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New for September 2006

KE 6Kramers Ergot 6
Edited, as always, by Sammy Harkham -- this time around with an assist by co-publisher Alvin Buenaventura -- this now seemingly biennial publication continues to live up to the promise made with the fourth and fifth volumes.  The format follows that of the last volume:  a flat matte finish (this time sans texture) flexi cover fixed to
a sturdy Smythe sewn binding that holds the contents firmly in place.  And what contents!  Many of those talents that readers have come to associate with Kramers Ergot are here again, and have submitted work that is as engaging as ever.  Sammy Harkham, C.F., Paper Rad, Marc Bell, Souther Salazar, Ron Regé, Jr., Matthew Thurber, Dan Zettwoch and Elvis Studio are joined by Vanessa Davis, Tom Gaud, Martin Cendreda, Bald Eagles and a handful of others.  Also,  KE Alum Gary Panter finds himself under the same covers as former fellow Raw artist, Jerry Moriarty, who is given plenty of space to present his idiosyncratic Hopperesque visions for the first time (we've seen) in many years.  In addition, with this issue Kramers Ergot adds a curatorial component to its offerings for the first time, as readers are given a rare look at two great historical figures of the comics world:  we get a healthy sampling of a late sketchbook by the Dutch comics artist, Marc Smeets, which is preceded by "an incomplete appreciation" by Chris Ware; and an amazing reproduction of the early and highly influential manga, Norakuro by Suiho Tagawa.  All in all, it seems once again to be an essential read for anyone involved in the contemporary comics scene.
retail price - $34.95  copacetic price - $29.75

Making Comics
Making Comics:
Storytelling Secrets of Comics, Manga and Graphic Novels
by Scott McCloud
The author of the much heralded (and deservedly so!) Understanding Comics returns with a new work designed for those who are ready to move beyond simply understanding and are ready, willing and able to take the plunge into actually making comics.  McCloud states,
"If you’ve ever felt there must be something more to making comics than just copying drawing styles then this is the book for you. In Making Comics, I’ll do my best to cover the storytelling secrets I don’t see any other books talking about."
retail price - $22.95  copacetic price - $19.50

In the StudioIn the Studio: Visits with Contemporary Cartoonists
by Todd Hignite
WOW!!!  It's here and it's a dream come true.  Founding editor of Comic Art magazine, Todd Hignite has given us an elegant, oversize, beautifully produced, 320 page hardcover book that takes you into the studio and collections of today's top independent cartoonists.  Featuring tons (499! -  to be exact) of reproductions of the highest quality, depicting the original art and collections and physical environs of R. Crumb, D. Clowes, J. Hernandez, C. Ware and more, side by side with extensive interviews with the creators themselves, this is a book to savor.  Recommended!
retail price - $29.95  copacetic price - $26.95

BluesiesStrips, Toons, and Bluesies: Essays in Comics and Culture
edited by D.B. Dowd and Todd Hignite
And speaking of Todd Hignite, it seems that he's on a roll in a major way this month, as, in addition to the above mentioned In the Studio and the below described Comic Art 8, this month also sees the public release of this fascinating -- and, yes, beautifully produced -- collection of essays on all things originating in lines on paper (and, to be precise, transparent celluloid, as well).  Originally published by Washington University in a very small edition in late 2004 as The Rubber Frame: Essays in Culture and Comics to accompany a pair of exhibits there, it has now been republished for the general public by Princeton Architectural Press.  It includes a look at the parallels of comics and animation, probes the connections between Tijuana Bibles and Jack T. Chick tracts, takes a look at the 1960s African Americans and American Comic Books, and contains Mr. Hignites own essay:  what is quite possibly the most thoughtful tribute ever penned to the works of Jaime Hernandez.  All lavishly illustrated, natch'. 
retail price - $21.95  copacetic price - $19.75

Comic Art #8Comic Art Magazine #8
It's super-fab: 
the first issue in the new 176-page deluxe squarebound format!  From the cover feature interview with Richard McGuire --  that includes his highly influential comics work "Here" (which originally appeared in Raw) in its entirety -- through to the meta-collectable (you'll have to take our word for it), 96-page bonus-book Forty Cartoon Books of Interest by Seth, everything is produced with the meticuous attention to detail that has come to be associated with this excellent publication.   Recommended for comics connoisseurs everywhere!  Click here for a nice preview.

retail price - $19.95  copacetic price - $19.95

MOME 5MOME 5 : Fall 2006
This issue welcomes new talents Tim Hensley -- whose ongoing character, Wally Gropius, Teen Millionaire graces the front cover --  Robert Goodin, whose amazing ink brush technique powers a quirky, kinky vision that pops up when you least expect, and artist/publisher, Zak Sally (The Recidivist).  Also beginning this issue is "Lucid Night-mare, part 1," an ongoing saga by Sophie Crumb.  THey are joined by MOME regulars, Martin Cendreda, Anders Nilsen, Jeffrey Brown (who turns in a intriguing and atypical work this time around), Paul Hornschemeier, Andrice Arp -- who is also this issue's interviewee -- Kurt Wolfgang and Gabrielle Bell. 
retail price - $14.95  copacetic price - $12.75

Baobab 2Baobab #2
by Igort
Niger #1
by Leila Marzocchi
Niger 1Reflections #1
by Marco Corona
Here are the three latest issues in the ongoing Ignatz series of high quality comics that are co-produced by Italy's Coconino Press and America's Fantagraphics Books.  Each is produced to the highest of standards:   32 magazine-size pages printed on heavy flat cream-colored stock with wrap-around French-flapped dustjackets.  Niger and Baobab are printed in duo-tone and Reflections in Black & White.  And, yes, the work presented here is uniformly worthy of the format, with Baobab, by Ignatz series editor Igort, being the clear standout -- a graphic tour de force that is one of the finest works on the market.
retail price - $7.95@  copacetic price - $6.75@

Bardin the SuperrealistBardin the Superrealist
by Max
Spain's rockin' rebel cartoonist (Peter Pank, The Extended Dream of Mr. D) has at last found his true voice, and it is unveiled in this full color hardcover collection just published in the US by Fantagraphics.  Max shamelessly commits artistic miscegenation by wildly mixing a dischordant variety of artistic traditions.  First and foremeost he digs deep in drawing on his roots in classical European art -- from Füssli and Goya to Dali and Ernst -- then he mixes it up with eastern mystical religious tropes, and contemporary European and North American comics and cartooning styles ranging all over the map from Dupuy & Berberian to Mattotti to Julie Doucet to Chris Ware, all unmistakably imprinted with Max's own deft style.  We encourage you to take a look, and, to further entice you, we're offering this one at a special price; but only for this first batch!
retail price - $19.95  copacetic special price - $14.95

Eisner's New YorkNew York: Life in the Big City
by Will Eisner
This is the follow-up to last year's wonderful Contract with God Trilogy.  Also published by W.W. Norton, this too is a high quality, heavy duty hardcover omnibus edition, printed in Eisner's trademarked sepia tones on light cream stock.  This volume collects New York, The Building, City People Notebook, and Invisible People for a fraction of the total cost that these would set you back in their respective softcover editions.  So, in addition to being and amazing collection of some of the finest late work by one of comics' undisputed masters, it's also a bargain!
retail price - $29.95  copacetic price - $26.95

Cancer VixenCancer Vixen, A True Story
by Marisa Acocella Marchetto
It's quite likely you'll be hearing -- or have already heard -- about this full-color hardcover graphic memoir in the mainstream press.  It tells the true story of the cartoonist-author's own eleven-month bout with breast cancer.  She fights her potentially devastating disease with a sophisticated urban sense of humor that triumphs in the end.  Obviously a work that is tailor-made to encourage women who themselves are confronting or have confronted breast cancer, this is a work that nevertheless manages to universalize the author's own struggle and can make for an engaging and uplifting read.
retail price - $22.00  copacetic price - $19.80

Big Fat Little LitBig Fat Little Lit
edited by Art Spiegelman & Françoise Mouly
For those of you who missed the hardcover editions of Little Lit the first time around, this fine, French-flapped softcover edition collects a good sized-chunk of all three hardcovers for less than the price of one!  Includes the work of Spiegelman, David Sedaris, Patrick McDonnell, Dan Clowes, Charles Burns, David Mazzucchelli, Tony Millionaire, Lemony Snicket, Crockett Johnson, Basil Wolverton, Kaz, Kim Deitch, Walt Kelly, Richard McGuire and many others!
retail price - $14.95  copacetic price - $13.49

Tophats and FlappersTophats and Flappers:
The Art of Russell Patterson
This slick, oversize, and quite reasonably priced hardcover edited by Shane Glines and Alex Chun -- and with a fine biographical essay by Armando Mendez -- accomplishes the wonderful service of introducing all us lame, Johnny-come-latelies to some of the finest work of one of the foremost -- and influential -- cartoonist-illustrators of the first half of the twentieth century.  Patterson was an absolute master of both the clean line and the spot placement of blacks; and he was no slouch in the composition department either.  And his color work, of which there are ample examples on display here, demonstrates an innate understanding of integrating color and form as well.  Clearly, Patterson had a thing for the lithe and leggy amongst the female gender, and this is work that that will doubtless do little to advance a rapprochement between the sexes in this day and age, but it nevertheless presents a singularly striking, if not definitive, portrait of the jazz age, the echoes of which continue to resound to this day.
retail price - $19.95  copacetic price - $17.77

Pictures and WordsPictures and Words:
New Comic Art and Narrative Illustration
by Roanne Bell and Mark Sinclair
This British book that now reaches the US market courtesy of Yale Universtiy Press is a bit like an exhibition catalogue sans the exhibition itself.  Authors Bell and Sinclair approached their material with a curatorial eye and mien as they assembled a vibrant cross section of contemporary comics and illustration work that converges on the narrative sensibility in drawing.  The work of Jordan Crane, Tom Gauld, Jason, Jim Woodring, Marcel Dzama, Martin tom Dieck, Sammy Harkham, Igort, Lorenzo Mattotti, David Rees, Joe Sacco, Marjane Satripi and many others are grouped, contextualized, compared and contrasted; and taken together form an excellent survey of the state of this particular art.
retail price - $29.95  copacetic price - $26.95

Complete Peanuts 6The Complete Peanuts, Volume 6: 1961 - 1962
by Charles M. Schulz
introduction by Diana Krall
Really, what can we possibly say to further burnish the legend of Charles Schulz's Peanuts? This volume continues the luxurious stroll through the golden years of wonder and greatness where every strip -- many of which have never before been collected -- is a masterpiece.  To learn more about this series, please visit our Complete Peanuts page
retail price - $28.95  copacetic price - $23.15

Peanuts Box 3
and, also now available:

The Complete Peanuts, Box Set 3: 1959 - 1962
by Charles M. Schulz
This box set contains Volume 5 and Volume 6 of the Complete Peanuts, both encased in a heavy-duty illustrated slipcase by series designer, Seth.  All for one amazing low price.  The perfect gift?  Yes.
retail price - $49.95  copacetic price - $39.95

Premillennial Maakies
by Tony Millionaire
Premil MaakiesThis volume presents the long out of print original classic Maakies strips for the first time in a hardcover, full-size, horizontal-format version that matches those editions that his later work has appeared in; with one, important distinction:  this one is a massive 264 page monster of a book that  will peel back your eyeballs and sear your brain.  You have been warned.
retail price - $24.95  copacetic price - $21.25

A second batch from First Second
Klezmer, Book One: Tales of the Wild East
by Joann Sfar
retail price - $16.95  copacetic price - $14.40
American Born Chinese
by Gene Luen Yang
Klezmer 1retail price - $16.95  copacetic price - $14.40
Missouri Boy
by Leland Myrick
retail price - $16.95  copacetic price - $14.40
Journey into Mohawk Country
by H.M. van den Bogaert & George O'Connnor, w/ Hilary Sycamore
retail price - $17.95  copacetic price - $15.00
Kampung Boy
by Lat
retail price - $16.95  copacetic price - $14.40
Sardine in Outer Space 2
by Emmanuel Guibert & Joann Sfar
retail price - $12.95  copacetic price - $11.65
Yes, the entirety of the above list of full color graphic novels printed on heavy American Born Chinesesemi-gloss stock with French-flap softcovers has just landed on our shelves and they are creaking from the strain.  We would like to draw your attention especially to the first book of Joann Sfar's Klezmer series and American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang.  While the graphic style of these two works could not be more different -- Sfar's art is as loose, wild and impressionistic as Yang's is tight, sharp and controlled -- both of these titles contain equally solid and moving tales of minority ethnic identity:  in Sfar's case of Jews -- itinerant Klezmer musicians, to be exact --  in pre-WWII Eastern Europe; and in Yang's case of a Chinese community in California that focuses on the coming of age adventures of a self-conscious youth (some Copacetic customers may remember that we carried American Born Chinese during its original serialization in Yang's self-published B & W mini-comic version that was released over the last two or three years).

Lost GirlsThe Lost Girls

by Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie
"For more than a century, Alice, Wendy and Dorothy have been our guides through the Wonderland, Neverland and Land of Oz of our childhoods. Now like us, these three lost girls have grown up and are ready to guide us again, this time through the realms of our sexual awakening and fulfillment."  So states publisher Top Shelf in their announcement of the release of this much anticipated work, over a decade in the making.  ADULTS ONLY.
retail price - $75.00  copacetic price - $60.00

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New for August 2006

Get a LifeGet a Life & Maybe Later
by Philippe Dupuy and Charles Berberian
A double-header of classic French comics -- or bande dessinée, as they say dans le Français -- by two Angoulême award winning cartoonists.  Best known in North America for their appearances in  Drawn & Quarterly's eponymous flagship title, Dupuy & Berberian's work combines an urban and refreshingly adult wit  -- one in which adult actually means adult and not the worn and torn euphemism for graphic sexual content -- with an astute artistic flair to produce thoroughly engaging reading experiences that no one will ever feel ashamed for enjoying.  Get a Life is a full color collection of about a dozen of the early Monsieur Jean short stories and serves to introduce Maybe Laterreaders to the titular character, "a laconic, single Parisian male struggling through the usual calamities of life." These extremely entertaining tales will leave you basking in a warm afterglow and looking forward to your next encounter.  Maybe Later presents the rare initial solo outing of Dupuy and Berberian as each tackles the task of describing the behind-the-scene experience of creating their popular Monsieur Jean series from their own point of view.   Along the way these black and white tales introduce the creators' individual idiosyncrasies, as well as take quite a few flights of fancy.  The result is a rollicking rollercoaster ride.  Each of these books is beautifully designed by Tom Devlin and lushly produced in the inimitable Drawn and Quarterly fashion.
Get a Life:  retail price - $19.95  copacetic price - $16.95
Maybe Later:  retail price - $16.95  copacetic price - $14.40

Louis Riel
Louis Riel - softcover edition
by Chester Brown
This award-winning Canadian bestseller that brings to life the enigmatic 19th century Métis leader whose life and times offer many an intriguing echo of our own is now available in a sturdy yet attractive and affordable softcover edition.
retail price - $17.95  copacetic price - $15.25

Little Man - new editionThe Little Man : Short Strips, 1980 - 1995
by Chester Brown
Back in Print, at last!  This is the definitive Chester Brown collection, a book that belongs on the shelf of every reader of contemporary comics.  This edition is printed on a heavier cover stock that complements that used in the simultaneously released Louis Riel softcover edition (see above) and includes a revised and expanded notes section as well as three new one-page strips, one each for the front and back covers and notes section.  Read our full length review of the original edition to learn more.  Recommended!
retail price - $14.95  copacetic price - $12.70

Ed 8Ed, the Happy Clown #8 & #9
by Chester Brown
Well, it's like they say:  when it rains it pours.  Here it is, the final entry in this month's Chester Brown trifecta:  the concluding chapters to Drawn and
Quarterly's new edition of the stunningly original (and Ed 9freakishly deranged) work that launched Mr. Brown's career.  Originally published twenty years ago in the pages of Yummy Fur, "Ed the Happy Clown" remains comics' greatest single surrealistic work. 
retail price - $2.95@  copacetic price - $2.95@

AND, while supplies last, we are offering a complete set of all nine issues of Ed, the Happy Clown for the
  copacetic special price of:  >>$25.00 << ¡DEAL!  

Dear John: The Alex Toth Doodle Book
by Alex Toth and John Hitchcock
 A fitting epitaph for one of the all-time greats of classic American comics, Toth Doodle BookAlex Toth -- who died earlier this year -- Dear John contains 256 pages of, yes, doodles; but a doodle by Toth is not anything like a doodle by mere mortals such as you or I.  But wait, there's much more.  Included in this volume are many pieces of the voluminous twenty year correspondence carried out between Toth and co-author Hitchcock.  And there are several auto-critiques by Toth of his own earlier work that make for interesting reading for anyone who works in the field.  Needless to say, hardcore Toth fans will find this to be an essential offering, but anyone interested in getting a close up and personal look at one of comics' finest should definitely give this item the once over.  Interested in learning more about Alex Toth?  Here is where to start.
retail price - $19.95  copacetic price - $17.95

Hi Fructose 3Hi Fructose Magazine, Volume 3
This magazine, as implied by its title, supplies the reader with a heavy, sugar buzz inducing jolt of eye candy.  Included in this issue are a heavily illustrated interview with cover boy Mark Ryden, a look into Chris Ware's lesser known sideline of three-dimensional curiosities, an illustrated interview with
Jim Woodring that includes images of some of his more recent work along with depictions of the line of vinyl toys inspired by his hypnotic creations, and more.  Needless to say, all work is reproduced it dazzling full color.
retail price - $6.95  copacetic price - $6.25

Cometbus #50Cometbus #50
by Aaron Cometbus & friends
96 pages of punk rock life for $2.00!  This issue has it all:  The centerpiece made up of seven new stories, that together are titled "New York Journal"; a panoply of punk rock interviews -- with the one-and-only Ian Mackaye, Zak Sally (Low, Dirty Three), Kyp Malone (TV on the Radio),Greta Brinkman (Moby and Deborah Harry bands), Alison Wolfe (Bratmobile), Blake Schwarzenbach (Jawbeaker) and Christina Billotte (Casual Dots); a lengthy "Book Report" on the state of used book stores in New York City (with Photos by Katie Glicksberg); and the biggest batch of letters yet.  Bonus features include "Pensacola Songs" by Scott Mylxine and two stories by Maddalena Polletta: "Driveway" and "American Elm."  It's safe to that this is the deal-of-the-month. 
copacetic price - $2.00

DQ Showcase 4Drawn and Quarterly Showcase No. 4
Gabrielle Bell, Martin Cendreda & Dan Zettwoch
This just came in and it looks great!  We'll be back with more info once we've had the chance to dive in.  Here's what you having waiting for you on the Copacetic Rack of new arrivals:  Long time Copacetic favorite Dan Zettwoch gets a well-deserved opportunity to flex his creative muscles in a top comics  publication, accompanied by the excellent talents of Gabrielle Bell (who's really been on a roll lately) and Martin Cendreda.  This issue is also significant in its representing a geographic cross-section of contemporary American comics, allowing the reader a chance to compare and contrast regional distinctions and differences:  Bell is a denizen of the east coast, currently hailing from Brooklyn, NY; Zettwoch is a midwest heartlander, boots firmly planted in St. Louis, MO soil; and Cendreda is winging it on the west coast, living it up in LA, CA. Don't miss this one!
retail price - $14.95  copacetic price - $11.95

Tiptree BioJames Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon
by Julie Phillips
We've been waiting for this one for a long, long time.  Alice Sheldon -- more widely known under her nom de plume, James Tiptree, Jr. -- is, in our opinion, the most significant science fiction writer since Philip K Dick (and then some), but is still far from gaining the wide readership and critical acceptance that her writings warrant.  More than this, she may very well have led the most intriguing life of any science fiction writer in history, and now, with this biography, her life story has at last been told in what is an amazingly thorough and fully fleshed out account, one that draws on the biographer's unprecedented access to not only the author's archives but that of her mother -- a well known author in her own right -- as well.  Carter Scholz has written a detailed review containing a capsule summary of the biography that we encourage interested parties to read.
retail price - $27.95  copacetic price - $25.00

Owly Plush

The Owly Plush Doll

Egads!  Who would've thought we'd actually carry a plush doll?  But this is different, it's Owly!  A plush doll that has its origins in a series of self-published mini-comics by the unflappable Andy Runton.  How could we say no?  Once you see it, you may end up asking yourself the same question. You'll be hearing more about these closer to the holidays...
retail price - $19.95  copacetic price - $17.95

I Am Going To Be Small (new, giant-size edition)
I AM GOING TO BE SMALLby Jeffrey Brown
Incorporating most, if not all, of the 96-page 2003 mini-comic edition of the same title, this new, mega-edition, despite its relatively diminutive 4" x 6" page size, is -- with 384 pages of caustic self-deprecation, witty observations (ironic and otherwise), Jesus jokes, sex and super heroes that's capped off by "Cuticle," a lengthy run of all-new funny animal strips featuring Bunny, Bear, Bird and Cat; all by the inimitable Mr. Jeffrey Brown -- far from small.
retail price - $14.00  copacetic price - $11.90


by John Hankiewicz
We've been big fans of the work of Mr. Hankiewicz for quite some time, and are thrilled to be able to offer Sparkplug Comic Books' massive new 108-page, 8 1/2" x 11" collection of his totally unique, perplexingly obscure, abstrusely enigmatic, elegantly rendered pen and ink parables and small tales.  This work is frustratingly difficult to describe, and we're not going to try at this juncture.  (OK, we'll give it a lame whirl:  think of a blend of David Lynch, René Magritte and Franz Kafka dropped into the middle of the American midwest and perhaps you'll have an inkling) Suffice it to say that this is truly one-of-a-kind work on display here, and you owe it to yourself to at least give it a look whenever and wherever you get the chance to do so; and you can start now by checking out these sample pages.  Recommended for all adventurous comics readers everywhere!
retail price - $17.00  copacetic price - $14.44

 Watching Days #3

Watching Days Become Years #3

by Jeff Levine
Long suffering readers of this page may recall that we've gone on at some length about the first two issues of this series.  The 40-page third issue continues to plow the same furrow of interior monologues coupled with images of travel, both interior and exterior.  Watching Days is a melancholy meditation on watching one's life unfold and wondering what it's all about...

retail price - $5.00  copacetic price - $4.50

 Matter Summer Special

Matter Summer Special

by Philip Barret
Fans of alliteration may very well bemoan a lost opportunity, as this 80-page mini-comic would have been most aptly titled "The Sparkplug Super Stoned Summer Special."  This comic is one long homage to getting high.  It is single-mindedly focused on capturing the shifts in perception and the tortured and twisted turns in conception that take place as the well baked mind tries to make sense of its altered state. 
retail price - $5.00  copacetic price - $4.00 ¡summer special!


The Drama #8
Another swell issue of the art and comics magazine that leaves the competition in the dust when it comes to the combination of contents, production and price.  To learn more visit their online preview of this issue.
retail price - $5.95  copacetic price - $5.35

Watcha Mean ZineWhatcha Mean What's a Zine?
: The Art of Making Zines and Mini-Comics
by Mark Todd & Esther Pearl Watson
This is a nifty guide to zinemaking and zinestering that is a great primer for anyone who is getting started  -- or even thinking of getting started -- down the road of making a zine.  It's purposefully designed to be exactly the kind of guide that the authors wished they had when they started out.  In covers the practical ins and outs such as formats and print-marriage set ups, the pros and cons of various drawing tools and printing methods, and a wide array of binding methods that one might never think of on one's own. But there's much more as the authors bring in a bevy of talented cartoonists, zinesters and self-publishers to offer their artistic, poetic, historical and technical perspectives, encouragements and insights.  Among those creators featured are John Porcellino, Ron Regé, Jr., Souther Salazar, Dan Zettwoch, Martin Cendreda, Dave Kiersh, Allison Cole and Raina Lee.  All in all this book has a great feel and is sure to be enjoyed even by those who are well on their way down Zinester Avenue.  And it's bargain priced to boot!
retail price - $12.95  copacetic price - $11.69

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New for July 2006

TCJ 277 The Comics Journal #277: The 30th Anniversary Issue
Another amazing issue of TCJ!  Departing editor Dirk Deppey goes out with a bang.  Starting with the instant classic cover by the  mega-talented newcomer R. Kikuo Johnson in which he parades his chops by expertly mimicking the styles of a host of comics art greats, this 272-page monster of an issue is almost certainly the single most interview packed issue in TCJ's history (and we're hard pressed to think of any issue of any other comics publication that can lay claim to equalling this):  The major interview is with the cover artist Johnson, but there are a slew of excellent shorter interviews with:  Chynna Clugston, the wickedly intelligent talent behind Blue Monday, Scooter Girl and much more; Chris Staros, the chief executive of the major indy comics publisher,Top Shelf; classic comics critic, Donald Phelps; Comico and Dark Horse Comics editor, Diana Schutz; Jean-Chrstophe Menu; Chris Onstad; Mark Siegel; Dallas Middaugh; Joey Manley; and... the transcript of Gary Groth's aborted 1996 attempt to interview the now recently deceased comics great, Alex Toth --  which turns out to have been the last time the two ever spoke.  There's also a heartfelt tribute to Toth by perhaps the single most significant inheritor of his style, Howard Chaykin.  The three-part history of the ups and down of the direct market peels the lid off a critical component of the  business side of comics and provides a fascinating (well, maybe not to you) look at how the form and content of comic books have been (and continue to be) intimately related to how they are distributed and -- some might say unfortunately -- to the people who are responsible for their distribution as well; for, in the final analysis, this is where the money is.  Michael Dean's piece on the inception of the direct market should be required reading for anyone who considers themself a student of comics history.  And then there's the piece de résistance of the issue:  a beautiful reprint of the entirety of It Rhymes with Lust, "An Original Picture Novel" written by Drake Waller (probably a psuedonym) and drawn by golden age great, Matt Baker.  This 128-page work --  which was originally printed as a pocketbook paperback, and is here reprinted in a 2-up, side-by-side, horizontal format that works to capture the original reading experience -- can lay claim to being a progenitor of the modern graphic novel, but most importantly is the fact of its existence -- a sustained long form work by one of the greatest golden age artists, Matt Baker!
retail price - $12.95  copacetic price - $12.95

ABCs of SandlinAlphabetical Ballad of Carnality by David Sandlin
There may be a quite of few copacetic customers who aren't familiar with David Sandlin, as his work has not generally been widely distrbuted since the 1980s, although many of you may have caught his amazing piece in Ganzfeld #4.  Here's your chance to discover what you've been missing:  An artistic sensibility that masterfully balance form  and content, composition and coloring, inking and obsessions, along with decadence and delight.  If you're in the market for some sweaty sin that's oozing with booze and rife with regret -- all held together with an alphabetical alliteration that gives the phrase "learning your ABCs" a whole new meaning -- well, all we have to say is look no further than this salacious squarebound "picto-novelette."
(note: image at right is not actual cover, which is actually quite a bit more sweaty)
retail price - $14.95  copacetic price - $12.70

The Left Bank GangThe Left Bank Gang
by Jason
This time out, Highly acclaimed Norwegian cartoonist, Jason, mixes his tried and true graphic sensibility in with a little creative reimagining of literary history.  Set in the "Latin Quarter of Paris sometime during the 1920s," The Left Bank Gang follows the lives of Ernest Hemingway, F Scott FItzgerald, James Joyce, Ezra Pound and Gertrude Stein in a reality in which... all were cartoonists rather than writers!  In the grand tradition of cartoonists who follow their muse rather than a paycheck, they are all in desperate straights for cash, and this leads to the primary plot line, at which the title intimates.  This 48-page full color graphic novella is rendered in Jason's trademarked clean, understated and highly engaging style which is full of clever narrative twists.  Enjoyable, as always.
retail price - $12.95  copacetic price - $11.00

ComicsComicsComics Comics #1
From the Publishers of Arthur and the powers that be at Picture Box comes an amazing new periodical devoted to addressing the concerns of the comics aesthete.  Comics Comics is a full on full color exploration of the nooks and crannies of contemporary comics, where some of the most interesting, challenging and beautiful work is hiding in plain sight.  This first issue is, more or less, the "beta" version of the magazione, so pick it up and give the publishers your feedback and let them know what you like about this issue and what you'd like to see in future issues.  Oh yeah, we forgot to mention that it's... FREE! (all gone...sorry)
Blurred VisionBlurred Vision: New Narrative Art
"Get yer fresh, pipin' hot New Yawk Aht comics here, straight out of the oven.  Get 'em while their hot, we got 'em right here."  Yes, what we have here is a new art gang anthology of comics from the denizens (and their compatriots) of New York City and its environs.  It's cleanly designed and sharply printed.  It's 100 8 1/2" x 11" black and white pages printed on bright white paper, squarebound with a full color cover, and the contributor list reads thusly:  Eve Englezos and Josh Moutry, Toc Fetch, K. Thor Jensen, D. Dominick Lombardi, Matt Madden, Kevin Mutch, Hans Rickheit, Dash Shaw, Bishakh Som, Karl Stevens and Karl Sunshine.  There's a far ranging array of material here, with the brilliant draughtmanship of Toc Fetch's 22-page contribution being the clear standout.  Delve deeper with this online preview.  What's it all about?  Their closing epigraph says it best: "In a factory culture world where everything feels like collaboration, and where there are few particular voices and visions for one to universally identify with, it is good to know there is still one art form -- one universe -- where the individual artist can reign supreme as genius.  Comics are the most under-exploited medium in fine arts, and I have always felt their greatest potential is in the realm of poetry.  Words and pictures can resonate in magical ways, thus creating in their confluence a third way  that inspires the spirit even as it challenges the intellect." -- Michael Teague.
retail price - $14.95  copacetic price - $11.95

 But I Like ItBut I Like It
  by Joe Sacco
Here it is, a hardcover collection of the early years of bacchanalian debauchery in the wide wild world of underground rock followed by some later somewhat more sedate years of Rolling Stones stadium rock and Fat Possum blues.  While this work stands -- at least superficially -- in fairly stark contrast to the political reportage for which Sacco is now most well known, it provides  perhaps the best look at his inner self and serves to reveal -- to anyone paying attention -- some of the sources of the motivating forces for this later politcal work upon which his reputation rests.  Also included in this volume are 20 one-pagers originally done for the Swiss magazine Agenda, appearing here for the first time in English!  Any Sacco fan should at least give this the once over.   Comes with a live Miracle Workers  ep-length CD.
retail price - $24.95  copacetic price - $21.25
by Gilbert Hernandez Blurred Vision
Two years in the making, Gilbert H.'s all new graphic novel for Vertigo is an allegorical tale of a suburban teen who wills himself into a year long coma, waking up a year later unchanged except that he is now the anti-Flash -- the world's slowest teen; the embodiment of sloth. We'll be back with a review as soon as we read it.  True believers don't need to wait to hear what we have to say about it, of course, this is, after all, an all new work by Gilbert Hernandez.
retail price - $19.95  copacetic price - $17.95


Epileptic SCEpileptic
by David B.
This comics tour de force, one of the greatest graphic novels yet produced, is now available in a fine, French-flapped softcover edition that's a true value.  To learn more, read our full review that accompanied the release of the hardcover edition. 
retail price - $17.95  copacetic price - $16.00

  McSweeney's 20
McSweeney's #20

This time around we have a relatively sedate package:  an embossed hardcover edition with cloth spine that includes new work by Susan Steinberg, Kevin Moffett, Ben Jahn, Tony D.Souza, J. Erin Sweeney and a host of others.  But -- once you open it up you will be treated to a visual feast as this is the official illustrated edition:  51 full-page, full-color illustrations precisely punctuate each and every prose piece proffered.  Artists include:  Fred Tomaselli, Jodie Mohr, Franz Ackermann, Rachel Salomon, Keith Andrew Shore, Wendy Heldmann, Henri Rousseau and many others.
retail price - $22.00  copacetic price - $17.77 ¡special! (until 31 August 2006)

 Encyclopedia Destructica, Volume Two (aka Volume Bumba) #1, 2 & 3
 If you're looking for unique, hand-made, one-of-a-kind artistic, literary magazines that defy definition, AND are made right here in Pittsburgh, PA, well then, there's only one place to look and that's right here.  Recently funded by the ever active Sprout Fund, three new editions are currently on display:
 #1 - retail price - $8.00    copacetic price - $7.00
 #2 - retail price - $5.00    copacetic price - $5.00
 #3 - retail price - $10.00  copacetic price - $8.00
 Carl Barks Duck Tales 2
Carl Barks' Greatest DuckTales Stories, Volume 2

 by Carl Barks
Wow, it's here already, right on schedule:  Six more classic Uncle Scrooge tales by the greatest of them all, Carl Barks.  This time around we've got "Giant Robot Robbers," "The Golden Fleecing," "The Horseradish Story," "The Status Seeker," "Tralla-La" and more.  This is the rare item that can truthfully be described as "Sure to be enjoyed by ALL ages."
retail price - $10.95  copacetic price - $9.85

Buddha 2 SC 

Buddha, Volume Two: The Four Encounters
by Osamu Tezuka
In case you missed our note announcing the first softcover edition in May, let us reiterate:  those of you who were waiting from the ultimate work from the grandmaster of manga to come out in a more affordable softcover edition -- the wait is over!  Weighing in at 400 6" x 8" pages per volume, this series is value priced and is the crowning achievement of the Japanese Jack Kirby, Osamu Tezuka.
retail price - $14.95  copacetic price - $12.75


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