2Q 2004 ARRIVALS
New for June 2004

Love and Rockets v.2#10Love and Rockets V.2 #10
To celebrate the tenth issue of their second volume of the greatest comic book of modern times, Los Bros have put together a mammoth 64 page square-bound extravaganza that features the conclusion of both the latest Maggie saga by Jaime and the epic, "Me for the Unknown," by Beto and Mario.  Plus, two new installments of Julio's Day and an all-10-page "Roy and his Pals" story by Beto.  And finally, as if that weren't already enough, a giant list of "Our Favorite Comics" by Jaime, Beto and Mario, that includes favorite specific issues, as well as titles, writers and artists.  A veritable walk down memory lane.  Don't miss it!
retail price - $5.95  copacetic price - $4.75

Monty Python's The Meaning of Life - DVD
This is a new 2-disc edition that contains "hours of all-new outrageous bonus features created exclusively for this DVD by the Monty Python Team, " that include alternate versions of the original songs, deleted scenes, "Educational Tips To Prepare You For Life In The Real World," and "Soundtrack For The Lonely: A Soundtrack For People Watching At Home Alone," along with much, much more.  The most amazing thing of all is the price.  Maybe it's a fluke or an error; but whatever the reason, this is a great bargain.
copacetic price - $12.77

The Copacetic Library of Jazz
We've long had a concentrated offering of jazz books here, and we thought we'd take a moment to bring them to your attention.  Jazz has given birth to many a great story, and has inspired a lot of great writing as well.  We offer some of the finest examples.  Many are bargain priced at 50% off or more! 

From Girls to Grrrlz: A History of Women's Comics from Teens to Zines
by Trina Robbins
This is a nicely produced oversize survey by the grand dame of women's comics, Trina Robbins.   It's jam packed with full color illustrations, and covers the history of women and comics --
as characters in as well as creators of -- from the 1940s through the 1990s.   This book makes for a nice gift as it is a great introduction for someone who is only casually aware of the relationship betwen women and comics but would like to learn more.  We've had this book in stock since it's initial publication.  We are highlighting it now, because, as the result of a one time special purchase, we are now able to offer it for 2/3 off the retail price!  While supplies last.
retail price - $17.95  copacetic price - $5.95 ¡SPECIAL PRICE!

DC: The New Frontier - Book Four
by Darwyn Cooke, w/ David Stewart
The fourth issue of the definitive revisionist history of the superhero in the Atomic Age of comics is now on the stands. The high level of quality in conception and execution, story & art, pencils, inks and colors has not diminished one iota.  This is the super hero series that has it all.
retail price - $6.95  copacetic price - $5.90

Dress Your Family in Courdoroy
by David Sedaris
The author of Naked, Holidays on Ice, and Me Talk Pretty One Day hasn't let us down yet. Sedaris is an alchemist of the soul.  He has the uncanny ability to transmute the lead of personal sufferings into the gold of self-knowing laughter.  In Dress Your Family, he takes numerous trips through his personal family album of painful private memories -- with a special focus on revisiting that glorious decade of the 1970s in all its dysfunctional splendor -- and mines them for their public performance value, and in so doing manages to deliver yet another humor classic that can double as self-help manual (of sorts) for anyone who needs moral support in confronting their own personal failings -- which is pretty much all of us.
retail price - $24.95  copacetic price - $19.95

Lipstick Traces
by Greil Marcus
Looks like someone at Harvard, the publisher of this seminal text on the roots of punk rock, made sales projections that were a tad too rosy.  Let this misplaced optimism provide you with the opportunity to finally get a hold of this book.  We were recently able to pick up a batch of brand new copies for half the usual price, due to the aforementioned publisher having had a momentary surplus stock.  And we have, of course, passed the savings on to you.  Supplies really are limited, so, if you're interested, don't delay. 
retail price - $20.50  copacetic price - $18.45

Powerhouse - CD
Graeme Koehne
The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
Does contemporary classical music seem like a contradiction in terms; an oxymoron, perhaps?  It doesn't have to, and, in fact, shouldn't.  A good example of why not is this relatively recent disc hailing from Adelaide, Australia.  It features six compositions by Adelaide native, Graeme Koehne, performed with gusto and aplomb by his hometown's symphony orchestra, conducted alternately  by Janos Furst and David Porcelijn.  The music featured on this disc is by turns bold, brash and brisk, as well as soft, sleek and silky.  Definitely indebted to the work of contemporary US composer, John Adams, and fully aquainted with the works of his peers, Koehne's music is both fun and invigorating.  This is a disc you're not too likely to chance across elswhere, so if it sounds
like you might be interested, don't hesitate to ask for a listen when you're in the neighborhood. 
retail price - $16.99  copacetic price - $10.00

The Marx Brothers Collection - DVD Box Set
Overwhelmed with anxiety?  Now's your chance to enjoy A Day at the Races, followed by A Night at the Opera, or, if you prefer, A Night in Casablanca; all in the company of Groucho, Chico and Harpo.  And once you've recovered, you can check in with them for some Room Service, and then spend some time with them At the Circus; and before deciding to follow them when they Go West, you can visit The Big Store.  That's right:  seven Marx brothers classics on five discs, all for one (fairly reasonable) price (it works out to less than $8 per film -- the price of a single movie ticket at today's prices).
retail price - $59.99 copacetic price - $55.55

Silly Daddy
by Joe Chiappetta
A comics memoir, Silly Daddy finally collects in one volume the scattered and strewn efforts that Chiappetta has been self-publishing for over a decade under the same title.  Chiappetta's work is fairly unique in its combination of fantasy and realism (the only work that compares in this respect is that of Julie Doucet, but her work is otherwise very different).  It is also unique in its focus on fatherhood as a constant concern as well as a central theme.  Occupying artistic territory somewhere between Harvey Pekar's American Splendor and James Kochalka's Sketchbook Diaries, Joe Chiapetta's Silly Daddy will finally have a chance to reach the wider audience it deserves with this 256 page volume.  Check it out.
retail price - $16.95  copacetic price - $15.25

Amy + Jordan
by Mark Beyer
Long suffering fans of Agony will finally get the chance to suffer again as Amy + Jordan appear between covers once again.  And not just any covers, but fancy, horizontal, laminated and hinged, hard covers that are specially designed to open flat and so enable an undisturbed reading experience thus allowing the trademark Beyer angst to flow freely and uninterrupted straight into your brain.
retail price - $21.00  copacetic price - $18.90

by Marjane Satrapi
This excellent "Story of a Childhood," which relates one girl's story of growing up in Iran before, during and after the Islamic Revolution, is now available in an attractive, french-flapped softcover edition.  No less a talent than Philip Pullman (His Dark Materials trilogy) calls Persepolis, "A superb piece of work."
retail price - $11.95  copacetic price - $10.75

Buddha, Volume 4: The Forest of Uruvela
by Osamu Tezuka
This 370 page hardcover is the latest installment of Japanese, manga-master, Osamu Tezuka's massive manga-biography of one of the world's greatest and most revered religious figures.
retail price - $24.95  copacetic price - $21.25

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New for May 2004

McSweeney's 13McSweeney's 13 - The Comics Issue
edited by Chris Ware
Finally, it's here:  the most anticipated release of 2004 (so far).  Striving for objet d'art status, McSweeney's 13 comes as close as any comics release to attaining it.  Starting with a dust jacket that folds out into a two sided comics poster: the outer side featuring a dense full color, 360º narrative by editor and comics fiend, C. Ware; the inner side featuring a vaguely ceremonial (think Mayan) worshipping of the idols of comics by Gary Panter.  But there's more:  tucked into the folds of this dust-jacket-cum-suitable-for-framing-wall-art are two mini-comics commissioned especially for this issue; one -- in full color -- by Ron Rege, Jr., and the other in B & W (as it should be) by long time mini-master, John Porcellino.  And that's just the dust jacket!  Moving on to the front and back binding plates (the hard covers beneath the dust jacket), we have a hundred or so images culled from a 1936 guide to cartooning separated by a lavishly embossed spine. The end papers are by Ivan Brunetti, and feature a wallpaper of minimalistic renditions of his personal comics and cartoon hall of fame.  And, finally, there is the contents of the book itself.  The subject of much speculation as to whether it would be reprints or newly commissioned work, the answer is... Both!  About half and half, depending on how you look at it.  Here's how it breaks down:  Some of the work has appeared in non-comics periodicals, but is collected herein for the first time.  Under this category are Mark Beyer, Ivan Brunetti, Kaz, Art Spiegelman (although his pieces are being reprinted everywhere at this point) and
some of the pieces by Chris Ware.  Straight out reprints are the inclusions by Charles Burns (although the frontispiece is new), Chester Brown, Debbie Drechsler, Jaime and Gilberto Hernandez, Mark Newgarden, Archer Prewitt, Joe Sacco, Richard Sala (newly colored, however), Seth, and Adrian Tomine.  New to us -- and therefore, we imagine, new to you as well --  are the works by Lynda Barry, Jeffrey Brown, Dan Clowes, David Collier, R. Crumb, Kim Deitch, Julie Doucet, David Heatly, Ben Katchor, Joe Matt, Richard McGuire, Gary Panter, some of the Chris Ware, and of course the aforementioned dust-jacket and minis.  In addition to all this contemporary work, there are selections of classic and archival work sprinkled throughout: First and foremost among these is a 15-page spread on "the inventor of comics," Rodolphe Töpfler, and his first appearance in America, introduced by Chris Ware; an 80% reproduction of an original 1922 Mutt and Jeff daily strip by Bud Fisher that takes four pages to display (which gives you an idea of how big they drew comics back then!); and a nine page spread on George Herriman, introduced by Tim Samuelson and featuring Herriman's last Krazy Kat dailies, also reproduced from the originals.  And, as if this weren't enough, there are two appreciations by Chris Ware, one of the abstract-expressionist-turned-representational-painter-with-a-personal-affinity-for-comics-iconography, Philip Guston, and the other of Peanuts creator, Charles Schulz.  In addition there is a critical appreciation of comics from John Updike, and nostalgiac/elegiac remembrances of comics related experiences by Glen David Gold, Malachi Cohen, and Chip Kidd.  The volume opens with a preface from Ira Glass, followed by an introduction by Chris Ware, who, when all is said and done, is clearly more than simply the editor of this work.  This is a great piece, especially when you consider it's primary purpose:  preaching to the unconverted, those countless, teeming millions out there in America and beyond who don't locate the foundation of their identity in comics.  With this volume, McSweeney's begins a new ambitious distribution arrangement with Publisher's Group West in the USA and Penguin Books in the UK; thereby bringing their publications before a great many more potential readers.  They couldn't have chosen a better volume to initiate this venture.  Let's wish them luck.
retail price - $24.00  copacetic price - $20.00 ¡special!

Blood Orange #1
Here it is, the first issue of the new anthology title from Fantagraphics that we've been patiently awaiting.  Edited by Chris Polkki, this issue features work by a host of talent including Rick Altergott, Michael Kupperman, Lauren Weinstein, David Collier, Marc Bell, Ron Rege Jr., John Hankiewicz, Kevin Huizenga and many others.  Don't miss this one! 
retail price - $5.95  copacetic price - $5.35

Michael Chabon presents The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist, Volume 1
This collects the entirety of the first two issues of the comic book of the same name.  The page size of this volume is a bit smaller than the comic books.  However, this edition sports new front and back covers by Mr. Chris Ware, more than making up for it.  160 pages; full color throughout.
retail price - $17.95  copacetic price - $15.25

Arthur #10
Another great issue, featuring comics by Marc Bell, John Porcellino
and Ben Katchor; Daniel Pinchbeck on Jesus; and interviews with film-maker Guy Maddin and... Godzilla!?! 
copacetic price - FREE!

American Studies
by Louis Menand
Do you sometimes despair that America is a vast cultural wasteland?  Don't.  It's not!  And here's proof:  American Studies provides a very engaging series of cogent essays on a fascinating variety of American figures, from William James and T.S. Eliot to Richard Wright and Norman Mailer to Laurie Anderson and Al Gore, and more inbetween. The writing is
articulate -- free of both jargon and cant -- and the point of view clear.  Menand marshals his facts before proceeding, but feels no need to flaunt his erudition; these pieces are, for the most part, models of concision.  In other words:  they're mind-expanding as well as a pleasure to read.  This 2002 hardcover edition is now available for a limited time at an amazingly low price.
retail price - $25.00  copacetic price - $5.00

The Complete Peanuts - Volume One: 1950-1952
by Charles Schulz
Introduction by Garrison Keillor
Peanuts, the most popular newspaper comic strip of all time, is now being collected, in its entirety, in chronological order, by
independent comics publisher, Fantagraphics.  This first volume is of extra special note as many of the strips it contains have never before been reprinted. Starting at the beginning -- Monday, October 2, 1950 -- with the first ever Peanuts strip -- the strip was daily-only (Monday through Saturday) until 1952, when a Sunday page was added on January 6 -- this volume continues all the way through to December 31, 1952, and contains the introductions of practically all the characters that were to populate the strip for the next 50 years.  There are many surprises along the way, such as seeing Lucy as well as Schroeder starting out as babies!  For readers unfamiliar with the early years of Peanuts, most surprising will be the edge of anger that lies just below the surface of many of these early strips (it may be for this reason that Schulz resisted their being reprinted in his lifetime).  It is Schulz's working through this anger to the peace of acceptance that is a key component of the lasting appeal and value of Peanuts.  And there's more:  This volume contains, in addition, a 13 page biographical essay on Schulz by David Michaelis, a 34 page interview with Charles Schulz, conducted in 1987 by Rick Marschall, and, amazingly, an index of characters, themes, cultural references -- such as, for example, comic books, golf, and dads -- historical figures mentioned in strips, and such priceless bits as "Charlie Brown: football pulled away by Lucy for the first time" (page 268) AND "Charlie Brown: football pulled away for the first time, by Violet (page 117),"  that is a true treasure trove for Peanuts fans and cultural historians alike.  All of this is nicely put together in a package designed by Seth that is a subtle yet evocative homage to the midwest milieu that inspired Schulz.  We should all be thankful that Fantagraphics was put in charge of this project and that they have lavished it with the devotion that it deserves.  This marks the beginning of what is, surely, the highest profile classic comic strip publishing project of all time.
retail price - $28.95  copacetic price - $23.15

The Comics Journal #259
This is it, the issue you've been waiting for! (Well, OK, it's the issue we've been waiting for, but we hope you feel the same.) This is the issue that features essays on, interviews with, and polemics from the emerging generation of comics artists. The list is as close as we're going to get to the who's who of this group:  Jeffrey Brown, Tobyn Chapman, Christopher Forgues, Asaf & Tomer Hanuka, Sammy Harkham, Paul Hornschemeier, Kevin Huizenga, Ben Jones, Derek Kirk Kim, Anders Nilsen, Laek Pien, John Pham, Souther Salazar, Jason Shiga, Drew Weing & Dan Zettwoch!  Quite a group, we'd say. In the service of promoting the next generation of comics, we'll paraphrase a hackneyed slogan, and say: "If you're going to buy only one issue of The Comics Journal this year, make sure it's this one."
retail price - $6.95  copacetic price - $5.90

Actus Dead HerringActus presents Dead Herring Comics
Those of you who have been sitting on the fence about Actus can finally get off it as they have finally hit the nail on the head with this one. It's a 120 page oversize (9" x 12") softcover in the tradition of Raw and the D & Q Annuals, with a pinch of the old Mad Magazine Super Specials thrown in in the form of six detachable posters.  It's mostly full color, but there are several B & W pieces as well.  Worthy of special note is the six pages of full color "In the Shadow of No Towers" strips by Art Spiegelman, and the first english language interview we've ever seen with Japanese manga master, Suehiro Maruo.  The rest of the issue is filled with contributions from the regular Actus gang, most if not all of whom are based in Israel and Europe; and it really isn't hype when we say that this issue represents their best work so far.  Definitely worth a look.
retail price - $24.95  copacetic price - $19.95

The Mirror of Love
by Alan Moore & José Villarrubia
The Mirror of Love is an "epic poem in prose" originally penned by Alan Moore in 1988 in protest against "Clause 28" of the British Local Government Act of 1986, which was widely interpreted as serving to repress same sex love by, among other things, labelling gay family relationships as "pretend."  Clause 28 was finally, and overwhelmingly, repealed; by the House of Commons in March of 2003, and then by the House of Lords in July.  This edition enters Morre's original text into an artistic dialogue with the full color photographs of collaborator
Villarrubia.  In addition, there are four appendixes that serve to both support and situate the text.  Clive Barker has this to say:  "Mirror of Love is a unique, beautiful and immensely powerful marriage of voice and vision, fact and feeling.  Part testament, part history, part celebration, it belongs on everybody's bedside table, gay, straight or undecided.  Wonderful." 
retail price - $24.95  copacetic price - $19.95

Van Helsing's Night Off
by Nicolas Mahler
This is a hard piece to describe, but we'll give it shot:  We'd say this book is mixture  of the old British comic strip, Andy Capp by Smythe, Edward Gorey, and Ulf K.  That probably didn't tell you much, but it's the best we can do for now.  Here's what Joe Sutliff Sanders has to say: "Nicolas Mahler is a poet of the scratched line; his hastily-sketched monsters and monster hunters have an irony and humanity to them that four-color photo-realism could never capture.  This is comics stripped down to its barest bones, and it tuns out these bones are very funny indeed."
retail price - $12.95  copacetic price - $8.95 >introductory special<

and here's a pair from Tony Millionaire:

When We Were Maakies
by Tony Millionaire
Another installment in the derangement that is Maakies.  This volume is produced in the same oblong, horizontal, Chip Kidd-designed hardcover format as 2002's The House on Maakies Corner, only without the production problems that plagued that volume.  Maakies!
retail price - $19.95  copacetic price - $15.95

Mighty Mite * Ear Mite
by Tony Millionaire
This is a tiny (4 3/4" x 4 1/4") full color hardcover "gift book" that, while superficially resembling a cute children's book, with its sumptuously colored, elegant line drawings, is, of course, not what it seems.  It is absurd yet clever, and fun. 
retail price - $6.95  copacetic price - $5.55

Straight Outta Squirrel Hill - Yakov Chodosh (CD)
Think of this as a two sided LP:  with side one featuring American jazz (mostly) & pop tunes -- standards as well as obscurities -- and side two featuring Jewish tunes -- standards, Israeli, and, yes, originals --  all performed by Yakov accompanying himself on piano.  Recorded in Aspinwall!  15 tracks total, all for a modest price tag.  MP3 samples and more available at
copacetic price - $6.00

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New for April 2004

What could be nicer way to start off our list for April?  The greatest classic of the newspaper comics -- Krazy Kat -- and its contemporary descendent, and heir apparent -- Mutts -- both releasing new collections in the same week!  Here they are: 

Krazy Kat 1931-32
Krazy & Ignatz: 1931-1932
by George Herriman
Huzzah! It is a heppy, heppy day.  The fourth volume in Fantagraphics fabulous series collecting the entirety of the Sunday pages of George Herriman's amazing masterpiece, Krazy Kat, is here! As with previous volumes, this book contains two complete years of Krazy Kat Sunday pages along with commentary by the "Mr. Know-It-All" of classic newspaper comics, Bill Blackbeard, all between covers designed by contemporary comics ace, Chris Ware.  And as a special added bonus, unique (so far) to this volume -- 60 daily Krazy Kat strips from 1931.  Huzzah!  Learn more about the mouse, the Kat and the (Herri)man here.
retail price - $14.95  copacetic price - $11.95

mutts - sunday afternoonsMutts: Sunday Afternoons
by Patrick McDonnell
Hot off the press: 144 oversize, horizontally formatted, full color pages collect the entirety of Mutts Sunday pages from 2001 and 2002, all for one amazingly low price.  The best comic strip in America keeps on getting better.  
retail price - $12.95  copacetic price - $11.65

And, moving on...

The Comics Journal Special Edition • Winter 2004
Volume Four: Cartoonists on the Shock of Recognition
The fourth in Fantagraphics' ongoing series of giant (12" x 12") full color special editions of their flagship title.  This one features "Conversations Among Four Generations of Cartoonists: Al Hirschfeld, Jules Feiffer, Art Spiegelman and Chris Ware," pieces on Lyonel Feininger, Phoebe Gloeckner, Ben Katchor and Bill Mauldin, plus 70 pages of comics focusing on the theme of "The Shock of Recognition" by many of today's top comics creators including, Gilbert & Jaime Hernandez, Spain Rodriguez, Ho Che Anderson, Bill Griffith, Igort, Megan Kelso, Carol Swain, Rick Geary, Hideshi Hino, Mary Fleener and many others.
retail price - $22.95  copacetic price - $18.35

Our Outrageous Oxford Overstock Sale
You have to see it to believe it.  A nice selection of brand new books from Oxford University Press, all available at spectacular savings.  There are some really great official "Oxford Book of..." and Oxford Dictionary of.." compendiums of knowledge, as well as specialized volumes on a variety of topics.  All good and all interesting.  Right-O!

Redbird 1.5 : VS.
We had this in once before, but it sold out before we even had a chance to list it.  We're happy to be able to offer it again. This latest by mini-master Dan Zettwoch is a 24 page epic exploration of consciousness that employs a truly original metaphor for dialectical reasoning.  This is yet another one-of-a-kind comic book by Zettwoch.  All for one lousy dollar.  Once again, we can only ask, "How?"  Don't pass up this second opportunity to get this mini-masterpiece. To learn more about Dan Zettwoch and  Redbird click here.
copacetic price - $1.00

And, while we're on the subject of minis, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention these two new items from Zettwoch's pal, Mr. Kevin Huizenga:

Sermons #1
by Kevin Huizenga
48 pages of "notes & sketches made while at church."
copacetic price - $1.00 DEAL!

The Feathered Ogre - Designs & Sketches
by Kevin Huizenga
16 pages of Huizenga's preliminary sketches for the feathered ogre that appeared as the centerpiece in his story in D & Q Showcase #1.
copacetic price - $1.00

Buddha: Volume 3 - Devadatta

by Osamu Tezuka
The third volume of this eight-volume manga classic by the master himself is now available in another great Chip Kidd designed package.
retail price - $24.95  copacetic price - $22.45

Michael Chabon presents The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist
Whew, that's some title.  Here it is, "80 pulse-pounding pages" starring the "fictional" super-hero created for Chabon's Pulitzer prize-winning novel of the early days of comic books, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. Featuring the artwork of comics luminaries Howard Chaykin, Jim Starlin, and Kyle Baker, the lead feature is penned by Chabon himself, with art by Eric Wight.
retail price - $8.00  copacetic price - $7.20

Craig Yoe's Weird but True Toon Factoids
Well, technically, factoid implies untruth, so the title of this colletion is an oxymoron... but, we'll overlook that for now.  Based on our knowledge of the wonderful world of comics, it seems that the anecdotes herein related are more facts than "factoids," but most of all they're fun.  And the price is right.  A great stress-free gift for comics fans.
retail price - $19.00  copacetic price - $5.95 DEAL!

Raw, Boiled and Cooked: Comics on the Verge
curated by Paul Candler
This is the catalogue for the exhibition of the same name produced by the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.  The catalogue itself is a co-production between one of the exhibition sites, the Maryland Institute College of Art, and Last Gasp of SF.  It offers a great cross section off artists.  Primarily those associated with Raw , Weirdo, and Fantagraphics, but many others besides.  The highlight, however, is a rare eight page story by David Mazzucchelli that is printed in its entirety here.  There are, in addition, four brief but lucid introductory essays which each contribute equally but in their own way to the common goal of the exhibit:  to  defend as well as promote comics as a medium of both personal expression and cultural representation, to show what comics are capable of, and to tell us that we all should all pay more attention as we take a closer look.
softcover; 100 pages; 8 1/2 x 11; B & W and color
retail price - $24.95  copacetic price - $18.75 ¡SALE!

Big Questions #6: Anoesia and the Matrideicidic Theophany 
by Anders Nilsen
C'mon, you gotta give it up for a comic with a title like this one's!  If this title didn't stop and make you think, well then... you're not thinking.  Go back and read it again, go get a dictionary (there's probably one on your computer, but it might not be deep enough to do the job) and suss it out.  It might take you longer than you guess (hint:  matrideicidic is a combination of matricide and deicide that may not technically be a legitimate word; but that shouldn't stop you from being able to figure out what it means).  Well, while you're doing that, we'll continue... It's been over a year since Big Questions #5, so it's good to know that the Ingmar Bergman of self-published comics is still at it.  Believe it or not, this issue continues the story from #4 & #5 (both now back in stock here at Copacetic, in case you missed them the first time around), so you'll probably want to dig them out and have them handy for maximum effect.  
48 pages; saddle stitched; B & W with cardstock color cover
retail price - $5.00  copacetic price - $4.50

Pittsburgh Love Stories from The New Yinzer
The most ambitious publishing effort yet from Pittsburgh's own New Yinzers, Pittsburgh Love Stories is pretty much what the title leads you to believe: A collection of stories -- fiction and non-fiction, poetry and prose -- about love in, of and around the 'burgh.  Check it out and get inspired to have your own work included in the next one, whatever it may be.
softcover; 220 pages
retail price - $10.00  copacetic price - $9.50

And while we're on the topic of local publications...

The winter 2004 issue of this 48 page digest-size Pittsburgh periodical is the robot issue.  Fiction and non-fiction -- and one comic -- deal with the place of robots in our imagination as well as as in our reality. 
retail price - $4.00  copacetic price - $3.60

And let's not forget the best of the latest from Pittsburgh...

Street Angel #1
by Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca
This is a fun comic!  Jim Rugg's art really shines here.  This is his rookie professional outing, and it looks like he's got a career ahead of him.  Get in on the ground floor with this first issue.
retail price - $2.95  copacetic price - $2.50

Hellboy: The Corpse
Hey guess what?  You can still get something worthwhile for a quarter; at least this month.  And no, it's not an April Fools gag.  Mike Mignola's classic comic has been re-released to coincide with the movie.  Whether you liked the film or not, this is a great comic.  Buy one for a friend! 
copacetic price - 25¢

And while on the subject of Hellboy, we'd be remiss if we didn't let you know that we're running a sale on all five volumes of the newly released, redesigned Hellboy TPB series:  for a limited time, they're all 20% off!
retail price - $17.95  copacetic price - $14.35

The Believer #12
Well, it's official: one full year of on-time publication.  Who would have thought they could pull it off.  This issue features part two of Dave Egger's forthcoming biography of a Sudanese refugee, Joshua Bearman on the Iowa caucuses, Tom Bissell on Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (remember him?)  and his relevance for today, Stephan Elliot on the end of Howard Dean's campaign, and more.  Still no ads!
retail price - $8.00  copacetic price - $7.20

On the Road with the Ramones
by Monte Melnick & Frank Meyer
This is it, the Ramones book you've been waiting for.  Written by long time friend (he went to high school with Tommy in the Sixties) and long suffering road manager of the Ramones, this book is done in the form of oral biography that you already know from that great history of NYC punk, Please Kill Me, only this time it's all Ramones.  In addition, this book is packed with photographs and reproductions of posters, passes, magazines and comics.  So it's a scrap book and a diary and a biography all rolled into one.
retail price - $19.95  copacetic price - $15.95

John Kirby - Rehearsin' for a Nervous Breakdown (CD)
16 tracks running for 44:35.  Recorded in NYC between 1938 and 1941 by a sextet featuring Kirby on bass, Charlie Shavers on trumpet, Buster Bailey on clarinet, Russell Procope on alto sax, Billy Kyle on piano, and O'Neil Spencer on drums.  Rhythmic, pulsing, uptempo, almost unbelievably energetic, and totally unique, the music on this disc falls somewhere between Raymond Scott and Charles Mingus.  Take our word for it:  you need this.  It's part of our Jazzmania Sale, so you'll be able to get it for a song -- but only while supplies last, and they won't last forever.
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Kay Starr - For Real (CD)
44 songs on two discs.  All recorded between 1945 and 1952.  Kay Starr -- she's bluesy but she belts them out.  Born in Oklahoma in 1922 to a full-blooded Iroquois father and a mother of Irish descent, Katherine LaVerne Starks started singing in local talent shows while still a child, and made such an impression that she was awarded a fifteen minute radio program three times a week on Dallas radio station WWR, when she was only nine years old!  Joe Venuti signed her as the vocalist for his band in 1937, and she paid her dues and honed her voice and singing style for eight years, singing with Glenn Miller and Bob Crosby bands along the way.  After WWII she signed to Capital and started recording the standards, and they're all here.  This is part of the Proper Pairs series from the UK, so the digital transfers are excellent and the 16-page booklet is put together by Joop Visser, the Mr. Know-It-All of Jazz.
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