Get in on a slew of publisher close-outs and books that just fell through the cracks of the system, and we were there to pick them up.  These are here and then gone type items, price-wise.  Once they're gone, they're gone at this price!

Here's some highlights:

The Book of the Leviathan
by Peter Blegvad
retail price:  $23.95 copacetic price - $15.95

This has been one of our perennial best-sellers and now we can offer it for one third off!  If you haven't got a copy for yourself, now there's no excuse.

Laurie Anderson
by RoseLee Goldberg (Abrams 2000)
retail price:  $39.95 copacetic price - $12.00

The definitive retrospective monograph on Laurie Anderson, this exhaustively researched volume documents her entire career, from the seventies through the end of the 20th century.  Here's a chance to learn how much more there is to her art than just simply her music, great as that is.

Hypermental:  Catalogue of the Exhibition
retail price:  $40.00 copacetic price - $10.00

Now out of print, and previously offered by us at the full price of $40.00, this is that rarity:  an engaging, intellectually stimulating, thought provoking exhibition catalogue that discusses a new framework in which to group and view late 20th century art.  Briefly, the show's curators take the position that art's role has shifted  from mediating nature, to mediating media, in as much as the reality that we currently occupy is more defined by media than by nature.

Out of Sheer Rage
by Geoff Dyer

This is a one of a kind book that, if it must be categorized, might be considered as being related to the hyper-self-aware literary genre now often associated with the McSweeney’s crowd, but written a bit earlier, and possessing a distinct British flavour.  Originally published in England in 1997, it is, first and foremost, a book about writing a book, about D.H. Lawrence, that is also a literary biography, of D.H. Lawrence, as well as a book of literary criticism, focused on the writings of D.H. Lawrence, which includes a criticism of D.H. Lawrence’s  literary criticism.  Parts of it serve as a travelogue, in the tradition of D.H. Lawrence’s travel writings, and also -- but I think you get the idea:  it's a book that can't seem to get around to doing what it's supposed to be doing yet is constantly at work rationalizing that this inability is actually a blessing in disguise.  In other words, it's an ode to procrastination.  Amazingly, it’s also a real page turner, the kind of book that's hard to put down.  AND:  it's funny.   It also sports one of the cleverest book jackets of all time.  Need we say more?

retail price - $24.95
copacetic price - $10.00

And also by Geoff Dyer, his semi-cult novel of the 1990s:

Paris Trance
by Geoff Dyer
retail price - $22.00 copacetic price - $8.00

An Anglo 1990s This Side of Paradise crossed with An American in Paris.

Next up:  two classics by the greatest living American prose stylist.

In the Penny Arcade
by Steven Millhauser

This collection of works from the early 1980s by Millhauser starts off with August Eschenburg, a prototypical tale which serves as the template for several later Millhauser works, most notably Martin Dressler (see below).  The middle section is composed of three stylistically linked forays into the classic short story mode, each of which stages an elaborate wedding of location with season to produce an exquisite evocation of an exact yet unnameable emotion, and each of which manages to pull it off.  The stories that will really having you reaching for the champagne to celebrate their success, however, are the three that close out the volume, and most especially the titular tale, In the Penny Arcade.  This story reacheds the summit where so many others have fallen short in capturing that oh-so-elusive scene in which childhood ends.  It distills this instant in an essence that is as momentous as it is bittersweet.  This story is bracketed by a pair of equally successful distillations, first of childhood, and the other of tradition.  This book is a treasure.

import softcover
copacetic price - $3.95

Martin Dressler: The Tale of an American Dreamer
by Steven Millhauser

This Pulitzer Prize winning novel represents the apotheosis of Millhauser’s obsession with obsessives.  In the character of Martin Dressler, Millhauser has found a character that fulfills both his personal needs as a writer and the novel’s needs for justification.  Dressler serves as a synecdoche for both the American Way and the American Dream, or, perhaps, more properly, how these two overlap and even, at times -- such as during the 1990s, when this novel appeared, merge into an organic whole in which each are indistinguishable from one another.  Millhauser’s inimitable style carries the reader through the life-cycle of Dressler’s dream of life that seems so real that at times its hard to believe that it’s only a dream; but then, the best of dreams are always like that, aren’t they?

Import softcover
copacetic price - $4.95

The Wishbones
by Tom Perrotta
retail price - $22.95 copacetic price - $2.95

We now have a bunch of brand new hardcover copies of his well received novel of 1997 available at an insanely low price, in case you missed it.  This novel presents characters and dilemmas that are vaguely similar to that of Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity (which was published two years earlier) -- rock-guy(s) being dragged kicking and screaming into adulthood  --  but on this side of the Atlantic (New Jersey, to be exact) and playing in a bar-band-turned-wedding-band (the titular Wishbones) rather than working in a record/CD store.  The Wishbones are not as cool as the High Fidelity folks, but they're every bit as well defined and delineated.  There's a bit  more wish-fulfillment fantasy going on here as well (as the title/band-name  broadly hints at).  On top of this (or maybe, beneath it) the book works hard to de-mythologize the "rock life,"  showing how it's mostly just another job -- albeit one much more accommodating to fantasy.  Sort of like comics.  Eminently worth a read, if its sounds up your alley.

Learning a Trade
by Reynolds Price
retail price:  $49.95 copacetic price - $8.00

The decades long -- over 40 years -- writing journals of Reynolds Price, one of America's most celebrated writers, are here collected.  Gain insight into the writer's mind as he talks to himself about his works in progress and tries to figure out when goes where, who gets what and how it all happens.

Elementary Particles
by Michael Houellebecq
retail price - $25.00 copacetic price - $4.95

The highly controversial French novel.  First American edition, first printing.

The Times Literary Supplement says that it is: “...dauntingly ambitious in its determination to tackle ‘big themes’: the descent of the West into an orgy of consumerism, the decline of Christianity, the potential of human cloning and the destructive nature of the liberal values and sexual permissiveness of the 1960s...”

Everyday People
Stuart O’Nan
retail price - $24.00 copacetic price - $4.95

A hard-hitting novel that takes place right here in Pittsburgh, PA -- East Liberty, to be exact -- during one week in the autmn of 1998.  First Edition, first printing.

The Messenger Reader
The Opportunity Reader
Modern Library Editions
retail price - $14.95@ copacetic price - $7.50@ or both for $9.95!

Edited by Sondra Kathryn Wilson, these are two core volumes in the Modern Library Harlem Renaissance series.  Each features stories, poetry and essays from the key figures of this still under-rated cultural movement.  Included are Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Claude McKay, Arna Bontemps, Dorothy West, Alain Locke, James Weldon Johnson, A. Philip Randolph, Wallace Thurman, Countee Cullen, Gwendolyn Bennet and many others.

Thinks... By David Lodge
retail price - $24.95 copacetic price - $4.95

Career topper by stylish British writer.  First American Edition, first printing.

Woodcuts of Women
by Dagoberto Gilb
retail price - $23.00 copacetic price - $4.95

A Steamy collection by a PEN/HemingwayAward-winner, accompanied by sexy woodcuts by Artemio Rodríguez.  First Edition, first print.

Sandra Cisneros says: “Woodcuts of Women portrays men in the brightness of rage, lousy jobs, divine lust, and, especially, in the dazed sucker punch of love.  Love, after all, is what this book is all about, love from the heart, and from that other needy vortex below the waist as well.  Love ‘that makes you sick like a flu.’  Here is the Southwest without myth and sentimentality.  And here are los hombres, with all their bravado and hungry hurt.”

Jayne Anne Phillips says: “Like slashed works of art expressing startled lives, these stories cut deep.  Dagoberto Gilb conveys both the theft of the soul and its miraculous endurance.  This amazing writer has harnessed the lumbering beasts of impsse between men and women, between one culture and another, between hope and despair.  They speak to us here in clean, anguished , inarguable language that is distinctly Gilb’s own.  Woodcuts of Women is completely contemporary, absolutely convincing, and nakedly real.”

So there.

Salvation: Black People and Love
by bell hooks
retail price - $22.00 copacetic price - $8.00

Follow-up to her best-selling All About Love: New Visions, Salvation is a collection of essays written from historical and cultural perspectives that take an incisive look at the transformative power of love in the lives of African Americans.   First Edition, first printing.

Recollections of My Life as a Woman: The New York Years
by Diane di Prima
retail price - $29.95 copacetic price - $4.95

A memoir of the author’s years in Manahattan’s early 1950s Bohemia. First Edition, first printing.

Love & Desire
retail price:  $35.00 copacetic price - $8.50

A deluxe slip-cased 400 page collection of sensual and erotic photographs from the dawn of the photographic age to the present, all dedicated to the title theme.  Nice gift item.

The 50th Anniversary Best of Fantasy & Science Fiction
retail price:  $15.95 copacetic price - $3.95

The best of the best.  Featuring Harlan Ellison, Tanith Lee and more.

Retail Fictions: The Commercial Photography of Ralph Bartholomew Jr.
retail price:  $24.95 copacetic price - $10.00

All we can say is, "Wow!"  You have to see this one.  It is the catalog of a show from the LA Museum of the work of one of the foremost commercial/advertising photographer's body of work.  It's a decade spanning career, but the 1950's are the most central years to the work shown.  Painstakingly set-up and shot and beautifully printed, these photos when all massed together really give a great look at how the self-image of America's consumer society was constructed.  You have to see this one!

The Jam!  This is a truly one of a kind book that we can’t say enough about, although fully realizing that it is definitey not a book for everybody (and that’s putting it mildly).  Published in conjuction with the exhibition of the same name held at the Los Angeles Museum of Art in 1998, this book documents for posterity the work of an outstanding commercial photographer who you’ve never heard of but who was one of the cadre of advertising workers who shaped the American consumer conscioussness during the years of ascension of mass market advertising.  These images shimmer and shine before the eyes like archetypes that they are.  As the title suggests, each of these images is implicitly narrative in nature.  Every picture tells a story, but few are more thoughfully and elegantly constructed than some of the images that you’ll find here.  A beautifully produced oversize softcover volume filled with photographs printed to the highest commercial standards.

These are just a few of the dozens of items that we are still in the process of unpacking and putting on the shelves.  Don't hesitate to call if you have any questions.

Here's some more:

Gaia: The Practical Science of Planetary Medicine
by James Lovelock
oversize softcover Oxford
retail price: $18.95 copacetic price - $7.00

The Land of Ulro
by Czeslaw Milosz
softcover Farrar, Straus & Giroux
retail price: $15.00 copacetic price - $4.95

Essentials: Timeless Truths for Living in Today’s World
by Jean Toomer
hardcover  Hill Street Press
retail price: $14.95 copacetic price - $3.95

Andy Warhol
by Philippe Trétiack
hardcover Universe
retail price: $18.95 copacetic price - $4.95

The Complete Stories of Evelyn Waugh
softcover  Back Bay
retail price: $19.95 copacetic price - $8.00

Born That Way: Genes Behavior, Personality
by William Wright
hardcover Knopf
retail price: $27.50 copacetic price - $10.00

Amos and Boris
copacetic price - $1.95

A nice children’s book written and illustrated by William Steig.

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