New for December 2003

by Chapman (deceased), Cleese, Gilliam, Idle, Jones, Palin & Co.
The last word in Monty Python Books.
retail price - $60.00 copacetic price - $48.00

Mutts: The Art of Patrick McDonnell
An oversize coffee-table book takes a closer look at the art and life of Mutts creator, Patrick McDonnell, with the primary focus being Mutts itself.  McDonnell is single-handedly keeping the art of the comic strip alive and well.  Learn about who he is, where he came from, and how he does it.  Beautiful oversize repros of strips and original art.
retail price - $45.00 copacetic price - $38.25

McSweeney's 12
Long, short, famous, obscure, quick, slow.  All together under one crazy cover.
retail price - $18.00 copacetic price - $15.30

The Believer #9
The regular size double issue (the next issue isn't out 'til February)
retail price - $8.00 copacetic price - $7.20

The Fixer
by Joe Sacco
The next chapter in Sacco's Saga of Sarajevo is now available in an attractive hardcover edition from Drawn & Quarterly.
retail price - $24.95 copacetic price - $21.20

Halo & Sprocket TPB
by Kerry Callen
This collects the first four issues of the series that is a cute comics triangulation of  the spiritual, the material and the organic.
retail price - $12.95 copacetic price - $11.65

The Comics Journal #256
Giant feature article on the Fort Thunder crew. Plus, interview with Japanese Manga pioneer, Keiji Nakazawa, author of the agonizing masterpiece, Barefoot Gen: A Cartoon History of Hiroshima.
For further details, visit The Comics Journal online.
retail price - $6.95 copacetic price - $5.55

Rising Up, Rising Down
by William Vollmann
It’s here, Vollmann’s seven-volume history of violence.  Published by McSweeney's, it’s limited to 3500 copies, so don’t dither too long making up your mind.  Should you decide in the affirmative, make sure to eat your Wheaties® before coming down, as you’ll need all your strength to carry it out of the shop:  this is the heaviest item we've ever stocked.
retail price - $120.00 copacetic price - $96.00

Giraffes?  Giraffes!
Also in from McSweeney’s is this send-up of nature/science books.  If you felt oppressed by these as a child then you might very well find this very funny.  It is very much in the tradition of the original Monty Python books of thirty years back; if you're old enough to know what we're talking about.
retail price - $24.00 copacetic price - $21.60

A Humphrey Bogart DVD Quartet
These four Hollywood classics have just been released on DVD for the first time.  Each disc has some nifty extras as well.  We'd like to draw your attention especially to High Sierra.  This was Bogart's pivotal film:  Bogart, in practically all his roles prior to this film, played the heavy; after this film, he played the hero; in High Sierra, he plays the heavy that becomes the hero.  Possibly Bogart's most intense performance.  And his co-star in that picture, Ida Lupino, turns in a highly charged performance as well.  High Sierra distills the essence of hard boiled cinema.  And as for To Have and Have Not: nineteen year-old Lauren Bacall was introduced to Bogart on the set of this film, and it was during its making when their famous romance began.
•They Drive By Night (dir. by Raoul Walsh; w/ Ida Lupino)
•High Sierra (dir. by Raoul Walsh; w/ Ida Lupino)
•To Have and Have Not (dir. by Howard Hawks; w/ Lauren Bacall)
•Dark Passage (dir. by Delmer Daves; w/ Lauren Bacall)
retail price - $19.98 copacetic price - $18.44@

Meathaus 7
Their meatiest (sorry, couldn’t resist) anthology yet.  192 pages of comics by Farel Dalrymple, Tomer Hanuka, Jim Mahfood and a couple dozen others. If you feel like diggng deeper, here's a preview.
retail price - $12.95 copacetic price - $11.65

New for November 2003

Yes, we mentioned this before, but now there's more, lots more, AND there's more on the way.  This offering is a true jazz bonanza.  These are the Olympians of Jazz here, and some of the absolutely classic material that constitutes the Jazz Pantheon is included.  These are nicely produced and packaged discs imported from Germany.  Each has it's own slipcase and averages over an hour of music.  While we're doing our best to keep as many of these in stock as we can, we're nevertheless very thinly stocked, so check out the list and if you see anything you're interested in, don't delay, as all these discs are now available for the fabulously copacetic price of - only $5.77@ OR even better:  4/$20.00!

by Gilbert Hernandez
This is without doubt the heaviest book of the year -- in all senses of the word.  The complete Palomar saga, from the pages of Love and Rockets, is herein assembled into an epic tapestry for the first time.  One of the true masterpieces that comics has to offer.
retail price - $39.95 copacetic price - $31.95

To learn more about Love and Rockets, visit our special Love and Rockets page.

Louis Riel
by Chester Brown
The long awaited complete collection of this acclaimed historical biography of one of Canada's most controversial figures, Louis Riel. Written and drawn by Canada's leading comics author/artist, Chester Brown.  It is a beautiful hardcover edition from Canada's leading comics publisher, Drawn & Quarterly.  Oh, Canada!
retail price - $24.95 copacetic price - $21.20

Skull Ring - Iggy Pop (CD)
Featuring The Stooges!  Also, Green Day, Sum 41 and Iggy's regular back-up band, The Trolls (in their best outing yet).  By far the best Iggy album in a decade, at least.  Yes, Iggy's got issues, and plenty of 'em, but there's still a few gems here.
retail price - $18.98 copacetic price - $15.00

The Directors Label DVD Series
Each of the DVDs in this series contains a DVD consisting of a varied mix of music videos, commercials, short films, long films and video installations (the Michel Gondry & the Spike Jonze each contain a double-sided DVD with nearly five hours of programming).  In addition each comes with a 52-page book nicely printed on heavy glossy stock filled with photos, production sketches, interviews, notes and short pieces. These are the first three; let's hope this is only the beginning:
Spike Jonze
Chris Cunningham
Michel Gondry (recommended - features the classic White Stripes "lego video")
retail price - $19.95@copacetic price - $17.77@

To learn more, visit the Directors Label Site (although it's still under construction).

Strangers With Candy: The Complete Season 2 (DVD)
Strangers With Candy: The Complete Season 1 (DVD)
Now both in stock.
copacetic price - $27.77@

Buddha: Volume 1 -  Kapilavastu
Buddha: Volume 2 -  The Four Encounters
by Osamu Tezuka
They're here, the first two volumes of Tezuka's eight-volume Life of Buddha.  These are snazzy hardcover editions designed by renowned book designer, Chipp Kidd.  Each has over 400 pages, the size of which is just a bit shy of standard western comics.  Looked at next to the mass-market paperback editions of Astroboy that retail for $9.95, it's a great deal by comparison.  It's a great story, too.  It's not historically accurate -- so don't consult this in place of a history of eastern religions -- but it nevertheless does offer up some eternal verities of its own, courtesy of the Japanese Jack Kirby, Osamu Tezuka.
retail price -  $24.95@copacetic price - $21.20@

Peanuts: The Art of Charles M. Schulz
Now available in a softcover edition that adds 32 new pages not in the hardcover, this beautiful book is a work of art in and of itself.  Designed and edited by Chip Kidd, with a side-assist and moral support from Chris Ware, Peanuts is part homage, part simply a sharing of a personal obsession.  Given access to the undisturbed studio where Schulz worked as well as the collection of original art and personal momentos held by the Schulz family, Kidd employs his famed design style to work it all into a moving aesthetic melange of the entire Peanuts experience.  Scrap book pages of cut-out and taped-in old Peanuts strips from his and Ware’s collections are interspersed thourghout, displayed in sizes ranging from sixteen complete strips to a single panel per page, the latter giant single panel blow-ups highlighting the Ben-Day dot experience and serve to really drive home Schulz’s total mastery of the comics aesthetic.  Not your typical comic strip collection, that’s for sure.  And with Fantagraphics' forthcoming Complete Peanuts just around the corner, now might be a good time to get the Peantus pump primed.
retail price -  $16.95 copacetic price - $15.25

Looney Tunes:  Premiere Collection (DVD)
AT LAST!  The classic Warner Brothers cartoons are being released on DVD.  This 2-Disc set contains 28 cartoons featuring the entire gang: Bugs, Daffy, Elmer, Porky, Sylvester, Tweety, Foghorn, Speedy, Pepé and more.  Includes a CD-ROM game, and other DVD-ROM features for your home computer.
copacetic price - $25.47

Yes, that's nice, but you know you really ought to get the --

Looney Tunes: Golden Collection (DVD)
This one is a 4-Disc box which includes all 28 cartoons from the Premiere Collection, and has 28 additional cartoons as well.  This one also has many more extras such as a greeting from Chuck Jones, featurettes with the animators, and historians; "lost"  (why the quotes? don't ask us) cartoons; historical documentaries; stills, pencil tests, schematics and more, and more...  and more....  Anyone in need of some serious down time need look no further.  Here's a complete list of the contents.
retail price - $64.92 copacetic price - $54.92

The Fortress of Solitude
by Jonathan Lethem
A novel of magical realism set in 1970s Brooklyn, where the mythic dimension is provided by... superhero comics!  Michael Chabon, author of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, has this to say about Fortress of Solitude: “Lethem has done a number of things here, any one of which is impossible for any but the very finest of novelists.  He has vividly and lovingly and truthfully, through thrilling evocation of its music, its popular culture, its street games, argot, pharmacology, social mores and racial politics, re-created a world, a moment in history that I would have thought lost and irrecoverable.  He has created, in young Dylan, a genuine literary hero.  He has reinvented and reinvigorated the myths of the superhero, of black-white relations, of New York City itself.  But most of all, from my point of view, he captures precisely as only a great novelist can - how it feels to love the world that is, on a daily basis, kicking your ass.”
retail price - $26.00 copacetic price - $22.10

by Toni Morrison
If you like good -- and intense -- stories, and appreciate superb writing, you’ll never go wrong with Toni Morrison. Here’s her latest.
retail price - $23.95 copacetic price - $19.15

David Sedaris Live at Carnegie Hall
Who would have ever thought there would be a CD with this title?  But now there is!  Over 70 minutes of Dave at the mike.
retail price - $17.98 copacetic price - $14.38

Blue Monday: Volume 1 - The Kids Are Alright  retail price - $10.95 - copacetic price $9.85
Blue Monday: Volume 2 - Absolute Beginners retail price - $11.95 - copacetic price $10.75
Blue Monday: Volume 3 - Inbetween Days  retail price - $9.95 - copacetic price $8.95
by Chynna Clugston-Major
While these aren't really all that new, we felt remiss in having failed to previously highlight them.  It should definitely appeal to Tokyo Pop addicts, with which it shares many themes, but Ms. Clugston-Major’s treatment of these themes is, in our opinion, savvier -- and funnier.  She’s definitely done her homework, and it shows.  She has fully digested teen manga styles and then seasoned the mix with an adroit combination of British mod, punk-lite and ska in both her comics drawing styles and her characters' fashion sense.  Thoroughly enjoyable reads that will especially appeal to the teen set; and, perhaps her greatest achievement, these books will appeal equally to boys and girls!

New for October 2003

Waiting for Food #3: More Restaurant Placemat Drawings
by R. Crumb
Here it is, the third collection of R. Crumb's acclaimed restaurant placemat drawings -- for less!  We have come across a batch of brand new first printings of the first edition that we can now offer you for an amazing 2/3 off!
retail price - $26.95 copacetic price - $8.95 ¡SALE!

Comic Art Magazine #4
A cover feature celebrating little-known (north of the border, at least) Mexican artist Ernesto Cabral is accompanied by a visit to the studio of Charles Burns, an academic treatise on the work of Carl Barks, an essay contextualizing Charles Schulz's creation of Peanuts in the post WWII era that  focuses on Schulz's status as a veteran, a look at Basil Wolverton's work for Mad, an essay by Harvey Pekar, and more.  This issue's bonus insert comic is by Kaz.  All presented with the ususal outstanding high quality reproductions Comic Art is famous for.
retail price - $9.00 copacetic price - $8.10

Arthur #7
The cosmic freak out issue.  Comics by Gary Panter. Be forewarned: We received less than half our normal allotment this time around, so these will not last long.
copacetic price - FREE!!!

Legal Action Comics Volume 2
More first amendment funnies for “Dirty” Danny Hellman in what may turn out -- at the rate it’s going -- to be his life-long defense against Ted Rall’s defamation lawsuit.  I suppose there is something to learn from all this in that these anthologies would, in all likelihood, never have come into being without this lawsuit and subsequent defense.  This proverbial silver lining is now on sale.
retail price - $18.95 copacetic price - $17.05

Legal Action Comics Volume 1 is also still available.
retail price - $14.95 copacetic price - $13.45

Double Duce
by Aaron Cometbus.
From the author, editor and publisher of one of the most well known and highly regarded zines, Cometbus-- from whence Aaron derived the surname by which he is known -- comes this novel length tale.  Reprinting Cometbus #42 in its entirety, along with “the WDH stories,” which are selected from issues between #32 and #45, Double Duce is probably Aaron’s most sustained writing, and is a favorite among long time readers. It runs 167 pages -- entirely hand-lettered, as always -- on nice acid-free paper with stiff covers.  Cover by Fly, author of Peops.
retail price - $6.50 copacetic price - $5.85

Jiggs Is Back
by George McManus
Warehouse Find!  We found a hidden cache of this 1986 collection of one of the greatest American comics ever penned, and as a result can now offer this long out of print gem for 10% off the original 1986 price!  The large format (though still not as large as they originally appeared, back in the halcyon days of yore) full color reproductions really make you appreciate McManus's artistry.  Do yourself a favor and check it out!
retail price - $12.95 copacetic price - $11.65

Dame Darcy’s Meat Cake Compilation
by (you guessed it) Dame Darcy
Dame Darcy is definitely an acquired taste, but people who like her work, tend to love her work.  The easiest way to describe Dame Darcy’s Meat Cake is to call it Tony Millionaire’s Maakies for gals, because of their shared involvement with Victorian era architecture and fashion, morbid obsessions and inking style, but this is unfairly reductive and sells her short.   Dame Darcy’s artistic concerns are entirely her own.  Fantagraphics certainly doesn’t sell her short in this fine hardcover edition.  The silver gilt page-edges are a great touch!  The book's 160 pages draws material from the first seven issues of the comic book series.
retail price - $22.95 copacetic price - $19.50

The Chronicles of Conan: Volume 1
by Roy Thomas and Barry (pre-Windsor) Smith
It’s hard to believe that there was a time when Conan the Barbarian was considered the best comic book title in the English speaking world, but there was.  Published from 1970 to 1974, the first 24 issues of Conan, along with the first three issues of Savage Tales, represent the high water mark of sword and sorcery comics.  This volume collects the first eight issues of the run.  They’re brilliantly recolored and look great.  While the best of Smith’s art is yet to come -- and will be collected in the forthcoming volumes of this series -- this is where it all begins.
retail price - $15.95 copaceticprice - $14.35

Madman King-Size Super Groovy Special
A 24 page Allred story leads off this King-Size issue of Madman, the first in quite awhile.  There are three back-ups stories, one each by Steven Weissman, Daniel Krall, and Nick Derington.  Stiff covers, square binding, 56 pages in all.
retail price - $6.95 copacetic price - $6.35

Comic Book Nation
by Bradford W Wright
This extremely insightful look at comic books’ place in twentieth century American cultural history is now available in a durable (you may decide to read it more than once; maybe lend it around) softcover edition that includes a new chapter on the post-9/11 comic book reality.
retail price - $19.95 copacetic price - $17.95

Stray Toasters
by Bill Sienkiewicz
FINALLY!  Back in print at last!  The hugely influential book where Sienkiewicz -- at the height of both his fame and powers as an artist -- was given carte blanche by Marvel/Epic and cut loose and let fly, tackling his personal demons with all his technical flair.   This is a book that’s REALLY hard to describe in the space we have allotted here, but it’s safe to say that this book is one of a kind and deserves your attention.
retail price - $19.95 copacetic price - $17.95

And, speaking of come-backs:

THB: Volume 2 #1
by Paul Pope
THB is back in 96 oversize (Golden Age comic book size, for those of you who care) pages of Paul Pope in all his ink stud glory.  If you’ve never checked out THB before, now’s your chance to get in at the start of the latest adventure. If you’re a fan, you probably bought your copy before the ink had a chance to dry, but if you missed its arrival: It’s here!
retail price - $6.95 copacetic price - $5.90

The Believer #7
It's here!
retail price - $8.00 copacetic price -$7.20

Brother from Another Planet (DVD)
directed by John Sayles
Our favorite Sayles film, and one of the best films of the 1980s to boot!  A fable that works on many levels, not the least of which is as pure entertainment.
retail price - $19.98 copacetic price - $17.77

Eureka (DVD)
directed by Nicolas Roeg
Our candidate for the single most overlooked film of all time now comes to DVD.
retail price - $19.98 copacetic price - $17.77

Winner of the National Book Award
by Jincy Willet
Returning after a twenty year hiatus from book publishing, David Sedaris’s favorite author returns with a novel that has already won high praise from the likes of Kurt Andersen and Tom Perrotta, and has Augusten Burroughs, author of Running with Scissors, gushing, “The funniest novel I have read, possibly ever.  Brilliant, totally original, and worthy of its title.  I promise you will laugh constantly and to the point of stomach damage.”
retail price - $23.95 copacetic price - $21.55

The following quartet constitutes our October Deal-O-Rama section:

The Wishbones
by Tom Perrotta
Speaking of Mr. Perotta, we now have a bunch of brand new hardcover copies of his equally well received novel of 1997 available at an insanely low price, in case you missed it.  This novel presents characters and dilemmas that are vaguely similar to that of Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity (which was published two years earlier and doubtless inspired this book) -- rock-guy(s) being dragged kicking and screaming into adulthood  --  but on this side of the Atlantic (New Jersey, to be exact) and playing in a bar-band-turned-wedding-band (the titular Wishbones) rather than working in a record/CD store.  The Wishbones are not as cool as the High Fidelity folks, and they're a bit more earthy (i.e. there's more sex; but also a greater development of the female characters; bits on the in-laws, etc.), but they're every bit as well defined and delineated.  There's a bit  more wish-fulfillment fantasy going on here as well (as the title/band-name  broadly hints at).  On top of this (or maybe, beneath it) the book works hard to de-mythologize the "rock life,"  showing how it's mostly just another job -- albeit one much more accommodating to fantasy.  It's a very readable book -- it's over before you know it -- and has much to recommend it, if its sounds up your alley.
retail price - $22.95 copacetic price - $2.95

Paul Cézanne
by Karen Wilkin
OK, art loving bargain hunters, have we got a deal for you: 247 high quality Cezanne reproductions for $2.47.  No, that’s not a misprint.  Yes, that’s right, a penny per Cezanne.  Top that!  OK, here’s the catch (you knew there was one): they’re small.  This book is a pocket-sized 4” x 4 1/2”, but it still packs a punch.  As previously stated, these are high quality reproductions (this volume is part of the Tiny Folio series from the highly regarded Abbeville Press) and Cezanne’s mastery still comes through, even in these pint-sized pictures.  And don’t forget the text by noted art scholar and curator, Karen Wilkin.  Included is an overall introduction to Cezanne along with five chapter intros focusing on his early work, still lifes, portraits, landscapes, and his bathers.  Remember:  we’re talking $2.47, here.  Less than a grande cappuccino!  And you can carry this with you without worriying about spilling.
retail price - $11.95 copacetic price - $2.47

Truer Than True Romance
This is a really fun book that we've been handling since it came out a couple years back.  We just discovered some publisher overstock copies and can now offer these to you at the stunningly low price of 70% OFF!
retail price - $19.95 copacetic price - $5.95

We just got in a giant selection of classic jazz.  These are nicely produced and packaged discs imported from Germany.  Each has it's own slipcase and averages over an hour of music.  We're very thinly stocked on these, so check out the list and if you see anything you're interested in, don't delay, as all these discs are now available for the fabulously copacetic price of - only $5.77@ OR even better:  4/$20.00!

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