabridged Graphic Adaptation - Part C & Part D
by R. Sikoryak
It's here!  The second -- heftier, weighing in at a big 60 pages -- installment of R. Sikoryak's jarring formalist experiment that combines Apple's legal department's boilerplate with classic comics layouts.  Reading contracts wioll never be the same again!
We've posted a preview of both issues, HERE.
retail price - $10.00  copacetic price - $9.00

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New for October 2015

SiSThe Sky in Stereo
by Sacha Mardou
Sacha Mardou is a natural born comics storyteller.  Her pen & ink characters live and breath on the page.  The situations they find themselves in, their reactions to them, and the way it all plays out in the pages of her comics works have a verisimilitude that few other comics creators can match. The Sky in Stereo is her first foray into long form comics (i.e., a graphic novel).  She's been at work on it for a number of years (she and her husband, fellow comics maker, Ted May are also raising a child, who was an infant at the start of Sky in Stereo) and has released two of it's chapters as successful stand-alone comics.  Here in this iteration, we have a graphic-novel length work that weighs in at 180 pages, yet we are still only half way there, as the story is "to be concluded in Book 2."  The two stand-alone comics appear here as chapters two and three of this work, comprising just over half its length. The new work that appears here for the first time are the introduction and first chapter, which follow the protagonist, Iris from the time her mother is "born again" (courtesy some Jehovah's Witnesses) to the time which Iris drops out of the church, and the fourth chapter in which the lingering effects of the microdot that Iris ingested at the start of the third chapter make themselves felt.  Along the way, the reader experiences the streets, businesses and homes of Manchester, England (Mardou's hometown) through Iris's eyes, and almost feels the pavement beneath her feet.  For more perspective on this great work, please see the Copacetic reviews of the first and second issues.  RECOMMENDED!
retail price - $17.95  copacetic price - $15.00

by Sam Alden
Sam Alden's new work is quite a departure.  Long time readers, acculturated to his swift and sure pencil renderings may be startled to open this work and find it filled with super-low-resolution pixel renderings (at least one of his pixel art works has previously seen print, however, in the pages of S! #18).  Upon reflection, however, Lydian can be seen as an extension of the direction Alden was moving into with his last work, Hunter, which was a piece that immersed the reader in a quasi-videogame world.  Both Hunter and Lydian are full color works and both employ constraints:  Hunter is hand drawn with marker, employing the constraint of being a wordless comic; Lydian is dependent on a highly constrained computer rendering that imposes an extreme limit upon the depiction of character expression as a result of being at the limit of pixelation, and thus forces the reader to be highly reliant on the dialogue to infer character actions, expression, moods and emotions.  These two approaches may be seen as the inverse of each other.  Plenty of food for thought, regardless.  Our take away is that Alden is probing the constraints placed on consciousness in the ever more computer-assisted / computer-dependent environment in which he and his peers find themselves, and reporting back in comics form.
retail price - $12.00  copacetic price - $12.00

The Understanding Monster, Book Three

by Theo Ellsworth
The concluding volume of Ellsworth's ambitious cartooned deconstruction of the psyche has arrived!  This is the third in a matched series of full size, full color, hardcover graphic excursions.  Prepare yourself for a trip like no other, as The Understanding Monster turns identity inside-out and then plays out a series of dramas with its component parts... it's pretty difficult to describe actually.  Here is our take on the initial volume in the series.  See you on the other side!
retail price - $21.95  copacetic price - $19.75


Capacity (Deluxe Edition)
by Theo Ellsworth
And, while we're on the subject of Theo Ellsworth, his tour de force of imaginiton is at last back in print in this "deluxe" flexibound edition.  Capacity has been a favorite here at Copacetic since day one and is one of the singular works of 21st century comics. We are excited to be again be able to offer it here at Copacetic, especially so that those who have come to the world of personally expressive, small press comics while this work was unavailable will now have the opportunity to experience the joys of entering into the pen and ink land of Capacity!  Here is our listing of the original release, and here is a preview we just posted to Ello.  Now at a SPECIAL (limited-time-introductory) PRICE!
retail price - $25.00  copacetic price - $20.00

MK35MK34MK36NK37Mini-Kus #35: Birthday

by Theo Ellsworth
What's this?  Another new Theo Ellsworth work?  Yes!  Hot off the Latvian presses, Birthday is a sixteen page, full color mini-comic that celebrates the "intense psychic initiation known as the Inner-Space Birth Ritual."  It is also joined this month by three other Biedriba Grafiskie Stasti releases:  Mini-Kus #34: Limonchick by Mikkel Sommer; Mini-Kus #36: Pages to Pages by Lai Tat Tat Wing  ; Mini-Kus #37: Snake in the Nose by Tommi Matsuri .  Hold onto your hats!
retail price - $5.00@  copacetic price - $5.00@

AoFThe Arab of the Future
by Riad Sattouf
This book made a big splash in France, where it was initially published, becoming a #1 best seller.  It has subsequently gone on to be translated into sixteen languages, including Englsh, and now is belatedly making its North American debut in this attractively produced, French-flapped (naturellement!) edition, with 160 interior pages printed on a nice flat, off-white paper stock which is well suited to the judicious duo-tone color scheme that supports Sattouf's cleanly delineated, highly expressive cartooning.  The tale is a memoir of his early childhood years spent in Libya under Gaddafi and Syria under Assad, Sr., as well as rural France, and it is expertly told.  The likes of Alison Bechdel ("This is a beautiful, funny, and important graphic memoir."), Michel Hazanavicius ("The Arab of the Future is one of those books that transcend their form to become a literary masterpiece." [What, comics masterpiece somehow not good enough?! - ed.]), and Gene Luen Yang, who says it best ("The Arab of the Future is a beautifully cartooned story that is both modern and timeless.  The protagonist is one of the most endearing in comics. An important book, not just as art but as a window into another culture.").  In addition to having the potential to appeal to fans of these creators' works, The Arab of the Future stands a good chance of being appreciated by readers of Marjane Satrapi, Guy Delisle, Joe Sacco, and anyone else who is intrigued by the prospect of experiencing alien cultures in comics form.  This volume will provide North American readers with some serious perspective on their own lives.
retail price - $26.00  copacetic price - $22.75

OMWATTerror Assaulter: O.M.W.O.T. (One Man War On Terror)
by Benjamin Marra
In OMWOT, Ben Marra shows us what can happen when someone (well, someone of the male gender, anyway) who grows up fully immersed in our violence and sex drenched culture never lets go of their inner child.  In 112 blood-soaked pages, cheerfully colored soley in bold swaths of primary colors, Marra presents us with an irony-drenched reading of America today.  It is, figuratively speaking, a Punisher x-over in an issue of G.I. Joe that is a twisted, coded translation of Where the Wild Things Are reimagined as a comic book adaptation of a porn film, created by a team made up of George Saunders (script), Spain Rodriguez (pencils), Paul Gulacy (inks), and edited by Raymond Pettibone.  As Hannah Arendt made it her business to demonstrate the "banality of evil", Benjamin Marra has, by equating the struggle for a parking space at the shopping mall to a terrorist takeover of the USA, shown us the banality of sex and violence.  Adding to the irony, this detailed depiction of a corrupted and debased inner child is for ADULTS ONLY.
retail price - $14.99  copacetic price - $13.75

CotG11Conditions on the Ground
by Kevin Hooyman
Based on the evidence provided by this voluminous volume, Kevin Hooyman likes comics.  He likes to read them; he likes to draw them; he likes to assemble them; he like to publish them.  Comics are good.  Anyone who feels similarly, would do well to pick up this hefty tome and leaf through it; just open it at random and read whatever you find.  Comics about life in all its zany aspects is what this book is about, and comics is how the stories are told, comics that are steeped in the ways of the world and, especially, the world according to comics, and, specifically, the ways of seeing that comics engenders.  The line employed here has something of Gahan WIlson about it, and, naturally enough, because they're comics, the stories have a bit of Kirby about them, specifically, early-sixties, pre-superhero Marvel Kirby.  There's much more informing these comics, as well.  Check them out and see.

Black Rat

by Cole Closser
Cole Closser continues to bring the past to life.  In Black Rat, he weaves a single character through a multiplicity of diverse and distinctive styles originally possessed by an array of artists who have passed on, leaving their work in their wake, to be picked up and carried on in a relay race to the future.  Closser has assembled for this project a rag tag team of comics and manga artists, animators, outsider artists and "the anonymous patients of Dr. G.M. Bacon."  Notable among them are pre-war mangaka, Suiho Tagawa and the early outsider/visionary artist, Charles A.A. Dellschau.  Black Rat takes a comics-centric spin through the back roads of art history.
retail price - $15.00  copacetic price - $13.75

VCVirtual Candle
by HTML Flowers
Created under the Southern Cross and rigorous social order of the Oceanic continent, Virtual Candle is the first collection of HTML Flowers's work to land upon the shores of North America.  Yet, demonstrating that art respects no political or geographic borders, the comics and other work collected in this spiffy softcover edition have been inhabited by the spirit of Providence, RI-based, Paper Rad/Paper Rodeo.  HTML Flowers (playing Naomi Watts to Simon Hanselmann's Nicole Kidman) demonstrates his multifacted talent in the pieces collected here, which include work executed in a variety of media, pencil, pen and ink, colored pencil, watercolor, even, apparantly, tattoos.  A good bet for the adventurous comics reader.
retail price - $15.00  copacetic price - $15.00

by Lizzee Solomon
The latest by Lizzee Solomon has arrived: ¡A LA ORDEN! (NUEVO SIN CLORO). Should this be considered Mutual Paradise #6? Maybe! Regardless, this is in pretty much the same format as the first five issues of MP: digest size, black and white comics with a full color, wraparound, cardstock cover; the difference this time around is that this would have to be considered the "special vacation issue", as this issue is entirely devoted to Ms. Solomon's vacation -- with companion --  to the resort at Cartagena de Indias on the coast of Columbia.  We've posted a brief preview HERE.
retail price - $5.00  copacetic price - $4.50

HM276Heavy Metal #276
by Jack Kirby
In case anyone missed it: there is an alternate edition of the latest Heavy Metal that sports an amazing wraparound cover by JACK KIRBY highlighting the 13 pages of excellent reproductions of vibrant, full-color late-1970s Kirby art within.  These are the spectacular pieces that Jack executed for the proposed Lord of Light film (based on a book series by Roger Zelazny) and/or Science Fiction Land theme park (?!?) that were then hijacked by the CIA to play a crucial part in a ruse to extricate some American prisoners held in Iran that involved scouting for a film location; a ruse which was, in turn, leter turned into the 2012 film Argo.  Crazy, right?  Regardless, the art here is the definition of spectacular. 
retail price - $7.95  copacetic price - $7.95


The Twilight Children #1

by Gilbert Hernandez & Darwyn Cooke, w/Dave Stewart
Gilbert Hernandez and Dawyn Cooke (with no small help from colorist extraordinaire, Dave Stewart) team up to bring us a four issue, full color comic book series that presents a tale of sex and the supernatural, mystery and intrigue, cops & scientists, and children of light and dark, set in a nameless seaside fishing village.  Sign us up!
retail price - $4.99  copacetic price - $4.99

DD-ToTDonald Duck: "Trick or Treat"

by Carl Barks
Yes!  The latest volume in the epic 30-volume Carl Barks Library has arrived (we believe that this is Volume 15, despite it stating that it is Volume 13 on the copyright/indicia page).  This one is perhaps the most riotous volume yet, filled with more fun-filled antics than any other yet published.  This is due in no small part to Fantagraphics' decision to follow the stories that make up Donald Duck No. 26 -- one of the last issues of the actual Donald Duck title
wholly by Barks (Barks of course continued to pen Donald Duck tales for WDC&S for years more, but he more or less transferred from working on Donald Duck to Uncle Scrooge, which was, after all, his own creation) -- which includes the title track "Trick or Treat", with a whopping fourteen consecutive classic 10-pagers!  Originally published in a stretch that ran from late 1952 through 1953, these 10-pagers are filled with the comedic slapstick antics that Barks arguably did better than anyone else in comics, ever, and this volume has some of the best, including the back-to-back masterpieces, "The Hypno-Gun" and "Omelet."  Also on hand here are the classic Barksian philsophical exploration, "Flip Decision" and the neo-classic all-American fable of choice and faith, "Some Heir Over the Rainbow."  Comics don't get any better than this.
retail price - $29.99  copacetic price - $25.75


M Train

by Patti Smith
Patti Smith's hotly anticipated follow up to her sensational Just Kids has arrived.  There are plenty of reviews to read, as Google amply testifies...
retail price - $25.00  copacetic price - $21.75

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New for September 2015

HWThe Collected Hairy Who Publications 1966–1969
by Jim Falconer, Art Green, Gladys Nilsson, Jim Nutt, Suellen Rocca & Karl Wirsum; edited by Dan Nadel
Yes, true believers all knew that this day would one day come, and now it has finally arrived:  The Holy Grail of underground/alternative comics has been carefully collected in a single hardcover volume of high resolution scans.  Here we have replicas of the original Hairy Who art/comic books, each of which served double-duty as an exhibition catalogue for the four group shows of the work of the Chicago Imagists that were presented under the umbrella of The Hairy Who.  Here, with this volume, us mere mortals can at long last gaze upon these long lost (into the tightly locked collections of the few, fortunate cognoscenti that managed to get their mitts on these extremely limited editions published close to fifty years ago.  This volume has been edited by erstwhile PictureBox publisher, Dan Nadel, who has long championed this work.  Nadel also provides and informative essay that will bring readers up to speed.  Take a moment to click through the thumbnails on this preview page provided by the publisher. 
retail price - $50.00  copacetic price - $44.44

OWOut on the Wire
by Jessica Abel
In Out on the Wire, Jessica Abel provides and engaging and in depth look at the world of audio-based, broadcast (radio first and, now, through the internet as well) narrative journalism.  Abel first explored this world in comics way back in 1999, in Radio: An Illustrated Guide, a collaboration with This American Life co-founder and producer, Ira Glass, a healthy excerpt from which is included in this volume as a sort of preamble. Cartooning is both a labor intensive and isolating activity, so it makes sense that those so engaged would find themselves listening to hours of radio.  The hours spent inking and lettering are perfect hors to be listening to the type of stories found on This American Life, and now on podcasts of all stripes. The 200 pages of comics journalism that make up this full size softcover, crisply printed on flat white stock, provide many an anecdote, and lots of colorful personalities, but what really gets Ms. Abel's attention is the process:  How these stories are shaped and brought to life.  In this, it becomes clear through the pages of this thoughtful well constructed work, as it has nowhere else before, that comics and radio have much in common.  So, whether it's comics or radio you're interested in, Out on the Wire has a good chance of floating your boat,  and if you're interested in both, well then, "All Aboard!"
retail price - $17.00  copacetic price - $15.25

SAPStep Aside, Pops
by Kate Beaton
It's the latest collection of Hark! A Vagrant strips by Kate Beaton.  What more do you need to know?  In these pages you will find, Thor, The Enchantress, Black Canary, the Archduke Ferdinand Maximillian, Napoleon Bonaparte, and plenty of other figures imaginary, historical, neither or both.  All played for laffs and presented in outrageously ahistorical fashion; but you already knew that, right?  166 pages.  Hardcover.  Black & white.
retail price - $19.95  copacetic price - $17.77

Sacred Heart
by Liz Suburbia
At last! Sacred Heart is here. Liz Suburbia has long been a staple of the hand-made photocopied, slice-of-punk-rock-life mini-comics scene, and we've been enjoying her comics for years here at Copacetic.  Now her long-in-the-works -- and long-awaited -- 300 page-teenage-punk-rock-coming-of-age graphic novel has arrived, featuring some of the tightest B & W line art this side of Jaime Hernandez.  We posted a quick preview of some interior spreads on Ello, HERE.
retail price - $24.99  copacetic price - $21.75

Grip Grip: The Strange World of Men
by Gilbert Hernandez
Originally released as a five issue limited series from Vertigo Comics back in 2001-2, this story is now at long last being collected.  That this hardcover collection is being released under the auspices of Dark Horse Comics, indicates that Gilbert has ownership of this work despite it being originally published by a subsidiary of Time-Warner.  Good to know.  Grip is a meta-thriller, that both literally and figuratively gets under the skin of the genre.  It's loaded with plenty of sex and violence, secret labs, and dwarves, all presented in fairly straight-up, old-school, comic book style, in glorious black & white.
retail price - $19.99  copacetic price - $17.77

by Theo Ellsworth
YES!  It's an all-new self-published comicszine by the one and only Theo Ellsworth.  This 44-page, digest-size edition is filled with 44 detailed drawings, each of which is an uncanny representation of an interior state of mind, and together which result in a work which truly lives up to its title.  As the reader slowly works their way through these pages, a feeling of gradual release from the constrictions of quotidian contemporaneity flows through the drawings and into consciousness, allowing the reader access to previously hidden layers of reality that were/are there all along.  Quite a relief, indeed. 
retail price - $6.00  copacetic price - $6.00

Street Angel: Ninjatech 
by Jim Rugg & Brian Maruca
Jim Rugg is at his most graphically inventive here in the latest preview issue of Street Angel.  The pages of this self published, small batch edition overflow with dynamic, pulse-pounding, pen & ink energy as Street Angel goes head-to-head with a comic book embodiment of amoral corporate America -- Ninjatech®!  This issue presents its readers with a finely tuned tale of the inevitable clash between the skilled yet struggling individual and faceless, ruthless power, penned by Brian Maruca.  As with the previous two Street Angel preview/ashcan editions, this comic book is another digest-sized, signed and numbered comic book that has been produced in an edition of 300.  Made in Pittsburgh!
retail price - $10.00  copacetic price - $10.00

Mox Nox
by Joan Cornella
Joan Cornellá has been posting his absurd and darkly violent -- yet, somehow, horribly, humorous -- painted pantomime comics online for quite awhile.  Now, Fantagraphics has deemed it fit to collect a batch of these single-page gag strips in this slim hardcover volume, and so provide these darkly delineated sentiments, emanating from España, with an entrée into the physical reality of North America.  You have been warned.
retail price - $14.99  copacetic price - $13.75

Showa, A History of Japan: 1953-1989
by Shigeru Mizuki
It's time to make room on your shelf: the fourth and final volume of Shigeru Mizuki's massive manga history of the Showa era has arrived! Covering the era's final years, 1953 through 1989.  This volume concludes the 2500 page history.  As an added bonus, this volume has a stunning 64 page full color epilogue that wraps up Mizuki's feelings about having lived through the Showa era as well as his hopes at the dawn of the Heisei era.
retail price - $24.95  copacetic price - $21.75

by Jonathan Hennessey, Mike Smith, Aaron McConnell & Tom Orzechowski (!)
The full title of this work is The Comic Book Story of BEER, The World's Favorite Beverage from 7000 BC to Today's Craft Brewing Revolution.  That pretty much says it all.  The 170 pages of this comics history trace Beer from its roots in ancient antiquity, postulating a serendipitous origin, through to the ever more informed approach of the present, along the way charting the ever shifting relationship of Beers to their parent societies. Entertaining and educational, this is an ideal item for the comics reading beer drinker.
retail price - $18.99  copacetic price - $17.00

BtI The Blacker the Ink: Constructions of Black Identity in Comics & Sequential Art
edited by Frances Gateward & John Jennings
This 343 page academic anthology tackles the many ways and manners in which black identity has been constructed in comics.  The essays in this volume range far and wide.   Major black auteurs like Jackie Ormes, Kyle Baker and Aaron McGruder are each discussed in depth (although it appears that Oliver Harrington is, while given due props, not given much critical attention) as are specific works with black themes, like Daddy Cool, Stagger Lee, Bayou, Truth, Aya, as well as Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth and even a specific arc of Unknown Soldier! There is attention paid to black comic book heroes as well, those created by whites as well as blacks -- but with the primary focus being on the latter.  Luke Cage, Black Lightning, Storm, VIxen, Cyborg are here, as are indie creations Ramzee and others.  A special feature focuses on Milestone's Icon by Dwayne McDuffie  & Co.  Surprisingly, little is said about Jack Kirby's black characters, most notably, The Black Panther.  The Pittsburgh Courier gets a well-deserved shout out as a major African-American media outlet and principal source of important cartoons about black life in America.  And there's plenty more!  Anyone interested should cruise over to the Rutgers University Press page devoted to this book, which includes the complete table of contents. 
retail price - $29.95  copacetic price - $27.50

retail price - $28.00  copacetic price - $23.75

by Chrissie Hynde
Chrissie Hynde has gone to pains even within the text of this book to let everyone know she's not a writer.  This book is fairly rough and tumble in the prose department, but, at least here, she isn't making any pretense to be otherwise.  The name of her band is, however, clearly revealed to have been intended as autobiographical, and this can be seen both in new and old light in the pages penned here.  Chrissie Hynde goes the standard memoir route in relating many significant episodes of her life (and, doubtless, as is the norm, leaving many out as well).  While often frustratingly vague as to what actually went down on many an occasion, the memoir rings true in the sense that, as anyone who lived a large portion of their life in chemically altered states of one sort or another knows, it's often difficult to remember exactly what happened, or when, or, especially, what the actual sequence of the events recalled was; or, as is also often the case, the person doing the remembering would simply rather not delve too deeply into certain memories, or maybe not go there at all.  Rather than fill in the blanks with fabrications, she just leaves the manuscript littered with lacunae.  That's rock 'n' roll.
retail price - $26.95  copacetic price - $23.75

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